Volume 9, Issue 4, page 5

Lawns ollVheatlight They Save Earth?
I f Growing Grain Nullifies Television
Radiation, What of Bomb Test Poison?
CIENTISTS have proved that x-ray machines do make cancer in human beings. Television sets are nothing
more than modified x-ray machines.
Dr. Emil Grubbe, world's foremost
expert on radiation, stated just before he died of cancer produced by
x-ray: "Fatal radiation is waiting
in every home from T-V sets."
Today, manufacturers place articles on the market and exploit them, disregarding injury to the consumers. As Dr.
Grubbe said: "I do not agree that 16 kilovolt tubes are safe, yet you will find
many T-V sets with tubes as high as 19 in
black and white, while in color the kilovolts often mount to 25. The early x-ray
machines admittedly caused cancer in the
operators with only 20 kilo-volts. Think
of what these high kilo-volt tubes are
doing to T-V watchers everywhere!"
While T -V tube and T-V set manufacturers hedge on the matter of danger and
pooh-pooh the possibilities, they do,
secretly in their textbooks to their
service men, warn them of this dangerous
condition of the x-ray tubes. But they
are careful that not one word leaks out
to the public, as the T-V business might
be split down the center if the average
household only could realize the dangers
it is undergoing. Yet I realize that if
the subject is not brought into the limelight, the hazardous condition will grow
even worse with no effort being made to
rectify it. The x-ray radiation is invisible. You cannot feel it, you cannot taste
it, and it has no sound or odor. Nobody
knows how long it takes these emanations
from T-V sets to bring forth dreadful diseases in the human body. An expectant
mother, viewing television, may harm the
unborn child. Children -- all very sensitive to radiation injury -- crowd the T-V
screens for hours at a time.

One of the big dangers from radiation
is the growing appearance of leukemia in
children. In the last few weeks, I have
received 27 letters from students, telling of cases of leukemia in children under
five years of age. In every case, the
mother, during pregnancy, was either a
rabid fan of television or there was a
T-V set operating in the home where she
lived. This proves nothing -- but it indicates that a more extensive study of T-V
radiation is necessary. One student states
that more than 2,500 cases of leukemia in
children anoeared in the territory around
EDITOR'S NOTE -- With two nations racing to
see which can destroy the world fastest by
poisoning the air with by-products of their
military bluff, would it be less than ironic
justice if these same two nations --
uninten-tionally, of course -- were also the means of
nullifying some of the effects of their own
destructive acts?
This is conjecture, of course, since we are
in no position to make the tests necessary to
prove the possible hypothesis we are about to
make. However, inasmuch as today's fiction is
quite often tomorrow's fact, it's quite possible that experiments in a little New England
kitchen may lead to a quieting of the world's
fallout fears. Of course, in America it would
mean that -- since the military seems hell-bent
on a course of destruction -- curtailment action
may have to be taken against the Government
Bureau which regulates the growing of wheat,
and their altruism in the past has proven on a
par with the Pentagon's. "Let it grow!" might
well become the cry of a populace threatened
with extinction.

If, as Dr. Ann Wigmore has discovered, growing wheat nullifies the effects of radiation
when small amounts are placed in front of
death-dealing television tubes, might not the
great fields of growing grain thruout the Central Plains of America and the Steppes of Russia (whatever they are) nullify, or reduce, the
radiation that comes sweeping in on every
breeze from the two nations' test sites in the
Pacific and the Arctic?
Maybe, inasmuch as bomb shelters are so expensive and must be defended from neighbors in
time of crisis, it'd be easier for all, of us
to just plow up our lawns and plant the areas
in wheat. This has an added advantage -- as anyone who stops to recall the evenings spent behind a lawn mower will be quick to recognize,
and the only ones hurt will be the millions of
lawn mower manufacturers who seem as hell-bent
on putting these noisy contraptions in every
yard as are the bomb testers in making the
world unsafe for breathing, eating, or drinking. These manufacturers, however, can be added to A he long list of Government doles, or
they may turn their plagiaristic genius to
miniature combines for the harvesting of these
yard-size wheat fields. Anyhow, they won't
starve. If they get hungry, let them eat wheat!
Tucson, Ariz., this past year.

Forty years ago -- before the radiation
era -- cancer among children was practically unknown. Now, in Boston, there is a
huge hospital loaded with youngsters suffering from that dread ailment.

I am a minister. I have nothing to
sell. I merely want to share with suffering humanity -- and that includes the vast
majority of civilized folk -- some information which has come to me regarding dangers of radiation, and what I have discovered thru my simple "kitchen ex periJULY-AUGUST, 1962 The ABERREE 5