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ability they would be acquaintances hi cherish. And from what
I hear of the Parastudy Group,
they seem to be surrounded by
equally 'aware' people."- -
Marge Pope, Bennett Square, Pa.

"Healing i s the most guessed
at field in the 360 degrees of
living. This includes healing
within the framework of accredited medicine. Certainly,
plenty of 'hit and miss' prevails within that armor-protected circle. The tremendous
good accomplished by medicine
and psychology is not here
minimized, but the Mind still
is far from being cataloged,
and is much of an unknown quantity. If this were not so, mistakes would not have to be
buried daily, and the number
of people in mental institutions would diminish, rat her
than increase.
"Religious healing, spiritual healing, is chock full of
'hit and miss operators'. Here
we have a field that is not
easily controlled, because religion i s one o f the 'holy
cows' of our society. Crimes
an d near crimes committed
within that framework are respectfully overlooked. T h i s
makes it possible for the indifferent, the indecent, and
totally dishonest to find protective cover for their machinations. To be sure, we have
honest-minded healers who perform fine results, but we also
have honest-minded healers who
are 'the blind leading the
"Most of our professional
pulpit thumpers, who shout
'Jesus heal !' are not performing healing by the power of
Master Jesus. To perform a
multiple of healing by the
power of another, one would
have to have a speaking acquaintance with that other for
agreement, for consent. I have
been assured by Master Jesus
that he is not on the payroll
of any of those healers; he
doesn't even get a percentage
of their take (my slang). Bernadette Soubirous assured me
'I cannot heal, whatever healing is effected at all, is accomplished by Our Creator'.
"I hasten to say that professional healers may be honest in their feeling that Jesus
is healing for them, but there
are two reasons for this misconception:
"1. They do not know God;
they theorize. Their authority
at best is a Book, NOT God!
"2. They are not familiar
with hypnotism, and do not
know they are using the power
of suggestion. . .
"My claim that I have easy
communication with Master Jesus, St. Bernadette, and others is one I stand ready to
prove to anyone capable of
checking my proof. A fair degree of psychic sensitivity is
here necessary.
"The greatest drawback to
the acceptance of spiritual
healing, by the thinking portion of mankind, is the promise and boast of instant and
complete results. INSTANT is a
hard promise for man to accept .
Man's mind operates only as a
process ; thinking, reasoning,
analyzing, or even entertaining an idea is a flow, a procession that leads to the new
result. Logic, rationalization, cannot conceive of anything instantaneous, but has
no quarrel with evolutionary
processes. . .
"Nothing could be more harmful than an instantaneous healing; the shock of a sudden
stretching of a shortened ligament; the shock of a sudden
straightening of a curved
spine; the shock of a sudden
realignment of discordant
growth of cancer. In each case
the cure would be worse than
the malady.
"The greatest setback to
lasting results from spiritual
healing is the fact that for
all the earnestness of the
practitioner, he does not have
the powerful backing be thinks
he has. The earnestness of the
appeal is the power of suggestion , a phase of hypnotism ,
which produces the result. Not
knowing the power they use,
they do not know how to apply
it effectively. The power of
suggestion is additive, repetition gives it permanence.
"Only one therapy, E -Therapy, requires no practitioner,
no bill collector. This gives
you independence, leading you
to become 'The captain of your
soul '." - -Jacob Apse 1, Milwaukee, Wis.
"I see where a John McDermott has suggested a breakdown
and evaluation of Dianetics
and Scientology by 'someone
not associated with the Hubbard
group'. If you decline the
nomination, may I apply for
the job? I state my qualifications subject to McDermott's
final approval:
"1st (and most important.
if I judge Mac's letter right ),
I am not a member of the Hubbard group. I don't even know
Ron Hubbard, have never seen
him, nor heard him speak. Old
Simon Pure! That's me.
"2nd. As a professional reporter and writer of fact articles, I have a 20-year backThe ABERREE
head:2* a word, in advance.

PROFESSIONAL Auditing, using
newest techniques to clear
people. Sunday evening lecture
and group processing at 1600
Logan, international House, 8
P.M. Individual processing
ate, vine as at Academy. Mrs
Howard) Phyllis Moore, 8066
est 38th Avenue Whestridge,
Colo. Phone HA. 4'-8068. V10-1.

to inform all his friends
that he is no longer to be
found at any of his old addresses, and anybody wishing
to contact him s uld write:
Peter Thrasher 78154, c/o FEC,
P.O.Buz 2330, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. V 10- LOUIS Internationally- knows
Mystic. Will answer one specific " gyestion free for the
readers of The ABERREE. Please
include self-addressed, stamped
envelope. Box twenty-one, Morristown, Arizona. V9-2.

WISH to torrespynd with folks
born in the laS 's -- anywhere
-- on Earth, Venus or Mars.

Write Catherym8U U. ., yCare
ABERREE, Box V9-2*
I WILL NOT heal you; I will
teach you to heal yourself.
Additional copies of E-Therapy,
its history, theory, and practice ^ay be had fur 51.00. This
entitles you to personal answers on questions and pro leas
that ^ arise. Write Jacob
poel, 243W -A North First St
Milwaukee 12, Wisconsie.V10-5i
the 8-8008 lect rea on Sclantology by Dr. L.n Hubbard.

SulAntOlOgY qt edltf while they
last, i2. The ABERREE, Bo: 528,
Eaid, Okla.

SCRUB QAKS -- 330-par,. clothbound novel, by A Hart
Coo$1. AHEABEr, Box 528. Eni4d.
ground of training in studying
a story -- evaluating data from
opposing views, finding out the
facts in a welter of lies and
fancy , and then presenting
them in a sort of historical
manner .
"3rd. Since (the series) has
already reached Chapter 6, I 'd
like to go ahead and finish
the job , al th o it will of
course fall short of an evaluation of both phases. But so
far as the 'Dianetics' part is
concerned, can I finish the
job ? "- - Bob Arentz, Chicago.
(ED. NOTE -- I hope you CA . )
"Jan.-Feb.4issue of ABERREE
came and it 's fine from cover
to cover. Like your 'auditorial ' and the letters column,
and sort of take my pick here
and there.
"Re: The N- Stress gadget.
Sounds fine. Why do these guys
get gadget-happy? A good stiff
flow of life energy between
the eyes would do the same
thing as the currents in the
MARCH, 1959("ommercials
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