Volume 11, Issue 3, page 11

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DREAM -- While sitting on a roof, I kept
spreading more and more honey on a sandwich I
was eating. The bread was white, and a jar of
honey was beside me. Several women came to me
and while talking, I was thinking there would be
a hole in place of the building. -- C.T., Calif.

INTERPRETATION -- Eating the honey indicates
physical satisfaction and a short period of
good health. Spreading more and more honey on
your sandwich indicates that in trying to retain this health, you will over-reach on preventives and cause yourself a period of unnecessary illness if you aren't careful. The
bread indicates you will have a speedy recovery from this self-inflicted illness due to
concentration on material success. You will
undergo many changes of mind which will cause
some gossip. The home and roof indicates that
a happy childhood memory will help you to make
the final decision. Altho seemingly unimportant, this decision is of the utmost importance
to your immediate future and you should avoid
dangerous association with false friends as
indicated by the expected hole.