Volume 11, Issue 3, page 8

reactions lived over and over until you don't
know whether you are living in the past,
present, or future.

Does this mean positive thinking is bad for
you? No, it means positive thinking, like any
other thinking, must coordinate with your
body in whatever time, space, and circumstances you physically exist, or you tend to
create mental problems for yourself.

It means that before you start being too
positive about what you are going to do or want
to become, take a good look at yourself as to
whom you are, where you are, what you are doing
and what you have.

If you are dissatisfied or are full of desires for things you do not have, take a good
look at what you are and have now, and see what
your past thoughts, actions, and habits have
earned you. Make a list of what you have. Draw
up another list pf what you want. The greater
the difference between the two lists, the
greater are your distortions mentally on your
ability to face reality.

There is a real measure of sanity, if anyone wants it.

What you have is a positive fact. Good, bad,
or indifferent, if you are satisfied, you are
in pretty good shape as a person.

If you take what you now have for granted
and chase after better, you are a real gone

If you are content with what you have and
can sit down and plan and execute how to improve it, you are not only sane but a happy
person, no matter what anyone else says about

The only reality that you can apply positive
thinking to is the instant designated by now --
not 10 minutes from now or 10 minutes ago. It
has to be precisely now.

As you apply positive thinking and act accordingly, and it works out beneficially for
you and those close to you and eventually the
community at large, you will learn that positive
thinking is only precise, realistic thinking
that gives results step by step, moment by moment, and is paced automatically by the obvious ease of application and the minus factor
of turbulence. Turbulence is the indication of
conflict, either psychic, mental, or physical
and means you are hurting someone else and you
can expect to do battle if you persist. Stop,
look, and listen! The other guy may blow a
softer whistle, but may be 10 or 100 times
more powerful, determined, or vicious, and in
case of a tie, you lose at the crossroads and
down go your dreams, future, and efforts -- a
luxury some seem to enjoy since they cling to
the same failure-loaded habit patterns, and
instead of learning to act wiser, concentrate
on being bigger and stronger and more positive, not realizing that in this way, they
just reach further, involve more people, and
get steam-rollered by not one but a number of
giants. (In this case, "giant" refers to a
psychic professional who has learned the rules
well enough to know better than the positivethinker upstart.)
positive thinking must create enthusiasm
for goals in others as well as self. But enthusiasm can be projected with such force of
positive thinking that it drags, or sweeps,
others with you. This is dangerous. It burns
up people, emotions, and enthusiasm, and at the
moment you are a hero. When burned out, you become the target for all negative results, emotions, and conflict you created thru using too
much positive will power to reach a goal that
benefits only you, or has cost many other persons much time and money and emotional conflict
in the forced readjustment of their affairs
resulting from your actions.

If you survive, you may try again, but
sooner or later, like Napoleon, you reach your
Waterloo, or like Joan of Arc you go to the
stake. I doubt if either of the above were
any happier than Hitler, Stalin, or Mussolini
in the end, and history can be very generous
to positive thinkers of the past. I sometimes
wonder how much heroes fouled up the past which
history says they improved, especially when
lost lives and spilled blood is counted into the
cost, as compared with the quiet Einsteins and
Steinmetzes -- the type of persons who, with
words, figures, pencil, and mind, applied
positive thinking properly and accomplished so
much more for the progress of mankind. The
quiet philosophers, the meek mystics -- their
words live far more vividly today than those
of the Maid of Orleans, who merits little more
than a short paragraph in the history books.

Positive thinking is positive only when it
brings positive results that last. Too many
people, thru positive thinking, create illusions and delusions of self, and when given the
chance to prove their ability, usually get
power-happy and start indulging in emotional
satisfactions that strip them of power in minutes or hours what has taken them years to
build up. In one or two glorious high peaks of
self-indulgent vanity and emotional splurge,
bankruptcy follows. Look around and do not
envy the"successful" friend or neighbor; you
don't know what price he may have had to pay
for his success, and that "happy smile" might
be only a positive front to cover the scars or
ashes of personality suicide, inner misery, or
frightened loneliness, as he lives apart from
people lest they get to know how u npositive
is the inner man hidden behind the positive

Peace, power, and serenity can come only
from your own world within, after you clean
out the misconceptions about life and learn to
harmonize with friend and foe alike. This does
not mean you need to accept your foe or associate with him. Just let him BE from afar, and
keep the proper degree of wariness whenever
your paths cross. Do battle if necessary, but
only for your defense. If you conquer him, you
have to take care of him, and that is like hugging a viper to your chest. Or, if you succeed
in destroying him, you become responsible for
his property, and if it's a nasty mess, you are
stuck. Be right -- positive or not. 7
By Ava Woodford, Lost Creek. W. Va.

BEELZE. -- "I finally got her goat for you."