Volume 5, Issue 10, page 10

Christ J! athtn
Part I V
N THE BEGINNING of the Bible, in the Book
of Genesis, the world spoken of was created, NOT manifested. The man or law was
created a living soul—not a manifested
body! This living soul was not a law of
life "transfigured " into a reality. The Bible
repeatedly states it is not speaking of this
world of man, this mental law world of life
and matter. Christ said very emphatically, "I
am not of this world".

Here is where the great block to man's
progress in life was set in. Here is where he
took the wrong road and objectified his thinking and attention to that which absorbs his
life force away from him, and leaves not
enough remaining to germinate an increase from
within, opening the road to his promised kingdom. Man has always supposed that Genesis was
a story, just a common superstitious story of
the beginning and manifestation of this "world
of man". The reason for this was that seeing
the same words used that can be applied to the
world that he knows, it was considered that
what he read concerned what he could see.

Judeaus Philo, B.C. 20 -- A. D. 40, was probably the last of the old line of partly informed Jewish scholars. Living in Alexandria,
he tried his best to enlighten the Greeks of
the fact the Old Testament is allegorical and
not historical. He failed. They laughed at

The picture of God making this world has
been visualized by man until the idea has become a very valued possession, and he hates to
lose it. The Biblical script is referring to a
law. a world, an expression of life that is
not yet in existence! Even the primary knowledge concerning this law was lost. The beginning principles of the creation or soul field
were gradually replaced by erroneous ideas and
superstitious beliefs. Today we have the full
building of these isms, "mind world" philosophies, and sciences. In all this mass of effort, there is no outline of that supreme creative knowledge originally taught.

We will have to leave behind the old ideas
based upon the misconceptions of people who
did not understand. We will have to leave the
hazy, unfounded concepts of uninformed mentalities and place our feet upon the solid stones
of clearly defined facts and principles of a
supremely scientific eternal life law.

The supreme law of Christ did not create or
manifest "this world of man". The supreme law
of Christ does not express the same principles
as those manifesting this spirit-soul- body
elemental mental world. The supreme law of
Christ does not govern all the expressions of
energy and matter; it only governs, with its
oun laws, the greater volumes of energy constituting its oun world! "God's ways are not
man's ways." Let us get the meaning of this
scripture straight, once and forever.

Man's world has a belt or sea of energy.
This energy is everywhere. Man calls this
energy God, Creative Spirit, Universal Mind
Divine Mind, and various other appellations,

This energy is used by mental healers, miracle
performers, beings on the dead side, Ascended
Masters, occult Masters, and others. this
source of universal vibratory energy is 102'
the God of the Bible!
Regardless of what man has done with his
own Higher Intelligence or his Universal God
energy, this vibratory mental energy cannot
begin to do what can be done with the regenerative energy of the Christ Life Law. Christ
knowledge is heavenly knowledge. Anyway, this
is the promise, this is the answer to that
certain innate unrest in t h e heart of man,
this is that certain something that man expects in some way to attain. The biblical John
the Baptist seems to represent the mental man,
the servant, as the most useful expression of
the mind. "Truly I say unto you, that among
those who are born of women, there has never
risen one who is greater than John the Baptist, and yet even the least person in the
kingdom of heaven is greater than he."
Taking the mental man as being born of women, and the heavenly man a state of the other
world, the product of a "born again" germination of regeneration, we can see that the mind
that "serves" to obtain is not that which
is obtained.

Vibratory law has its limitations; its
fields of action are curtailed because the
power of vibratory energy is too weak to do
more! 2'he real God, or Law of Regenerative
Energy, if manifested, would express a perfect
life body, the action of which would be an
all-knowing consciousness of its manifested
With new concepts, the body changes within;
new recognitions cause responses according to
what is recognized. The interest and recognition of Life Law principles cause responses
different from any others -- responses that are
a conditioning to understand differently, giving an ability to understand and express the
knowledge of the Divine Realm.

Wondering about, setting ourselves to think
about, to derive interest in these principles
or features of the other universe, will be of
great help in obtaining these new recognitions
-- and therefore, a rebirth, within.
(Continued in next issue)
pudiated by the intelligentsia, and brazenly
dissembled by the very priesthood that lips
its cantos and its oracles from Sunday to Sunday. To begin with, the biblical makers fraudulently changed symbols to real personages and
allegory to factual history, and then centuries of erroneous indoctrination have so warped
the intelligence and victimized the mind of
the masses, that efforts to reach them with
facts and truths are almost fruitless.

Biblical material presented as history and
accepted as such is the veriest nonsense.

The Freethinkers have been highly successful in disproving it as history. But they lack
the basic knowledge of life to redeem it for
what it actually is. Being guided by the postulate of evolution, they can not rise above
the level of their belief; nor should one expect them to. The fables and allegories of the
Bible, as historical events, never happened.
Nor was it ever imagined by their original
authors that anyone could be so stupid and depraved as to believe them as realities. They
were originally designed to conceal the facts
of life from the eyes of the world, and were
used in the Ancient Mysteries to teach the
neophyte the mystery of Man.
(To be continued next issue)