Volume 11, Issue 3, page 6

clouded mind perceives a murky world. An illumined mind perceives a world of light and
beauty. Physical location may not be altered
but the vision is.

Really, the soul perceives thru the mind.
Soul awareness is hindered as it. is identified
with the conditioned mind. Mien the soul perceives directly, without being hindered by the
distortions of the mind, it sees things as
they really are. Thus, in truth the soul does
not have to develop or become spiritual or earn
the grace of God. The soul merely has to come
to the point where it sees clearly.

Why do we persist in a religious activity
that merely acts as an opiate to our pain? We
know that the only reason we suffer is because
we do not comprehend the real and eternal nature of things. If this is the case then why
not try to grasp the truth and cling to it instead of going thru many motions? Many men and
women are constantly seeking the answers. I
have friends who have been seeking for years
and they are forever coming up with something
"new". One time it is light therapy, another
time it is ESP investigation, another time it
will be sleep conditioning. Now, we have all
gone the route in our search and to have an
open mind and see everything in its place is a
good thing. But, when we reach the point where
we know that Consciousness is the only reality,
we should live in such a manner that we are
stable and sure. We can still investigate the
other things, but we will not be doing so from
an inner sense of desperation. We will do so
merely to know more of what life is about.

To find our place in life, to move in tune
with the things of this world and with people
with whom we are compatible, does not mean a
rejection of everything else. There are worlds
within worlds and we tend to move in our own
circle. There are other circles also and we
should be content to let them be, for they
exist for someone.

In the Bhagavad Oita, Krishna, the incarnation of Spirit, gives Arjuna, the seeking soul,
the vision of the universal form. You can read
of the account in the 11th chapter of that
scripture. Arjuna has been trying to contemplate the nature of life and has not been able
to do so. He has not been able to account for
the diversity of form and the births and deaths
and the suffering of humanity. Then, his vision is opened and he beholds the truth, he sees
the gods and celestial beings, human forms and
numberless suns and planets and everything in
motion, appearing and then fading from view,
all coming forth from, and then resolving into, the Supreme Reality. He beheld the universe as a radiant manifestation of Spirit.

Too many today are talking about how man has
brought the world to its present low state.
Their very attitude reveals their inability to
catch the perfect vision. They are allowing
themselves to be victims of circumstance,
blaming conditions on others. You are responsible for your world. If you do not like it,
then see something different. You can do it by
altering your mental attitude. Since the world
is appearing according to the considerations
of men, then when you begin to see it as it
ought to be you are lightening the load of
mental pressure. God did not create misery and
inharmony. Man experiences these things to the
degree that he fails to see the truth. His experience is due to his inability to comprehend
the world of reality.

The belief in duality is the cause of much
pain. Often a person will come to the realization for a while that Consciousness is the
only reality -- and then turn right around and
pray to God or some celestial being. Now, if
Consciousness is the only reality, how can you
pray to something other than It. And since all
forms are manifestations of It, to pray to a
form is delusion. To fear or respect or depend
upon any created thing is to be an idol worshipper. Many people have such an array of
gods and goddesses lined up in their mind's
eye that they seldom know which ones to contemplate first.

When we experience liberation we feel a release, not from anything, but into it. We are
released into life. We know for a certainty
that we live and move and have our being in
the only life there is. All our misconceptions
are wiped away as tho by a magic wand. All inhibitions are removed and the sense of guilt
and regret that often accompanies the most innocent of actions is no more. Thus, our karmic
patterns are resolved. We are released from the
past and our future extends from the moment.

The most difficult thing for the average
person to do is to accept this state of affairs
as being possible of attainment. We want to
live, but we are afraid to do so?
Why should we fear to do the thing that is
most natural? Are we afraid of incurring the
displeasure of some higher being to whom we
must one day answer? This is a belief in duality and the cause of our problem.

The reason many people are living in lacks
and limitations today is because they are
dwelling on the concept of the formless Reality, thinking it to be superior to the realization of Reality in form. Such is not the case.
Reality is the same, without form o r with it.
Consciousness is not better or worse, or more
or less desirable whether formed or without
form. This is a great delusion -- this belief
that the perception of the formless Reality is
the desired state. Here you are with a body,
living for a while in time and space. You might
as well live fully and in harmony with life.
Nothing is to be gained by doing without the
necessities of life. No virtue is to be gained
by self - denial once the truth is perceived.
When you are in tune with life and aware of the
Infinite Harmony and firmly integrated with
your body, then you will demonstrate or manifest the abundant life.

As long as you live free of negative considerations and ideas, you will experience
heaven on earth. You will live from the center
of your being, in the Reality from which all
things flow into manifestation.

How is it done? What is the technique? The
method? The way? It is best accomplished in the
silence. By this I do not mean that we must
sit inert for hours at a time. I mean in mental
silence. Even while we go about our daily duties we can contemplate the facts of life. We
can contemplate wholeness and the sense of
oneness. The important thing is to have a
quiet and steady mental state. Move with the
calm assurance that you can know the truth of
life. By wiping out the narrow version of
life, one gains all there is.

Here is a technique to practice: Sit silently
in deep meditation. Let the mental activities
subside. Be at peace. Do not visualize at
this time or pray or affirm. Just relax and

look within and be aware. Be aware of your
body, within and without -- then your environment
and then your world. See it all as the body of
Spirit, Consciousness formed without beginning
or end, without separation ,or division. Release the ideas about levels of mind and degrees of awareness and stages of unfoldment.
Just open up and be aware of life -- being what
it is -- now. Contemplate this and see and feel
that the whole world is your body. Your environment is your body. You can move or remold