Volume 11, Issue 3, page 2

1 Sin ce we don't have a
program, there's little we can
add in the way of information
about what is billed at the
"First National Wisdom Pool
Seminar", sponsored by the CSA
(Center of Self-Awareness)
Brotherhood and Arthur Burks,
at the Center at Lakemont, Ga.,
from June 28 to July 5. Ye Ed
and Pub will be there for the
last couple days -- IF we have
no travel difficulty and get
away July 1 after mailing the
July-August issue of The ABERREE. Then, we'll leave Lakemont for a few personal errands in coastal areas, and
return to Lakemont for a special "Meet-the-ABERREE" session
Mandah Love has set up for us
at Love's Retreat on the following week-end -- probably on
July 11 and 12 -- at which we'll
have an opportunity to quiz and
be quizzed by those who think
a quiz is worth traveling
miles for. Mandah, in a telephone conversation with Ye Ed,
suggested we might want to give
the week -end a special pet
name, but after kicking around
a few, we decided our facetiousness might be out of place
-- especially in the light with
which Mr. Burks worded his invitation for us to participate
in the Seminar. He didn 't restrict us to topic, saying only ,
"Pick something wise, is all."
Which we suppose is essential
to a wisdom pool, altho we
thought he knew us better than
that. However, if we can 't find
anything "wise" to take with
us, maybe we can pick up something at a roadside stand on
the way that will meet the requirements. It's an unusual
assignment for the Editor, we
think most of our readers will
agree. But we can. try -- even if
we should have to rely more on
"why's" than on "wise"...
1 Good news for "boniu" addicts -- he'll be back in the
columns of The ABERREE next
month. He's been sick -- plus
busy on plans for a Retreat --
plus a lot of this and a lot
of that. Welcome, Maestro...
1 At the risk of sounding
trite, we think it might be
for the spiritual good of America if they gave us back to
the Indians. We may have done
wonders on the invention front
-- crashing airplanes, deadly
highways, poisoned food and
water, atomic bombs, Beatles,
T-V commercials, thalidomide
and other medical innovations,
etc. -- but we haven't done half
so well with our ersatz Great
Spirit and our omnifarious religious codes as the " savages"
who occupied this land before
we reservationed those we were
unable to massacre. This aberrated (?) conclusion of ours
was further strengthened after
we'd listened to one of the
two appearances of three Hopis
from Arizona -- Thomas Ban anya,
au. Katchongva, and Ralph Tawangyauma -- at the New Age
Center, 145 NE 14th St., Oklahoma City. Banyacya, graduate
of Bacone Indian College. told
of some of the Hopi customs,
and mentioned briefly attempts
still being made by their white
"brethren" to take their reservation land as soon as any
of it proves of monetary value,
in return for !bich we send
weirdly-clad tourists to their
villages to gawk and bargain
for trinkets. For example, the
Hopis cut their hair after one
of their initiations to indicate they have attained knowledge and are looking at the
world thru a "window" -- and we
wondered if any of us men (or
women) could offer any such
rationalization for why we do
what we do to our "crowning
glory" .. 1 A somewhat different program is scheduled at
the Center on June 12-13 by
Marion Ver Hoven, of Hesperia,
Calm, 1 o wiTT speak on biorhythms, and "give a class on
how to use it to determine
times of birth for sex selection", she writes. Readers ^ay
remember that Marion had some
articles on the subject of BioRthytmus in recent ABERREEs...
1 We wouldn't mention this,
but the accuracy of the dream
forecasts by Lowana Julaine
was challenged after she recently told a reader that her
dream presaged the passing of
her mother within a period of
three months. Lowana has forwarded a confirming note, and
our sympathies go out to the bereaved daughter who wrote: "I
thought that you was crazy
when you said my mother would
die. But you was not. She went
to God at 5 this morning. Here
is 5 dollars. Please don't turn
nobody down." Being a seer can
be an unhappy avocation, i f
one attempts to be honest in
reporting what he/she "sees
The 10th anniversary issue
of the publication CHANGE finds
its editor, Bill Hamilton, and
one of its long-time members,
Bob Gardner, of Laredo, Texas,
asking: Why hasn't Synergetics
grown out of the runt stage in
10 years of activity, workshops, and enthusiasm on the
part of some of its most dedicated members. We suspect there
will be those in the organization who will wish to pull the
blinds down over the data that
has been offered, and will insist that Synergeties HAS had
a satisfactory growth despite
its limited membership -- but we
feel that some of the questions Bill and Bob have asked
show that something more than
a few hormone pills are needed
for this organization which --
in spite of denials to the
contrary -- grew out of early
Dianetics and has depended on
ex-Dianeticists for most of
its membership. We suspect one
of the organization's faults
is failure to recognize this --
and an irrational anger when
such a parentage is hinted.
Also, we think the aberrated
use of 'Slnergese"to the point
where no one but long-time
Synergeticists can understand
the idiom, frightens away many
who might otherwise be interested in testing some of the
'tools". If Synergetics is
supposed to be a midget, there
is no need to worry about why
it 's not growing into a giant
-- but if it's of giant stock,
then it's possible it needs
something more than the closeknit intimacy which has marked
its lifetime of area workshops...

We planned on attending
and reporting on the Oklahoma
State Spiritualist convention
held in Enid in mid-April, but a
we got so involved with other
things -- such as mailing the
May ABERREE -- that we had to z
miss it. Some of our "spies"
report that about 50 persons
attended, but they got so interested in what too marry people go to Spiritualist meetings
for -- getting a personal ^ e s -
sage -- that this is about the
limits of their reporting... W
1 It was a bit like "Home- W
coming" when members of the 04
Oklahoma City Understanding 04
Unit came to Enid recently,
bringing with them Durward B. al
Fairfield of Los, Angeles, who cc
was to lecture on the great
pyramid of Egypt. In the group
were Charles Rhoades. president
of the Oklahoma City New Age -4
Center, Kenneth Pamolin, president,
and Paul Wait, vice
president, of the Understanding Unit, and Irs.agri Wood.