Volume 9, Issue 4, page 13

Niram A. Cromwell. 250 by.,
Mimeo. $2.00. Pub.by Lifeway's
Pub. Co., 1711 S. New England,
Los Angeles, Calif.
"You Don't Have to Die" may
not have the aesthetic appeal
of Niram Cromwell's first book ,
"Escape This Life Alive", which
was professionally printed,
but the author rushed this one
into print, he says, because
"of the urgency of the message".
An interesting sidelight is that
he did all the mimeographing
and collating in his crowded
bedroom -- and it's good mimeographing, too. The energy and
enthusiasm that went into the
preparation of "You Don't Have
to Die" are convincing evidence of the validity of his
theories. One gives respectful
consideration to the ideas of
a man who, in early life, came
near death and then, by realizing the power of spirit, regained his health, so that, at
the age of 75, he has a youthful zest for living, no longer
needs glasses, and in his own
words, "can eat anything that
doesn't bite me first".

The voluminous material in
this book makes it impossible
to summarize in a short article, but one subject of interest to this reviewer is Mr.
Cromwell' s description of the
nature of man. By tracing the
word "spirit" back to its
source, he discovered it originally meant "mind" and thus
he concludes that man is primarily a mental being, using a
body organism designed and
equipped for eternal operation,
and our duty is to learn how
to operate and manage it properly. The mind, spirit, or
soul, is actually what is known
as the subconscious, according
to Mr. Cromwell, and is friendly, co-operative, trusting,
and imbued with strict moral
sense. All of mankind's troubles come about thru the influence of t h e conscious, or
thinking mind, which came into
being when man first identified
his body as himself. It consists of an accumulation of
materialistic superstitions,
folklore, misbeliefs, and phony
laws, and the physical sense invented the "flying wings" by
of life borrows from the soul's which he and his son Icarus
intelligence to deny the spir- flew to freedom.
itual concept and to glorify In the Prolog of this book,
the pleasures of the body, the author tells how he attendRescue from this downward path ed a lecture on "flying saudepends on the Personality, cers" given by a philosopher
which Mr. Cromwell calls "The friend before the Theosophical
Captain of the Soul". The in- Society in Brooklyn. At the
dividual who understands that question and answer period, he
his mind is his life and that was asked to take the platform
the creating and ruling power to express his opinion.
of the universe is intelli- In his words, Dr. Manas
gence, or Cosmic Mind, is says: "Altho I was entirely
equipped with a solid founda- unprepared, not expecting to
tion for a strong, productive, be called upon to speak on a
and happy personality. Such a subject of which I had never
personality can restrain its before thought seriously, I
congenital enemy, the thinking took the platform and under
mind, which assaults the body this urgent necessity and sudwith misuse and abuse, and then den pressure brought to bear
covers its own negligence and upon me -- to think fast -- I belaziness by accusing the phys- came conscious of the answer
ical organism of being tired, as it dawned from within me. I
sick, aged, or weak, and fi- stated that these phenomena
nally sentences the guiltless must be similar to the ones
body to death. that take place very often in
Economic and other problems seance rooms among spiritualfaced by a great portion of ists and mediums in the cases
mankind in today' s society of materializations of which
make some persons wish to end most philosophers as well as
their existence, but Mr. Crom- others are familiar."
well contends that acceptance A Preface by Dr. Sir Alexof his teachings would auto- ander Cannon, English scienmatically encourage correction tist, philosopher, and writer,
of all these afflictions. Life says: "A re-reading of this
without dying demands changed most fascinating work brings
ideas and strict discipline in home the truth to every
certain areas of thinking and thinking person -- that it is an
behavior, which makes it a incontestable truth that man
most powerful instrument for is enclosed in the surroundings
reformation and progress. Pub- he creates, and so bound by
lic enemies to be overcome are the linotations he sets himtheology, the medical profes- self; he lives in the atmossion, politicians, and commerce phere to which he belongs, and
based on the profit motive. in the sphere of his own imagWhether one considers eter- ination."
nal life Utopian depends on In a labyrinth of facts,
what pleasure he's getting out figures, and data that may be
of the part he's living -- but absorbed as you run, the oc"You Don't Have to Die" gives cult student and layman alike
you something to think about -- will find, after the first
with the subconscious mind, reading. an impelling desire
preferably. -- Alice Senga. to re-read and study many times
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