Volume 5, Issue 10, page 6

must be created, and the mystery is no
exception. But for the continuing existence of the known and the unknown, there
could be no foundation upon which the
Life Game could be played. Tlfe known and
the unknown can only coexist and again
the existence of either without the presence of the other is an impossibility.
The continuing existence of The Mystery
is dependent on the continuous creation
of The Unknown.

The only justification for existence
is gain. Existence as a life form, via a
physical body, results in the gain of
action. Existence in the death phase,
without any form of body, results in the
gain of no action. The life and death
phases are coexisting essentials in continuing existence, and again the existence of either without the presence of
the other is an impossibility. There is
only one fundamental state in which a
Life Form must be before it can die, and
that is -- ALIVE! Every problem in the experience of the Life Game is based upon a
scarcity of some kind or another. As the
agreed-upon life span of approximately 70
to 80 years approaches its limit, the
consciousness of an abundance of action
experience becomes more and more marked,
and with it the consciousness of the
then-present scarcity of no action which
then becomes the objective in desired gain.
"Better is the day of thy death than
the day of thy birth." This quotation
from the Holy Bible is one of its many
statements based on a lack of understanding, and emanating from belief and illusion conceived in the mind of one of its
many contributing recorders, or translators and editors. Evaluation of either of
the twin fundamental states as being
"better" than the other has no place in
the consideration of the fundamentals of
Creation and Existence. There are only
the twin forces of physical survival and
non-survival operating thru an eternal
cycle of action, and neither can be "better " than the other since each grants
existence to the other, and that is all
that can be fundamentally said relating
to Life Force in action. Reasons, Beliefs.
Purposes, Sins, Souls and Spirits, Heavens and Hells, Purgatories, Divine Intentions with or without Glory, Gods and
Satans, Seven Levels of Spirit Worlds
with Supreme Beings, Intelligence, Intellect, Moral and Aesthetic Codes, Beauty,
Ugliness, Love, Hate, Thought and Opinion, have no place in the consideration
of the fundamentals of existence, and can
belong only to the realms of believing
fantasy, and all such " bric-a-brac" are
"for the birds". There are only two fundamental statements which can be made,
relative to a Life Form -- " He is alive" or
"He is dead", and in these statements only
the first two words, "He is -- " have any
value in the cycle of Life Action. Every
evaluation beyond that is in the game.

Truly, "All the world is a stage, and all
the men and women merely players".

Every great truth must stand in opposition to its relative and equally great
lie. The realization in full understanding
that no state can ever begin unless some
other and previous state is ending, enables us at last to see with a clear vision that aman may spend a whole lifetime
in action as a Life Form, studying in one
of the many "Temples" on Earth, and no
matter the lofty architecture, nor the
awe-inspiring design of the High Altar as
seen in St. Peter's, Rome, or the Cyclotron in Harwell, England, there is only
one incident of major and fundamental importance that can happen to him. This incident provides all the reason there can
ever be for having lived, insuring t h e
cycle in the eternal action of Life Force,
and thus creating, with certainty, the
supreme privilege and reward of living
again -- HE CAN DIE.

There is no observable action in the
entire universe which is not fundamentally dependent for its continuity upon cyclic change, and as surely as day follows
night, so must life again follow death.

In the new era which must soon dawn,
the controller and controlled alike can
at last gain the ability to perceive that
directed order can only exist in the
presence of counter