Volume 5, Issue 10, page 4

The Swindle
of ! ytholicism
NEW AGE is approaching which will witness a most significant event -- the Renaissance of the Ancient Wisdom. Intelligent persons are forced to realize
that Christianity has long been discredited. It has failed to improve the condition of humanity, and is threatened with obliteration ley rampant forces that are hostile
to its fraudulent claims.

Since Communism swept it overboard in Russia in 1917, the Church, in self-defense, has
called "Communists" all those who have denounced its theology for what it is -- pure hogwash and hokum.

The superior knowledge vouchsafed from
early graduates in the Cosmic School of Life
to disciplined pupils of the Ancient Mysteries
was transmitted for ages and ages from generation to generation, and concealed from the
eyes of the world in scrolls of symbology and
allegory. Overwhelming evidence indicates that
the taking of the ancient ritual dramas and
scriptural myths for objective history, and
the symbolical figures for real persons, has
been the fountain source of the most abject
corruption of human intellect since the beginning of the world.

While mechanical exploitations in this age
have been marvelous, religion and philosophy
have sunk to the very lowest levels. The two
chief causes responsible for this are:
(1). Physical science has ignored the astral
nature and motivation of this universe.
(21. Ecclesiastical zealotry, blinded by
bigotry, has rendered religion ridiculous.

At this moment, the common intellectuality
of the day, guided by a science based on materialism and fed by a compactly institutionalized ecclesiastical power, stands committed
in ideas as to the origin, structure, meaning,
and destiny of man, which are the lowest in
all the history of the race. Conceptions in
theology bearing upon the basic realities of
man's relation to the universe are presented
in pulpits, Sunday schools, and theological
seminaries which the uncorrupted, natural
intelligence of an eight-year-old child shrinks
from in terror, or accepts with gloomy dismay.

Philosophy and religion are propagated on
the basis of a theology that is received by
the masses without comprehension, entirely re(PLEASE TURN TO PAGE 10)
cans beer, brush our teeth with Mug-wumps,
and suck our cigarets thru an inch of
sawdust. (They're even experimenting with
subliminal advertising, which slips up on
your blind side and you won't even know
you've been sold down the river until you
find yourself in a man-made whirlpool.)
"You can eat anything that doesn't
bite you first," says Cromwell. (Remember
the things a creeping baby eats with delight until he "learns better"?)
Children, he said, don't have to have
the so-called children's diseases -- as so
many of us have been taught for generations. Children get ill more often than
we grown-ups because children, more than
grown-ups, live lives of control and
frustration..A constant barrage of "do's"
and "do not's" convince a child nobody
loves him, that he's unwanted, a n d the
resultant emotions fill his body with impurities and toxins which must boil to
the surface. Besides, when Mary and Junior
take to their beds, burning with fever or
polka dotted with sores, they get -- for a
few days, at least -- all the love and attention their infant hearts have been
craving, and of which they see so little.

Cromwell goes into the various illnesses for which no apparent cure has
been found -- except rest and relaxation --
and outlines the emotional disturbances
which give them birth. These include the
common cold and its relatives, ulcers,
indigestion and bowel disorders, polio
and paralysis, cancer, nerves, headaches.
While doctors seek to isolate the germs
in their carrion-ridden laboratories, they
ignore the basic cause: Fear, tension,
and implants. But to tell man that he
alone can prevent these illnesses might
start the chain reaction that would convince all the cash customers that no
disease is necessary. And with no disease,
what would happen to all the beautiful
hospitals, and insurance companies, and
the knife-happy surgeon, and the optician
who would put glasses on infants almost
before they're weaned.

We don't particularly like the book's
title. To us, it doesn't say anything. If
you conquer your fears and tensions, you
don't "escape" this life, you LIVE it.
But we're not going to quarrel with the
author about the color of the box in
which he wraps his goods, nor its label.
We liked what we read -- altho we might
challenge his premise that living forever
in a physical body is man's destiny or
goal. Forever is a long time, and we can
hardly relish the prospect of bathing,
shaving, and trimming toenails on one
body for countless billions of years.

To Dianeticists, Scientologists, ETherapists, Synergeticists, Spiritualists, Concept Therapists, religionists,
atheists, and even Infinites, we're certain you'll find alot in Niram Cromwell's
book that parallels what you've been
thinking all this time -- even if he does
use less razzle-dazzle and mumbo-jumbo in
expressing himself.

But to summarize:
God is All -- and all all is all!
The body is potentially immortal, and
will repair itself, if you'll let it.

Anyone who tells you differently is
a profiteering moron, a throwback to his
caveman ancestors who looked into the
clear waters of a stagnant pool and were
convinced that they and the body were one
and the same thing. - -A . H .
ESCAPE flIS LIPS ALIVE, By air= A. Croswell,
Box 629, 11 Monte, Callif. 312 pages.