Volume 9, Issue 5, page 16

contact with the people that
operated the ships was mental .
I really looked forward recently to meeting Mr. Simonton
(from Eagle River, Wis.) and
questioning him. Mr. Simonton
is the man that received pancakes from a spaceman in a
flying saucer last April,
1961 This was to be my first
contact with someone that had
experienced the material manifestation of the experience.
"Mr. Simonton and I had a
long talk before Saturday's
lecture at the Palmer House in
Chicago. I gave the experience
he told about a great deal of
consideration, both on the way
home that night and again the
following day, while riding the
bus to take part in a round
table discussion that was to
be held at the Space Age Center Sunday afternoon...
"When I got to the Center,
I approached Mr. Simonton regarding the subject. I told
Mr. Simonton that I too had an
experience and that the only
way I could explain it was to
refer to it as a dream -- because I went to sleep that
night and remembered seeing
what I was to tell him -- so, if
it was a dream -- or an astral
projection -- or dream true -- I
do not know...
"Anyway, I told him the day
he got the pancakes from the
spaceman, I had a dream that a
spaceship landed next door to
where I now live, in the city.
I told him everything I saw in
my dream and that I talked to
the spaceman... I pleaded for
him to take me with him. The
Spaceman looked at a l l t h e
people that were gathered on
the corner near where I live,
and replied, 'Of all the people that are here you are the
most ready, but not ready enough,' and with that he got
back into his spaceship and
glided away. I also asked Mr.
Simonton before Saturday's lecture about the white stripes
on the man's suit (the leg
part). I told him the man in
my dream had a black suit with
markings on the leg part down
the front of his suit. Mr. Simonton said the man he saw had
the white markings running
down the sides of the leg part
of the suit.
"The four facts that are a
reality for Mr. Simonton are:
1. He touched the spaceship
and found it on the cool side;
2. He suffered no radiation
burns after he touched it; 3.
He ate part of the pancake and
suffered no ill effects; 4. When
a man from the Government said
he would let Simonton know the
results of the analysis in a
week or ten days, he would be
able to tell where the grain
was grown, what held the pancake together, what it was made
of, etc. To date, Simonton has
received no answer.
"I came to the conclusion
that the Government could, or
rather would, not say, because
the pancake material came from
the planet earth. I reasoned
further: We had the atomic bomb
in World War II as a surprise
and won the war with it -- so ,
now we have the flying saucer
and that could be our secret
weapon for the coming war, if
there is to be one. ' The fact
Simonton tried to change my
mind about this deduction
makes me all the more sure I
am on the right track...
"And another thing, when
Simonton said, 'The men were
of small build, about five feet
tall or just a little taller,
with light brown skin,' I assumed he was referring to the
French - Canadians, a 1 tho he
thought they were of Italian
origin. I know that we had a
project from our Government
going in Canada for the making
of a flying saucer and only recently I read the project was
dropped... Experience tells us
how the various capsules from
earth are ejected into space
and they come back with Cosmic
radiation -- so , why did Simonton' s spaceship give out no
radiation?... Time will tell
what the score is, and I have
the patience to wait...
"Our president of the Space
Age Center, Raymond Rudd, took
a piece of this pancake to a
Maria Carlyle, from Chicago,
who gave a psychometry reading.
and some of the things she
found were:
"1. That it had potential
connection with special knowledge; 2. The name of the man
who gave the pancake to Simonton; 3. Four men on a farm --
one man giving Simonton orders
to hear and obey; 4. Cosmic
change coming; 5. A great event
is coming, not in Cosmic ether;
6. Someone that handled this
object walks on water or in
the air; 7. It is shaped like
a disc...
"At the lecture, Mr. Simonton mentioned that the eyes of
the spaceman were dark, deep,
and penetrating and he w a s
aware that he was not navigating under his own power. He
claims also that he felt like
this spaceman took control of
his being and later Simonton
was disturbed when the spaceman left. He couldn't understand it all after the event
was over. Doesn't this sound
like deep hypnotic trance to
you?" -- Ann roc ian, Cicero, Ill.
"When you mentioned stopping to see Dale and Gabi MalThe RBERREE
lect, John Galusha, Wing Anderson, Dan Fry, Ouija board --
I got to wondering about our
guardian angels. Seems lik'
they do more than look out Po]
us individually; seems likt
they must all know each othe:
on the etheric and then subtl;
dovetail certain interests or.
the earth plane so they can
more or less work together
"Incidentally, Caroline and I
have worked on the board over a
year with real gratifying resuits.
"Also, I find The ABERREE
at Grand Rock, and can still
say I haven't missed any of
Van Tassel's conventions. Seems
like you somehow belong there."
-- Roy Xirschnan, Joshua free,
Calif. 0 0 0
"I am deeply grateful for
the space you gave tomy efforts
in your July-August issue...It
is truly wonderful to know that
when you embark upon something
in a selfless fashion, something which is solely to help
suffering humanity and which
will not primarily benefit you,
that everything which grows
out of such efforts seem to
dovetail into a mighty, prearranged plan to aid your progress...
"Even a cursory search of
the records proves that, despite spasmodic claims from
China, India, and elsewhere,
no real cure for leprosy has
been made since Jesus cleansed
the bodies of the stricken
nearly 2, 000 years ago. More
leprosy exists today, proportionately, than in Biblical
times and since it is far more
terrifying than cancer, this
fact probably induced the
United Nations to change that
dread name to the harmlesslysounding ' Hansen' s Disease '.
Altho oil and sulfa drugs have
failed to halt this onrushing
tide of misery -- which has insidiously crept into our own
Florida, Texas, and Louisiana --
the addition during the past
decade of vitamins, liver extract, etc., to the treatments
has a tremendous bearing on
what is set forth below.
"In some manner, a copy of
my instruction on how to use
wheatgrass manna worked its
way thru the jungles into
Uganda, East Africa. It came
to rest finally, in the hands
of a self-sacrificing little
woman, Sister Gabriella, who
has charge of 150 children --
ranging from 4 to 16 years --
ALL LEPERS! She has thoughtfully watched the ravages of
this cruel destroyer and, convinced finally that it is the
mere result of some nutritional
deficiency, found in that vaSEPTEMBER, 1962