Volume 9, Issue 4, page 15

one social affair each month;
the lectures seemed more popular, so we finally settled on
two lectures per month -- on the
first and third Saturday of
each month.
"Until Wayne's estate was
settled we met at his Center
on Crenshaw Boulevard; since
then we have been meeting at
Dr. L. O. Anderson' s PsychoDrama Center at 270 S. St. Andrews Place in Los Angeles.
"In all, we have presented
25 speakers -- in addition to
those mentioned above such outstanding speakers as Bill Foos
and his daughter Margaret of
True Vision; Gloria Lee of the
Cosmon Foundation ; A. E. van
Vogt, science fictionist and
Dianetics exponent; have all
graced our podium. We have
been very fortunate in securing
out-of- town speakers-among
them two of your contributors:
Col. Arthur J. Burks was our
last speaker and Roy Eugene
Davis, who speaks to us on July
21. Our biggest audience puller
was Zipporah Dobyns, astrologist of Tucson, Ariz.
"Wayne's and my original
idea was to act as a connecting link for occult, metaphysical, parapsychological, and
'off-beat' movements of like
nature, and to furnish a sounding board and audience for
their speakers. I have kept to
this objective and the result
has been a very happy and successful venture. It has entailed lots of hard work on my
part-obtaining speakers, keeping up a mailing list of over
600 names, and getting out
publicity twice a month; plus
volunteer and generous and
loving help of several 'musketeers'. But the keeping of
old friends, the making of new
ones, and the feeling that all
this amounts to a memorial to
Wayne and the splendid work he
did, makes every moment very
worthwhile. Our contacts with
the True Vision people, the
Institute of Integration at
LaJolla, Calif., the Understanding units, the Borderland
Science Research Associates of
Vista, Calif., and other new
age groups of local origin have
indeed been highly stimulating
and very beneficial to the expansion of our own mental horizons." -- Florance Verrico,
Hollywood, Calif.
"Me Post Office Dep artm en t
Hearing Examiner's decision
arrived this evening (June 7 ).
I t is a 24-page decision. I
cannot recall anything that
was written in my favor. It
looks as if I am getting the
steam miler treatment. However, I have a right to appeal.
I notice there will be no inJULY-AUGUST, 1962
terference in my communication ing the covenant between God
with you, or newspapers, or and Abraham and, if the English
lawyers, doctors, clergy, util- language can be believed, God
ities, etc. They are just going was promising that Christ
to prevent me from receiving would be the 'seed", that is,
money thru the mail in conner- one of the "progeny" or "detion with my work, especially cendents" (sic) of Abraham
for the sale of my books... (Holy Bible, King James Ver"Pages 14,15,16 contain ma- sion). See also, Webster's New
terial that may be of interest International Dictionary, Unto you: abridge, Second Edition, Page
"'Finally there is a maga- 2265, definition of the word
zine "The Aberree" which was "seed".'
recommended in the Respondent's "I'll tell you what I will
circular letters, and copies do; if your readers will send
of which (issue of September, me five cents to help with-mail1960) were sent out with other ing costs, I will send a copy
material discussed above. This of the September, 1960, issue
magazine, as its name indi- to them free, so they can read
cates, manifestly attempts to your review, study my ad, and
depart from the norm, or the have a copy of what may turn
usual, or conformity, as indi- out to be a collector's item."
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Morris Katzen, Cooks Falls,
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page 11 of this issue is a re- award for your lead article on
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these Biblical Mathematics aa- is a law making it illegal to
pear to be comblete frauds. bar Russians from the U.S. and
Thus in St. Luke 8:11 quoted by Americans from Russia -- a REAL
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It is also appropriate to point courage, conviction, and deout that Respondent is quoting termination, with a lot of wilasserted statements of Jesus ful initiative. Believe me,
as a person to prove that Je- that sort of thing can be truly
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