Volume 11, Issue 3, page 7

Hider Thought Positive,So Did
Joan of Arc and Einstein --
But Their Value to the World
Was Far from Similar
ANY GOOD books have been written
on the positive aspect of thought.
Many people have read them and
gained much, little, or nothing --
depending on the individual involved. How come some benefit, some don't,
and what about the power of negative
The trouble is that too many persons take
for granted their own habitual usage of words
and phrases and socially-accepted connotations
involved, and never note their own self-destruction aspects in the way they speak, or
write, or conduct themselves, and the humorous
aspect is that in most cases they will severely
criticize their loved ones for speech attitude
and conduct which they find amusing and acceptable in others, and almost never will accept
the error of their own speech, attitudes, and
actions as anything but justifiable because --
and the justifications are too numerous to list.

The power of positive thinking is good. If
you believe strongly and intensely enough on a
given point, you either will change the world
to your way of thinking, or you will convince
yourself that only you are right.

This is one of the devilish reactions to
good intentions misapplied -- words and phrases
projected at the wrong time and the wrong
place and to the wrong person or persons. The
or it comes out in the course of conversation,
that his father has been dead for 10 years or
more. What happens and why?
In the first place, it is jolting to find
out you have been hearing about someone you
might meet, and already half like, but can
never know because they are dead. Time spent
discussing his qualities is wasted, or relatively so except to a psychologist who is shown
the inability of a person to face reality and
let go of the past. Positive thinking will not
bring Father back to life. Positive thinking
in this instance can only tie up a lot of energy,
mental and emotional, involving Father because
as far as the subconscious mind is concerned,
talking about Father in present time means
Father is a live terminal with which to exchange energies, emotions, obligations, and
experiences. Since Father is not alive and the
body long since decomposed, there is only
frustration possible because dead fathers need
no energy and live energy created about Father
has no place to go -- and so the subconscious
releases this energy to the first man, woman,
or child that keys in any aspect of Father.
Psychically, this is a disastrous confusion.

This type of person drags around half the
world and the past, and suffers from shortages
of energy, which sometimes manifest as heavy
lethargy. They wear themselves out creating
enough energies to keep all these precious
memories of the past alive and in present time,
and the disappointment is almost a shock when
they return to a former area and find it not
as they have kept it pictured in their mind
for the past 20 or 30 years.

This is positive thinking -- positive that
the memories are true and accurate and will
not change or must not change. Again, it is
positive thinking that ignores the time element of life -- that cherishes the memory of Mom
and Dad as they took you to your first circus
or party or picnic, that remembers yourselves
in short pants or knickers, or a pinafore.

Have you stopped to realize this may be a
part of you that you thought so good you wished
it to never change? So your subconscious created a positive sequence memory and filed it
away. This is a part of you that never grew
up, doesn't want to grow up now, and will not
grow up. You will cherish it to your dying
day. This is positive thinking -- the kind that
kills you, almost as fast as the beatings, injuries, and traumatic incidents you vowed never
to forget lest they happen again. If the memory gets too weak, you dust it off, dramatize
it, and reinforce it with a real live situation today -- different people, a different place,
but the same childish, immature actions and
resulting boomerang effect can be devastating.

What is positive? lb think is positive. To
. think of smashing a bottle is positive. To
think of killing a person is positive think. However, since destruction is considered
a negative act, some people call these examples negative thinking, but they're not. It is
positive thinking to produce negative results.
The result is unsatisfactory because positive
effort is expended to destroy, wherein that
same energy and effort directed to build would
W be positive thinking to create positive results. This result is acceptable.
p4 One more factor needs to be considered --
n: positive thinking creating positive results at
a time, place, or circumstance where it is out
W of order (such as a nudist in a conventional
MI church gathering, or a minister or priest in
full regalia in a nudist camp) is as bad as
negative thinking.
a) Near-sighted application of the power of
positive thinking is self-destructive emotionally, mentally, and socially, since it creates
a blindness to the overall environmental and
personal relationships in a person's life.

Fbr example, a person talking positive
about his father -- what a successful man, what
7 a strong personality, etc. -- until someone asks,