Volume 5, Issue 10, page 13

is available to be seen. In this
case, a doctor is using an instrument capable of displaying
the inner workings of the human
chest, yet he is seeing only
the sub-surface -- WHAT HE WANTS
TO SEE. Not the REAL, inner-man
(in this case, inner-woman),
nor the dressed-up woman that
she puts out for the world to
look at, and which she wants
the world to see. You'll find
The ABERREE a bit symbolical in
all of its treatment, and it is
NOT supposed to suffer shallow
interpretation. Actually, there
is nothing trashy about the human breast -- nor, as far as that
goes, any part of the human
body -- except what we consider
trashy. Thanks for bawling us
out. It gives us a chance to
repeat this explanation for new
readers who haven't yet learned
just how devilishly deep we try
to be.)
make a thorn re-evaluation on
the whole subject of auditing,
and came up with evidence that
bears out The ABERREE 's policy
as expressed in the masthead
on the Auditoria) Page... 1 Another visitor was Harlan Mendenhall of Denver, now producing T-V commercials, but who,
when we collaborated with him
a decade or so ago, was one of
the top-notchers in the more
humane business of writing
murder stories. After some
long hours of straight-wiring
(reminiscing), we introduced
Harlan to Dianetics, lent him
a book or so on the subject ,
sold his a subscription to The
ABERREE, and sent him off into
the wild blue yonder to have
fun and enlightenment. And if
that isn't getting revenge on
a T-V commercial producer, we
don't know any better way...
1 Someone sent us some books
the other day, addressed merely to "ABERREE Lending Library .
Enid, Okla." No postoffice box
or street number. The postman,
being a typical governmental
hireling, with no "theta perceptics", or its equivalent,
delivered same to the Carnegie
Library. The confusion that
resulted we'll leave to your
imagination -- especially since
said Library fills its shelves
with accepted religious tomes,
and the type of reading offered ABERREE readers they
wouldn't touch with a 50-foot
crowbar... 1 Donors to the Library (ABERREE's, that is) the
last month include the following: C.H.Murphy, Anaheim, Calif.; Frank Novak, Benld, Ill.;
and Marquis McDonald, Fort
Scott, Kas. This doesn't include books sent us by publishers for review, which eventually will find place on the
Lending Library records, after
we've read them... 1 Wichita
has lost another of its Dianetic "old guard", with the
announcement that Norman Fritz
and his bride, Isobel, are now
in Del Mar, Calif., where Norman is working with the Solar
Aircraft plant. He's only a
few blocks from guth and Arden
Bergquist, who abandoned Ma:
ita for the west coast a couple years ago. Dianetically, we
are getting a bit isolated, but
as Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote
in his "The Last Leaf": "Let
them laugh as I do now at the
old forsaken bough where I
cling." Sniff, sniff.
Those who say they "agree
with us 100 percent" can't
possibly agree with us 100
percent. Unless they agree no
one can agree 100 percent. So,
to agree, they must disagree.

MARCH, 1959
"If Bramwell Saywell could
sit at this desk for a week
and see letters pouring in by
the hundreds from all over the
world asking about Subud, he
would not be so cross. (This
refers to a critical letter in
the December ABERREE). If he
saw the number of unpaid workers who conscientiously answer
every single letter, he might
even be impressed. Many letters
fail to reach us thru faulty
addressing, and this must have
happened to his letters as we
have no trace of them here.
"About 'chain smoking'. Do
we want to receive help only
from romantic eastern ascetics
clad in strange robes -- or may
we not feel more confidence in
a perfectly ordinary man who
lives just as we do? The real
point about Subud is that it
is not a strange cult -- but an
experience that any ordinary
person can have and pass on to
any other ordinary person. The
real 'miracle'of Subud is that
it is ordinary -- and yet it
really does work.
"Aren't we all tired of
wonderful theories and aren't
we all looking for something
that really works for you and
me and the ordinary man next
door?" -- d.G.Bennett, dings ton,
Surrey, England.
point. I presume you're referring to "The Fluoroscope ". The
idea is that we look to see only
what we want to see -- not what
"I read all4 t4he letters and
enjoy them. I don't understand
all that I read but enjoy reading it just the same.
"I dropped out of Dianetics
just before Scientology; was
living under the delusion that
I would study deeper, perhaps
take a course when I retired --
but don't ever retire thinking
you will have time to make all
your dreams come true .. .
"I would like to know if
there is a correspondence
course offered by anyone for a
reasonable cost . . . Would like
to learn how to better help
myself. I am a lone wolf in
this community. "- - Bessie McI l vain, Osy 4 4 Miss .
"A comment on N-Stress. Arthur Burks wants to find out
how it works and why for Bosserman and not for some others.
"Arthur, try this out for
size : The bop on the forehead
restimulates Fac One as per
Scientology concepts, thereby
causing mind to chase down the
Time Track to very early times.
Super- regression. Bosserman
apparently has very strong
faith, assurance of first class
high-powered positive concept
of curing, plus excellent assessing abilities of defects
in patients. Result is that
as mind comes back up time
Track from 'way back at Facsimile One, Bosserman's will
power and mental influence is
strong enough to change body
mock-ups and aberrative factors
so that by time a person gets
back to present time, he is
quite different.
"Actually, all miraculous
"Honestly, 4fun 4i s fun, and
humor is humor, and all that
sort of rot, but -- really, your
artistic efforts to make a woman's breast funny