Volume 9, Issue 4, page 8

ing in an alley.

Several persons (including me) who gave
predictions for a whole year, but could
not tell what tomorrow's newspaper
headline would be.

The Doctor of Scientology from Washington, D. C., headquarters who quit that
school "to get away from the laboratory that made the guinea pigs pay for
getting stuck." (His words, not mine).

The Theosophist of 20 years, the Rosicrucian of 18 years, and the member of
Paramhansa Yogananda's Hermitage, who
compared notes and confessed that
neither they nor anyone they came in
contact with had attained the mystifying powers promised by their respective schools.

I visited a gentleman in Nevada for the
purpose of E-Therapy mainly. He disowned
me after taking my money (three figures)
when I told him that the aches and pains
he claimed he was removing from me were
positively his own aches and pains that
crept out when he relaxed. I had not had
any aches, pains, or even a common cold in
about 20 years, so they couldn't be mine.

I must not overlook the Shrine of The
Lady of the Lourdes where Catholics always leave money, but seldom leave cured.

Why do I continue to declare openly
what my search exposes and where it is
leading me? Why, indeed, when it points
up how strongly I believed I had Truth by
the tail. And secondly, when I know that
most people do not like what I am doing
because if I am right now and they see
it, they will have to change too. Most
people do not want to change, do not want
to hear proof that what they believe in
now is false.

I continue to make public my findings
because it makes me "mad" that I sacrificed so much seeking to fulfill what
liars of the past and more prolific liars
of the present perpetuate. What are these
awful lies? Here are some:
1. That God is immanent and active in
the affairs of man.
2. That there are angelic helpers.
3. That there are Masters with extraordinary powers.
4. That there is sin other than wrong
acts of man against man.
5. That there is punishment after death.
6. That the life and intelligence of
the individual persists after death and
that this is provable thru communication.
7. That the discarnate entities communicated with are those who previously
resided here on earth.
8. That we reincarnate.
9. That prophecy which implies fatalism is possible.

These lies have been repeated (not
confirmed) for centuries, and the strength
of repetition has entrenched them. These
lies have ruined many people and torn
apart countless families.

I could have been a wealthy, perhaps
retired, business man instead of the janitor of a church, and the family's black
sheep, who was always chasing myths.

I also continue to publish what I find,
not because the majority of people merit
it, but rather for the same reason parents cater to their mongoloid child, their
mentally retarded relative. I feel sorry
for my fish family -- the suckers.

I know there will be no thanks. The
young doctor ruefully learns that his
friends stop visiting him, that he loses
fees because he did not write prescriptions for expensive medicines not needed.

Perhaps I should rather follow the L.
Ron Hubbard pattern. He quickly lost respect for the "stupid masses". That is why
he switched from trying to save mankind
to salving it with high-priced vaseline.

I want to emphasize that healing WITH
THE MIND and prevention of maladies is
VALID. Your mind effects this, not the
shadows behind the scenes that come forward and take the credit AFTER IT HAS
BEEN PERFORMED. Further, that there are
intelligences, discarnate entities, who
are real, because you can communicate with
them while you are in full vital consciousness. That they are not aspects of
the mind of the medium thru whom they talk
is apparent by the nature of the subjects
discussed, being over and beyond the ken
of the medium. This is still occupying
much of my time in experimentation and

I have not been able to disprove nor
shake their existence. Altho they know
more and are able to do things the medium
cannot do, they cannot communicate apart
from that medium, so it appears. Our communicants were not able to communicate
with you, Alphia and Alice, thru your
ouija board, nor were they able to do so
thru local mediums.
(ED. NOTE -- The experiments to which Jacob
refers concerned the "offer" of a supposedly
discarnate entity who was to act as messenger
between The ABERREE staff -- using an ouija -- and
Jacob, with his wife, "Little One", acting as
medium. The words we "sent" and the words he
"received" were related only inasmuch as both
were in English, so the project was abandoned
as a rank failure.)
Oftentimes, to impress us with their
(the entities') importance, they would
(unknown to us) cause a pain in Little
One (L.O.). When she complained of a hurt,
I would invoke their aid for therapy.
They merely stopped what they had been
doing, and to us, it appeared as if it
was a miraculous healing. It was not at
all easy for me to ferret out this perversion.

Last week, I shut down and blacked out
all of our Heaven World contacts. We had
counted thousands of entities, but now,
shop is completely closed. They cannot
reach us; L.O. cannot see, hear, nor feel
them. We are searching new lanes and avenues, for a brand new area and completely
new entities. No success to date.