Volume 11, Issue 3, page 16

different styles of architecture. The tons and tons of gold
leaf on the altars and statuary
is tremendous. There are two
big pipe organs, with lead
pipes, one from Spain and one
from Italy. It took 40 men to
blow the bellows to play an
organ... They don't use them
now, they are trying to raise
capital to electrify them." --
Monica Ryder, Mexico 8, D.F.
"TENTH Anniversary is it?
Somehow it seems longer. The
April issue is a good issue,
tho of course, defective. Nothing by Hand in it. Just shows
that quality does it. As the
cannibal chef reassured the
missionary, `If we didn't like
you you wouldn't be here.'
"About Roy Davis's letter,
I find myself wishing you could
have found a more cogent and
knowledgeable opponent for me.
Rebutting this sort of thing
is just a chore. I did finally
get one negative response letter from a man in Arizona who ,
however, sent a good report on
his peyote trials, which filled
in some gaps in our data. However, here's the Davis letter,
point by point:
"Peyote, like t h e other
psychedelics, is not ordinarily used as a tranquilizer nor
does it predominantly induce
physical and mental calmness.
It frequently induces strong
emotionality and sometimes a
period of physical agitation.
A psychedelic is ordinarily
ingested in order to increase
perception and expand consciousness in all dimensions. Facilitation of telepathy and extra - sensory perceptions has
been reported by some subj ects,
but this effect has not been
observed In subjects who could
not do these things anyway.
Mr. Davis reports he does not
like to hear of the use of
drugs to increase sensitivity.
I enjoy hearing of it myself.
Increasing consciousness of
individuals is not necessary,
I agree. Consciousness of individuals, according to some
theorists, is not necessary at
all. Expanded consciousness
enhances the survival and development of our species, but
our species is not necessary
except to cause a few restricted transformations in t h e
structure of Nature, which
transformations are, in turn,
not necessary. Psychedelic
drugs are not necessary; in
certain applications they are
desirable. 'Could be very dangerous' as usual is expressed
in the subjunctive mood, since
cases in which psychedelics
have been dangerous are extremely rare and difficult to
find. LOOK Magazine, in their
Nov. 5, 1963, issue, actually
did find such a case -- one such
case. I recommend the article.
The editorial interpolations
are slanted against the I F I F
people, but'the facts are accurate. Now, I would like anyone at all to list for me as
many as six different things
which are both very useful and
not potentially very dangerous. Any person who desires
and expects to be completely
safe under any and all conditions is either a coward or
a fool, and I detest both...
"'Near death complex' is a
term completely unknown to me.
However, on the two or three
occasions when I was almost
killed -- auto accident, attempted murder, and poisoning
-- I was definitely not relaxed.
On the contrary I was abnormally alert and mentally hyperactive -- as with a psychedelic
reaction. Analogies are easy
to strain. Receiving an emotional shock and being hit on
the head with a blunt instrument will both produce immediate unconsciousness, but the
two events are not otherwise
`Since I continue to encounter delightful and interesting people... and find psychedelic experimenting m u c h
safer than crossing either of
the two thru streets nearest
my home, I think I'll keep on
with it. I'm not commercializing the project, not deceiving
anyone, not coercing anyone,
and whoever doesn't like working with psychedelics can always ignore me. Can I be more
agreeable and fairer than
that?" -- Fred Hand, 2718 Eagle,
Houston, Texas.
"T H E ABERREE arrived this
morning ... Something new
has been added, and I got the
impression that this issue contains more letters than usual,
which is good. I note the
Atheist ad, but an atheist is
one who does not believe in
himself, and I doubt whether
those who regard themselves as
atheists are real atheists.
Biblically speaking, the 'I AM'
is God. That means the Self is
God, and that God is within,
and nowhere else. The One and
only God is within. God is the
One and only One within. Jesus
Christ is also within, but Jesus Christ is not the One and
only One of the Bible. In this
issue you published a letter
from Marie Harlowe. In her booklet, 'A Son of the Sun -- A
Treatise on Sex Transmutation',
on Page 23 you will find the
following: 'Jesus is the germ,
the life, the spermatozoa, in
the semen. Born in Bethlehem ,
symbolical of the "house of
bread", Jesus, the germ, is
born in the large pnnumagastrio
nerve in the body's "house of
bread". Jesus is the life germ
present in every man thru which
the Christ consciousness may
be attained.' In this century,
Marie Harlowe preceded me with
that interpretation of t h e
mystery teachings.
"With reference to the letter by George W. Lagus, I was
never a 'medium ', but published material which was received
thru mediums. The name Saint
George was a pseudonym that I
used in keeping with instructions that I received when I was
assigned a mission by the
Spirit speaking thru a medium
named George. I was given the
mission to heal and to write,
and from the beginning knew
that it would be a dangerous
and difficult mission and I
agreed to sacrifice all that I
possessed in order to carry out
my mission.
"My advice to your readers
is for them to accept Spirit
messages as being the truth ,
but to believe only what they
can understand because invariably the Spirit messages are
not literally true. Words have
multiple meanings and the
Spirit takes advantage of human ignorance... By the word
'Spirit', I mean a Supreme Intelligence about which mankind
knows almost nothing." -- Morris
Katzen, Cooks Falls, N.Y.
"HE: LETTER of Marie Harlowe
in May issue, in which she
states that I am 'woefully
short of understanding' in my
Dramanatomy article on such
articles of common knowledge
as chakras and Yoga .
"Monica Saxon is well aware
of the confused complexity of
the myriad of Yoga isms, some
of which are good ; most of
which are difficult; some of
which are harmful; none of
which are natural.
"In my engineering, problems always got more and more as
complex and difficult until the
solution was approached. The
solution was always simple.
Dramanatomy is such asimplicity. It addresses and handles
all phases, not just chakras,
has no interest in weird religious implant phenomena. A
large portion of the people
working with her are former W
Yoga practitioners.
"I have told how I have addressed fs7
c h a k r a s in a past A4
issue of SECOND TERMINAL. They 04
can be cleared up using Vacuum W
Cleaning procedure." -- F.S.Sul- co
tivan, 31805 Bond, Farmington, cg
Mich. 0 0 0
"BOTH you and Alice have m
pretty good ideas of what I
am unsuccessfully trying to do. c..,
In the first place, no one else
has remotely considered that
there might be something profound about 'Mother Goose'.
It's been thought to be just 16