Volume 9, Issue 4, page 18

think you have been more than
generous in the space you have
already allotted to 'pure diantology'. People who want
their Hubbard straight know
where they can go -- if they
have money enough.
"Finally, I object strongly
to Mr. Harr' s derogatory reference to my work as being a
'variation of the Hubbardian
theme'. I do not believe Mr.
Harr meant to be malicious,
but if he must display his ignorance in public I would appreciate his leaving my name
out of it. Synergetics owes
much to the previous work of
James Harvey Robinson, Henshaw
Ward, Sigmund Freud, Norbert
Wiener, William James, and many
others. Hubbard's work has had
very little influence -- most of
it bad. It is true that I once
was interested in Dianetics;
but that interest was destroyed
by a succession of shocks and
disillusionments until nothing
was left but misery and heartache. I never had any interest
in Scientology, which struck
me as sheer psychotic fantasy.
I never had any kind of association with Hubbard, never
took any of his courses, never
even met the man.
"If Mr. Harr were to make
an honest, fair-minded study
and trial of Synergetics, he
would soon see that it is far
different from diantology -- as
different as diantology is from
"But past experience has
taught me never to expect honesty or fair play from a Hubbardian." -- Art Coulter, Columbus, Ohio.
"Less than a dozen years
ago, two British doctors, investigating cancer conditions
in English hospitals, found
that in about 100 cases of lung
cancer, fully 98% of the victims had been heavy users of
tobacco. The report of these
investigators was published in
a medical journal in Great
Britain, copies of which found
their way into the newspaper
and periodical 'morgues' in
this country as 'too hot for
certain advertisers' to handle.
I was a 'ghost writer' on a
small health publication that
dragged this situation into
the limelight, forced the recognition of the facts by the
larger newspapers and periodicals, and so the 'tobacco-lung
cancer' combination became an
established fact.
"Today we have an even more
grievous condition confronting
us. Dr. Ann Wigmore, thru her
'kitchen experiments', has
proved absolutely that the xray tubes of T-V sets give
forth dangerous toxic emana
tions. The T-V manufacturers from other books -- maybe from
have long known this and have public libraries!), all stuffed
warned T-V repairmen to be in a large, well-worn manila
careful. But the public has folder. If any of your readers
been lulled to sleep by so- have seen the poem before, and
called 'experts' who have par- can identify the book from
roted the Hitler-type 'big lie' which it came, or the author,
that T-V radiation is on a par I would be most happy for due
with the emanations from the credit to be given...
luminous dial of a wrist watch . "It is quite obvious (at
That cliche has also been pro- least that is the inference I
ven to be completely false as drew from your comment) that
anyone -- even without a scien- you do not agree with the estific background -- can verify. sence of the poem... I believe
"The time has come, as the you to be the most democratic
walrus said, to do some emphat- editor that I have ever known ,
is talking. We must make the however, in the variety of arT-V viewers listen, speculate, titles you publish as well as
and then something will be done differing opinions you publish
to stop this menace. Dr. Ann in the form of readers' letoffers a simple remedy in ters. Don't cancel my subwheatgrass that anyone may scription." -- Sherman Buckner,
utilize without expense. T-V Oklahoma City, Okla.
radiation is an ever-growing 0 0 0
health hazard that should not "In your June issue, Marbe pushed under the rug -- some- gery Mansfield says astronomers
thing that, too long, has been erected a huge radio receiver,
surrounded by 'hush hush'. aimed it at a star, and heard
Dr. Ann has alerted members in nothing; hence that the star
both Houses of Congress -- who wasn't 'talking' .
merely await more evidence." -- "There are enormous techFred J. Gardenhire, Sec., Na- nical problems in the design
tional Medical-Physical Re- and use of radio telescopes.
search Foundn., Inc., Boston, The attention of a considerable
Mass. segment of the 3,000 supersci0 0 0
`'Einstein' s time-travel entists in the Moscow University is engaged in these probtheory has now been proven by lems; some of their giant inracing the meson particle in struments ARE registering inthe giant cyclotron. puts. It's not the stars, but
"If a baby could be moved the scientists who aen't
around fast enough, it would talking.
remain a baby -- mind, body, "You answered Carl H a r r
soul, and diaper. most appropriately ; i f Carl
"It follows that mind is likes Hubbard so well, let
inherent in and subject to Carl write the 'scoop' story.
atomic matter. Traveling in have an increasing flow of
time is running away from patients; in order to treat
stress -- aging stress, evi- them I have found it necessary
dently. for some years to study every

"Stay off the freeway until form of psychical material,
the body cell mind reaches its including conventional psychipeak; then get out and go-man- atry; from the standpoint of
go with the speed of immor- psychiatry, Scientology probtality." -- A.B.Pierson, Selma, ably could be viewed as a
Calif. product and an aggravator of
"Let me make all haste to a rather complex and special
set the record straight. I did state o f s chi zophrenia -- a
not compose the poem that ap- split-off from genuine reality.
peared over my name in the tED. NOTE -- The difference be'dEaR EdaiToR' section of the tween psychiatry and ScientolJune 1962 ABERREE. I would not ogy is that psychiatry is buildbe so audacious as to attempt !ng status, while Scientology
to palm off something that good is building an estate for its
as my own creation. My apolo- founder. If we had to choose
gies f o r the stupid, hasty between them f o hr ad
oversight. An old man I met in we'd take vanilla -- in a pint
the reading room in the Tulsa of grain alcohol.)
Public Library showed me five "Was recently invited to
or six poems in a group, back appear and present electropsyin January of this year. He had chometry and personalized selfthree yellowed sheets to rn hypno tapes on a station-sponfrom a book whose origin or sored television appearance;
authorship was unknown to the station had a flood of
either the old man or myself. phone calls wanting to see
He had other poems and bits of more, so this is the start of a
philosophy that had been clip- new mode of publicity for this
ped from newspapers and maga- methodology." -- Volney G. Mathzines (as well as other pages ison, Los Angeles, Calif.