Volume 11, Issue 3, page 17

jingles, or hiding smutty sex,
or historical events, etc.,
whereas all these are hiding
cosmic verities. Primarily,
they are hidden descriptions
of the battle between God and
"Naturally, no one could get
all the facets of the cosmogony in brief 100-word skits.
The original M. G., you remember, was cut down from a 4pager to a one-page article.
As you say it's always another
stop-start from one month to
another, a broken-up continuity, and readers are not prone
to go out of their way to put
them together like a humptydumpty.
"At one time I thought that
only words of the same consonants have the same basic
meanings as in Aramaic. But
now, by means of M. G., I find
that every word in the dictionary means one and the same
and it is a definition of a
God-generating from a dead end
to a feminine nature.
"So, I '11 have to figure out
how to make a better presentation and try to clarify things.
.. Even to try to use words,
when every word means every
other, is being in a useless
point of a God on top of the
helical tower where he is found
to be a babble of tongues.
"I never dreamed I could
ever co-ordinate the 'Song of
Songs', th a Bible stories,
myths, games, etc., etc., until, little by little, the understanding of them is being
evolved thru M.G. I'm not trying to propound a new philosophy of my own but trying to
explain what M. G. is saying in
her riddles.
"Why she hides God and Nature in a riddle is because
they are a riddle, a sieve, a
point into which we voluntaries ly die out and sieve out creations. They are tongue twist. ers for a reason. They are
made meaningless for a reason:
to show the meaninglessness of
creation. It all should be in
book form as you say, but it
is not impossible to save something out of the mess...
"Fred Hand sees the Kabalistic hand in M. G. Just add to
W that every other teaching and
W they are all therein." -- Philip
Friedaan, Florence, Ariz.
Q4 "H AVE finally applied for a
W 'Service Mark' trade mark
GU registration from the patent
a office. Mentioned this to a
friend in El Paso who wrote
aD back: 'Perhaps yau can make it
go, but my bet is that you are
just not unscrupulous enough.
If you are intending to make
it a legitimate business, it
is my belief that it will be
doomed from the start....
17 "So, then I decided to send
you one version of a review on who know the full score would
the fine book, 'The Brain never blame him, only honor
Watchers' his effort and zeal and great
"Well, Ido intend to make heart. A few of us wish that
a legitimate deal of my pro- circumstances were such that
ject, at least as far as rela- he might have felt emboldened
tions between my company, the to go ahead and damn the torpeople who become counselors, pedoes.
and their relations with cli- "The incident points up a
eats are concerned... lot of things about the situa"This friend also mentioned tion today. In those days, althat Carla Johnson, the girl so, we just didn't have enough
in El Paso who has been with- good data and enough reliable
out mental ability since an information. A lot of the con`appendix operation in 1953, in fidence we felt then was based
which she 'died' for about four on what we later found to be
minutes on the operating table mis-information and actually
and has been under the care of fraud. (Remember: 'No failures
a mutual friend, Mrs. Kathryn -- over 100 clears...'
Baker, a psychic sensitive, has "I believe a survey of the
finally died. country would show up a lot of
"This friend was brought practitioners of some forms of
into the picture shortly after various healing arts... I feel
Carla was removed from the hos- that such people are giving
pital and taken to private honest service, in many cases
quarters behind her parents' what are regarded as lasthome in El Paso. Various nurses ditch healings... I 'd like to
were employed on the difficult have the time and opportunity
case. Carla was at first a wild to make such a survey, visitanimal -- no self-control, h ad ing these worthy people, use
to have her hair shaved and them as a core for a really
her front teeth pulled, hands powerful organization -- powertied, fed thru punctures in the ful enough to protect them,
neck, etc... Mrs. Baker has for that is... An organization in10 years attended Carla, lav- tent on protecting the worthy
ished affection, love, care for should have the right of in16 hours daily. Carla thrived vestigation and reject the anon this care, but never re- sorthy, the unscrupulous, degained the ability to walk or liberately c h i c an e." -- Lee
talk... The medical doctors Lockhart, Ely, Nev.
bowed out of the case in 1953. (ED. NOTE -- Jealousy among
"In 1953, this friend was "healers", the fact that most
really hepped on Dianetics. He of them know nothing about the
and I and some dozen others ^power" they seem to have --
had attended a program of talk plus the ability of organized
and interviews with C. C. Street medicine to excuse its failand Liz Byall in the office of urea and successfully ward off
a chiropractic 'friend of mine any raids on its gilt-lined
in El Paso in March, 1951, and roulette wheel, makes such an
gathered a lot of steam. He has organization as you envision
since stopped all relationship improbable without the expenwith Dianetics and its ilk... diture of more energy than
"He secured a waiver of most of us have -- as well as a
claim from Carla's parents, lot of time we also don't have
and started spending a lot of -- maybe a few hundred years,
his spare time and night hours for example. However, you have
processing Carla. At one time our best wishes, if that'll do
he had her back in the opera- any good.) 0 0 0
tion, responding sufficiently <<
to the phrases he used so that 1 DISAGREE with many of the
she started going into the peo ple whose articles you
same 'death' from which doc- print but I am very glad you
tors had rescued her with ad- have such a variety of communrenajine. He got cold feet at 'cation.
this point -- no doctors were " I didn't particularly care
handy and he remembered he had for the May issue. It may have
a family -- and hastily shifted been because there weren't ento other ground. Carla came ough different subjects to my
around from the blackness which liking and some of the artihad started covering her, but Iles were a little too long. I
no one since tried to take up guess if I cared for what was
at that point. In discussing in them they woul do ' t have
this he told me he thought he been long enough.
was ion the verge of either a "Frank Sullivan in the April
death or a miracle -- and others issue to me was rot. I feel
have felt that it might have that this guy is out on a limb.
become a miracle... His so-called auditing that he
"Regardless of the chance, is doing has caused more probthis friend, who never charged lems from the people I talked
a penny for his time and ef- to than good. Oh, well, he has
fort, got cold feet at a crit- a right to be right also.
icaltime and bowed out. Most "I miss Albert Roy Davis