Volume 9, Issue 4, page 11

(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
tures living upon them riot madly; then, like
drunken men, the undeveloped finite minds cease
all creative work and spend their time in follies. or in vices.

Great injustices are done and terrible wars
are declared and fought during the maddened
rush of undeveloped finite minds to grasp and
hold all that they can gain of material possessions. Nations rise against nations and
friends against friends. It is during these
last days of a Cosmic Cycle that great crimes
are committed and colossal cruelties and inhuman selfishness are manifested between individuals, nations, and races. Great pressure is
brought to bear upon all inhabitants of a world
at these times.

It is now the Saturday Afternoon for the
sixth great Cosmic Period in this Cosmic Day;
and humanity, unconscious of the cause of its
tremendous haste, is getting ready for the
Cosmic Sabbath near at hand.

Universal Consciousness is finishing Its
work for this Cosmic Day and humanity is on
the home stretch going toward the new cycle of
evolution -- a goal of perfection. There is still
much to be accomplished by every individualized center before the great night.

The last human classes will be heard and
the final examinations will be made in the
morning of the Seventh Cosmic Period in this
great evolutionary school. The souls who have
gained the right by persistent effort and individual growth to stand in the highest classes
will become the greatest products of this Cosmic Day -- and when the Cosmic Night comes they
will not lose the individuality for which they
have striven.

Near the end of the Cosmic Sabbath, the
magnetic power now moving the denser planets
will be gradually withdrawn and that great
stimulating Force will slowly begin to flow out
into the Cosmic Currents surrounding those
planets. This will cause the disintegration of
some of the grosser material forms upon the
denser worlds, and just as an aged person from
whose body the magnetic forces are leaving
moves falteringly and slowly, so the great
planets, once filled with electrical force,
will begin to move less rapidly.

As the magnetic attraction within them grows
weaker, their atoms will be held less closely
together, and there will be seen many strange
phenomena in the heavens. The planets that vibrate as red and green will be the first to
disintegrate, then the next higher grades will
go thru the same disintegrating process, and
finally, they, too, will pass into occult history. With them will go all the procrastinated
evolution of men and matter which belong to

Afterwards, only the seventh class of planets will be left in the Universe, and upon
these will be no men with material bodies -- for
such souls will have evolved to Beings with
Godlike wisdom and power. They will be the
ripened fruit of this Cosmic Day. Those Beings
will have passed beyond the limitations of
worlds, and beyond the grosser grades of matter. They will have become sun-like centers of
consciousness in the unconfined realms of Omniscient Mind.

Finally, all the material universe will
cease to exist, as forms, and the long rest for
God and Gods will begin again.

THE COVER -- To those who say The ABERREE is
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BERT SPENCER described a Cosmic Day as an
era of evolution; Genesis describes it as
the seven days of creation; the occultist
describes it as an unrevealed number of
solar years of cosmic activity. It is so
vast a cycle of time that the finite mind
could not realize its extent if it were told
the exact number of years it contains.

A Cosmic Day is divided into as many Cosmic
Periods as there are numbers of notes in the
basic, etheric wave lengths for that Day; and,
because of this, the Cosmic Periods in the
Cosmic Yesterdays were necessarily fewer, but
of greater length , than are those of today.

Infinite Mind -- God -- thru Its experiences
during Its preceding Cosmic Days, had learned
that attraction and repulsion were two of Its
most powerful and necessary forces , and without the operation o f these forces, creation
and disintegration of forms could not be accomplished. So Infinite Mind established those
forces as permanent laws which would underlie
the creation of everything that should ever
become an expression of Itself in the Universe.

Near the end of the last Cosmic Day, the
atoms that had composed the suns and worlds of
that period and had functioned as Cosmic centers in that Day, began to lose their attractive powers. Their rotary, or generating motions became lessened; then came the time when
the old suns, impoverished because of their
diminishing magnetic forces, became like old,
worn-out dynamos.

Their lights flamed up and one by one they
went out; but before each disappeared, it
poured out the last of its forces in a blaze
of glory. The moons too, losing their sources
of supply, as they had reflected the light
from those old suns, just disappeared. They
became dead globes floating aimlessly in space
-- thus it was at the closing of the last great
Cosmic Period.

Disintegration began in the portions of the
Universe farthest from the great central suns.
The remote suns, stars, and worlds that had
evolved the least were the first to be destroyed. The weakest and smallest of Cosmic expressions of Infinite Mind went first, because
the survival of the fittest was, and will be,
the rule by which Deity has measured, and will
measure, the length of the existence of Its
experiences and expressions.

When the days of usefulness of an aged human are waning, and thru lack of vital force
it feels i t s inability to serve, its vital
energy, or life principle, begins to recede
from its extremities. The hands and feet become powerless to obey the mind and gradually
the whole body loses its magnetic power.

To Infinite Mind, the disintegration of a
sun or a world is but a momentary incident;
but to a finite mind, it seems ages and ages of
destruction , and terrible to witness.

It is with tremendous electrical shocks
that the satellites of a disrupted sun receive
its dying messages of light and life forces.
jr Fa time, the satellites and all the creaJULY -- AUGUST, 1962 The A B E R R E E