Volume 5, Issue 10, page 16

body a r e passively directed
from that point. 0f course,
the question arises, who's going to administer the current?
So we're back to the machine.
"I think one of the points
in favor of Subud is that they
practice instead of yakking
all the time and comparing
notes. It's a big fat world
and it takes all kinds of presentations to hit the acceptance level of everybody. So
all do-gooders are fine, all
people are fine. The people who
get taken should remember a
basic principle: all things
happen because of an inner
agreement. The fault is never
outside of themselves. Heartrending at times, but apparrently true." -- Roy Davis,New
Pork. N. T.

"I have been 4wondering if
you got any meaning from that
Dynamo 'message' which Clara
received and tacked on your
Xmas card. To be frank, we didn't know what it meant until I
saw your squib about checking
the sanity of the card mailers
l the type of card sent.
"To repeat the rhyme:
'Lightly caught, the fancy
shading of the entrepreneurs
'Brings about the liquid
grading of the raconteurs.'
In other words the Dynamo was
simply saying in somewhat
cryptic form the same thing
you said on your Heart to Hart
page in the Jan.-Feb. issue.
"The verses we get from the
Dynamo are like the verses
Nostradamus used to get -- in
some respects. I an convinced
the old French physician did
not always know what his stuff
was about .
(ED. NOTE -- It seems that I
read in The ABERREE a year or
so ago that the Dynamo had been
muzzled for 20 years. How time
does fly!)
"I have read some wonderful
books the last few months. I
recommend them enthusiastically. 'Varieties of Religious
Experience', by William James.
I wonder why I didn't run across that book 20 years ago.
It's like an oasis in adesert.
Then there are several by Dr.
Jung, who is to the world's
psychologists a giant among
pygmies. At the age of 83, he
must surely be the best living
advertisement for his own individuation process..