Volume 5, Issue 10, page 11

Are IT
Woodworth. $3. Simms Pub.
Co., Victoria, B.C., Canada.

I F YOU THINK, you fear. And
if you have fears. you're
insane! It's as simple as
that! And how simple can you
get? Well, you can toss " yesterday" and " tomorrow" out of
the window -- if you don't spend
time trying to figure out which
window would be safest -- and
act only on your immediate impulses .

When this reviewer started
to read "Sanity, Unheard Of",
his first impression was that
Author Hugh Woodworth was
"pulling his (the reader's)
leg"; that he not only was
writing tongue - in-cheek, but
that he was extending that facial bulge with both upper and
lower plates (assuming Woodworth uses these symbols of
oral depravity).

But Woodworth is a convincing writer. We grinned thru
Chapter 1, sat up for Chapter
2 , and before we'd finished
Chapter 3. were convinced that
-- no matter what his approach
-- here was a man with a message :
We are crazy! You and you
and you and you" and I. Especially I. Your "I", s"I", his
"I", her "I". Any "I". Without
the "I" , we might be able to
enjoy life as it comes, even
as do the cats, and the dogs,
and other "dumb" creatures,
who are so dumb they eat when
hungry, drink when thirsty ,
rest when tired -- and pay little, if any, attention, to comparing their lot in life with
that of their dumb kinfolk .
(In case you're in doubt, that
howling outside your window at
night isn't some cat-preacher
trying to tell your Tabby how
to save her cat-soul from some
cat -hell . She knows better ,
even if you don't.1
Apparently, the worst thing
you own is a memory. Yesterday, or last year, you were
able to escape death or eternal damnation by the skin of
your teeth. Can you do it next
time? You start worrying. You
are afraid. And brother, that's
it! You're proving you're crazy. "Sufficient to the day is
the moment thereof" , or some
such think-product.

You want security, you want
safety. You want to live after
you die. And the things you
If we've left anyone out,
we apologize.

MARCH, 1959
to be the wrong answer, and
totally misleading, for there
can be no answer. Only the
spirit can answer, and who
want are the things you think knows what the spirit may say
you don't have -- or won't have in someone else?
in the future. Right now, you A crazy book