Volume 11, Issue 3, page 9

an adversely afflicted Mercury will eventually
show a sharp decline in postal receipts and
discontent in the Post Office Department, and
decide some publishers to close down.

Mars also in the 3rd house brings a train
of serious accidents -- not only to railroads,
but to all kinds of travel. Fires and explosions
will be quite prevalent. Some securities will
depreciate since an afflicted Jupiter shows
heavy expense and general money loss in transportation services. Since Saturn is in Pisces,
representing the negro race, and Mars in Gemini representing the Government, we can look
for more racial disturbances serious enough to
warrant governmental interference. Bloodshed
is bound to result.

Since Pisces rules Florida, and since Uranus
is square Mars from Virgo, ruling California
(full Moon chart), both states are in for some
devastating trouble.

The lunation badly aspected in the 4th house
(solar chart) adds to the nation's troubles
with poor crops and difficulties in agricultural fields, continued bad weather, and further troubles for all holding vested interests
in lands, mines, minerals, etc. A continuance
of earthquakes around the world may be expected. Uranus transitting thru Virgo indicates
more troubles in Alaska, Boston, Brazil, and
California. St. Louis may see bloody riots.

Jupiter, ruling the 10th house of administration, is badly aspected, so we may expect
much unfavorable criticism directed against
the President personally. Much fault will be
found with his monetary program. There has
been much conjecture concerning President
Johnson going the way of martyred President
Kennedy because of involvement in the 20-year
cycle which has spelled doom to several of our
Presidents in the past. I see nothing in President Johnson's chart, nor in a comparison of
his chart with that of the nation, to warrant
any such supposition.

Briefly, the period also promises: Death for
one or more prominent persons in the amusement
world...Castro may turn viciously on Khruschev
^ trouble in the religious world which may
effect a merger of some kind...world-wide wavering in the stock markets toward the end of
June ... important resignation in high office
because of pre-election schisms and wrangling
^ . increased public antagonism toward foreign

Notice of some new invention will be made
public prior to mid-July. Since Uranus is the
signifier, conjunct Pluto, and in the 4th house
which signifies the end of things, and in aspect to Saturn, the Grim Reaper, could it be
our scientists have finally discovered a death
S THE month of brides rolls around, we are
still looking vainly to the heavens for
portent of good things to come, and I am
minded of Omar Khayyam's plaint:
"And that inverted bowl they call the sky,
'hereunder crawling coop'd, we live and die,
Lift not your hands to it for help -- for it
As impotently moves as you or I."
This especially since the month opens with
the Sun throwing a perfect square to Pluto from
Gemini (the ruling sign of the country), after
having just left a partile opposition to Saturn, and the state of opposition still continuing between disruptive Uranus and conservative Saturn. These bode ill for our nation,
to say the least -- but that is not all, for on
the 10th comes a solar eclipse, also in Gemini,
followed within two weeks by a total lunar
eclipse, falling in Capricorn, the sign which
is representative of both big business and
government -- both of which will soon have their
hands full.

The solar eclipse chart begins with a malefic Saturn in the first house of the people
and their affairs, while another malefic, Uranus, governs this house. Both are adversely
aspected, angular, and powerful. Both planets
are in critical degree, so any bad matter will
be worse than expected. Saturn opposes both
Pluto and Uranus in the 7th house of foreign
affairs, wars, international disputes. Scandals
in high political places, more trouble with
strikes, price -fixing squabbles, rebellious
race riots, etc. The government will experience
internal troubles and bills such as medicare,
civil rights, tax reforms, governmental reforms
will all come under the spotlight for severe
criticism, both from the public and the press.
Politics will become -- shall I say, especially

Many old intrigues and scandals will once
= more be revivified and high-lighted for the
benefit of politics, but the opposition may
well overplay its hand, thereby immeasurably
strengthening the position of the incumbents.

The Russian wheat deal seems likely to be held SHAR SYLVIA -- On Jan. 2, 1964, I filed for
up to the public almost in the light of some divorce and a cross-complaint has been filed
heinous crime committed by the Democratic against my action. The hearing is to be April
W party, while the test ban treaty is sure to be 23. I would greatly appreciate knowing whether
villified as the work of irresponsible and this date is effective for me, or whether I
W vote-seeking politicians. should endeavor to have it set for a later
04 This eclipse, falling in the 2nd decanate date. -- V. A., California.
p4 of Gemini, also presages new piracies, thefts DEAR V.11 -- Unfortunately, the divorce action
W on a grand scale, and unfortunately, at least was started in the wane of the Moon. It is alone murder of some eminent person. ways best to start any action during the Moon's
Jupiter, altho entering the 3rd house, still increase, for then things seem to go smoothly
a slightly influences the 2nd house of monetary without frustrations. Apparently, the crossaffairs, but the aspects are adverse, so the complaint was the first frustration. On April
m financial situation will not improve any t o 23, your cycle would be low and Jupiter, your
.. speak of. However, its influence in the 3rd ruling planet, would not favor you. Neptune,
H house of travel will affect, to some extent, the planet of deception, would be adverse
railroads and other travel agencies. The lit- suggesting that facts would not be presente e
erary publishing fields and even the Post Of- in their true light. May 28 appears to be your
fice Department stand to gain some, but the best date. This is a Thursday, Jupiter's day --
opposition of Neptune is apt to make things favorable for legal affairs. Your cycle would
9 seem a lot better than they actually are. and be high, while his would be at its lowest point.