Dear Editor

Dear Editor --

"I planned up to the last moment to attend the Mid-west conference in Enid but the cautious laid plans of this man went astray. I'm planning on the next one...

"Incidentally, I like your magazine better with each new issue. I read Mathison's article four times. Interesting beyond interest I must say.

"If I may ask (and if you want to answer) why the rift between you and Phoenix? (Ed. Note -- What rift?) It seems as if you report nothing but Scientology and Dianetics. Perhaps you don't operate within the aura of Hubbard?" -- Dick Weigand, Hoisington, Kas.

"I like the communication level of your magazine. In the past communication containing entheta was deleted so that eventually there was no communication -- a la Wichita. So I welcome the fact that we can be responsible for the material we read." -- Daniel Rutenberg, Los Angeles, Cal.

"Page seven sounded as if you had your dander up at last.

"Let's face it -- Hubbard has a knack for belaboring the obvious into almost unrecognizableness. Page 11, 'And we walk out of the universe the second we have knowingess.' Kapilla said that thousands years ago. You'll find it in the first of Kitselman's (a nasty word in Phoenix) tapes on the teachings of the classical authorities. I won't try to phrase what Kapilla said since Beau did such a good job of it.

"Now what is the next step at Phoenix?... To make money make something secret. A start toward secrecy is 'Thou shalt not practice nor study even, unless the suitable fee has been paid to the powers that be'. Sounds almost Rosicrucian, doesn't it? Mebbe I mean crustacean. Would it take very much reorganization?

"The official Hubbard attitude always has been to try to keep the field from reading anything but Foundation publications. Look at the ridicule heaped on the old 'Arc Light', Dr. Winter's books and Doc himself, etc. And L. Ron succeeded pretty well, too. Of the professional men of integrity associated with him at the start -- John Campbell, Lawyer Morgan, Dr. Winter, the original board of directors -- are any left?

"The man's personal charm must be tremendous as so few of them have ever defended themselves and have tried their best to find excuses for his actions ... I know I fell under the spell of his first book. He has a tremendous knack for making anything sound plausible.

"I enjoyed reading Steven's 'Psychics and Common Sense'. Highly recommended for those who want validation of exteriorization, moving of objects without touching them, evidence for personal survival after death, etc. No karma in it though; thought you'd want to know.

"Glad the conference was a success. Did Phoenix excommunicate those who attended? They probably will warn the faithful against the next one...

"What -- space opera in The ABERREE? Shades of science fiction. What next after saucers pay Volney a visit." -- Bob Gardner, Austin, Texas.

"What! two issues of the Aberree without a touch of poetry?

"Some time back after reading Hubbard's 'Chart of Attitudes', I borrowed his phrases and put them together for the following, which I have entitled, very originally,


"I am not; I cannot Be;

Things have no reality.

I cannot look at things ahead;

It matters not, I'm nearly dead.

I've chosen my goal, let me go!

Truth is so painful I'd rather not know.

I was and I failed, and they are to blame,

They are the ones who brought me to shame.

How serious it is! They are all wrong!

When I succumb I might take them along.

I want to know just enough to destroy.

I'll make them OBEY, they're MINE, like a toy.

They won't affect me, I'll be anyhow.

Present reality I can endure now.

I could understand -- why things aren't so bad,

There's much in the future that's yet to be had.

I guess we are all more or less right,

I'm alive and I like it, the future's bright.

Knowing and trusting go hand in hand.

I Am and they need me, I understand." -- Pat Beymer, Vashon, Wash.

"Found Volney's article on Galaxy T-8 Patrol quite

"We of the Church believe:

"That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others."

-- From the Creed of the Church of Scientology.