Volume 9, Issue 4, page 16

human wisdom to truly counsel.
Theories and techniques learned
from classrooms and books can't
supply the know-how derived
from long well-lived, wellbalanced, well-rounded experience. There just is no substitute for inner wisdom drawn
from lived life. The result of
theoretical counseling is too
often such as Lowana Julaine
described of her experience
with medical experts who, out
of ignorance, can only think
of cutting open, giving shots
and questionable medicines, or
administering shock treatments. When your clock stops,
tear it apart or smash to the
floor -- if it then works, call
it mystic (medical) science.
"I liked Mary Wales's description of the advanced soul
as compared to the unadvanced
soul. And I agree with the article by Alberta O'Connell.
There is real danger in that
realm, and very certainly when
it gets involved with the almighty dollar, pride, vanity,
or self-aggrandisement. Making
merchandise of psychic sensitivity is a sure way for psychic calamity. Every medium
knows it but most will take the
risk anyway. The dollar and
admiration prove most tempting
to weak souls and the consequences are always disastrous.
"Roy Eugene Davis certainly
has a gift for simple, lucid,
and easily understood exposition of humble wisdom. His
article is a peach and I hope
it sinks home where it fits.
Burton Essex's prognostications are interesting, even
intriguing, but just about as
questionable as the others. I
think if we now living live
this one out, we can consider
ourselves chance sports indeed.
To me it doesn't matter because I am of the conviction
that the flesh removed finds
another form and another dimension anyway. Who greedily
clings to this hellova bargain
cheats himself -- seems to me.
"And good old George Clements has a real point on recompense for true humanitarian
services. 'Tis true -- no idealist can survive on altruism
and as he says -- a paying (commercial) sideline is the only
(economic) salvation for him
and I will add -- rightly so." --
Paolo Graeco, Oroville, Calif.
"Am sending some stuff for
the Library...
"It seems to me that there
is a very important conflict
in these various systems of
metaphysics and psychology
that is overlooked or n o t
clarified -- with one school of
thought holding that there is

a goal or system of goals
available to the mind (by those
who believe in Divine guidance), and all we need to do
is remove the blocks. Then the
person will automatically seek
and find his inherent goals.
This belief, or implied belief,
has led to the establishment
of a thousand-and-one systems
of psychotherapy, religions,
and metaphysics.
"Then there are the schools
that hold, or imply, that there
are no inherent goals in man
and to establish optimum behavior, he must, by some means ,
such as positive thinking,
suggestion, or the razor strop ,
have the desirable goals impressed on his subconscious
mind. Perhaps, attempting to
overwhelm previously established and execrable behavior
patterns and replace them with
the new one.
"This conflict is very evident in the field of hypnosis,
where the various schools of
thought use one or both methods, and even a combination of
both." -- Mark McDonald, Fort
Scott, Has.
"In catching up on my backlog of ABERREEs, I noticed a
letter in the March issue that
bugs me enough to reply. This
was the thoughtless little diatribe against Subud by Louis.
"Louis claims to have had
first-hand contact with Subud
and its so-called leader 'Ba
Pak'. Forgive me if I sound
rude, but this I seriously
doubt. Were his claims so, then
Louis, feeling as he does,
would refer to Bapak as Pak
Subuh, or merely Subuh, and
certainly not by the title used
by those who know and deeply
respect this man.
"And I won der about the
'contact' with Subud that Louis claims. May I ask who 'opened' you, Louis. And how long
was your probationary period?
Surely such an important 'spiritual leader of the new age'
as yourself would understand
and respect the three-month
probationary period required
of new members. Or perhaps you
feel that preparation is unnecessary to experience a
feeling of the presence of God?
My, what purity!! Methinks the
only contact with Bapak that
Louis ever had was thru his
crystal ball, and the only experience of a latihan was observation thru some keyhole.
"Yet Louis's letter was encouraging in one respect. At
least the 'New Age' (and its
'leaders') will no t change
conditions to such an extent
that we'll find it difficult to
cope. After all, we're used to
religious backbiting by so
called 'leaders', to vindictive statements (such tolerance and love!) such as 'Meanwhile I'll do my best to jerk
all I can from this thing
called Subud', and to one and
only one way to worship God
(namely Louis's way, or Joe
Doakes's way, etc., etc., ad
nauseum .)
"No, Louis, in your open
letter, you told us nothing at
all about Subud, but unfortunately you told us a great deal
about yourself as a 'spiritual
leader of this new age'.'* --
Jesse Floyd, Portland, Ore.
"Just an added thought....
which you may or may not care
to know... Schroeppel's articles are interesting... Your
readers may be pleased to learn
that there is a fellow in Canada... selling a course in healing... based on the chakras
(Lesson 4)...He charges $50...
and they're not the quality of
Schroeppel." -- (Name withheld).

To which Harold Schroeppel
has replied: "There is much
better information on the
chakras available than I put
in the lessons. See: The books
of Ledbetter, detailed with
color illustrations. Kabalistic Version. The Mystical Qabal ah , by Dion Fortune. And
Yoga, the Method of Re- integration, by Alan Danielson
(University Press)." -- Harold
Schroeppel, Hazel Crest, Ill.
"In a previous auditorial,
you presented powerful views
on 'beliefs'. Since beliefs
imply believers, and believers
are followers, we will talk a
bit about 'followers'.
"A 'Follower' is one who
explains and defends what his
teacher cannot; what hi s
preacher cannot; what a Master
cannot, and even what God can
"Followers a r e wonderful
people; they make it possible
for 'peddlers of false values'
to thrive.
"For several reasons which
I will point up, Margery Mansfield (letter in June ABERREE)
is a splendid 'Follower'. She
rushes forward to defend, but
her letter is full of admissions that she knows not.
"Firstly, she presents the
editor of TOMORROW, Eileen J.
Garrett, as a person with psychic powers. I wish to state
that I have had communication
with E. J. Garrett in the past.
She is not at all giving demonstrations, psychic or otherwise. She is a writer. Above
all, Margery Mansfield did not
have consent to use E. J. G.'s
name, nor does M.M. in reality
know xhat powers E. J. G. has, for