Volume 8, Issue 8, page 18

establishment of our Universal Temple of Love and Light meetings
(prayer group conducted along Quaker style). We have
found the power of personal praying together has indeed lifted
from this group all fear of the final outcome of what does
seem ... to al I TV viewers ... close at hand. We are pooling, in
other words, our secrets about how to pray and we,are
finding as a result a new liberty and a new motivation -in our
communion with God. We are again seeing that Heaven is all
around us here and now if we can only blow away the fogs of self
and the mists of matter sufflciently to see a II as God has
actually created it. So here we want to lift our faith from a
state of mere believing to a state of actual knowing. That then is
our goal in these troubled days of cold war."--Mahdah Love,
Lakemont, Ga.

0 0 E)

"Let 's have more articles by Alberta M. O'Connell a rid Lowana
Julaine and other writers along the same helpful line...
No religious arguments, please. No two people see the same
rain6ow. There are as many interpretations of religion as there
are religions. We should help and not confuse.

"We love Louis--long may he see for confused humans."-Myrtle
Myers, Auburn, Calif.

E) (D 0

"The November issue of The ABERREE has arrived and has been
thoroly read. I would like to offer my Thanksgiving:
for the invigorating draught called 'ABERREE'; for the cover--
the strong, simple, courageous American spirit filling the
background, taking joy in his beautiful descendants who are
keeping the eternal Thanksgiving in their own way and times;
for Lowana Julaine and her series of articles--they are indeed a
real gift; to Arthur J. Burks, Art Coulter, Louis, and --yes, to
Dr. Karl Kridler, with whom I disagree but who jolts my mind out
of a comfortable rut; for the article, 'Words, Words,
Words, '-which is a sharp knife to cut a way thru an entangling

"A bang-up Fourth to you CoTe December 25."-- Betty Aldridge,
Montgomery, AZa.

0 0 0

(commenting on an article in the Saturday Evening POST , August

" I see nothing ahead but the milling of the elements to produce
the seasons and the crops. What good is mind that
knows nothing (just birth and death)?

"As I look back, everything

I have ever read was just so much wear and tear on the eyes . We
certainly can't take it with us in that last groggy moment.

"The immature mind of youth is taught highly-colored stories
about the boyhood of Jesus. What a crime ! What

Nothing is known about such.

"The mind tires right along with the stiff old sick body. I used
to wonder why old people had such a thin , weak I shallow,
cackling voice Now by gadfrey I have arrive4. No fortitude, no
sex power, nothing. A. B. Pierson, Se Ima, Calif. G (D 0

"May I comment thaiL tbo I find Morris Katzen's teachings helpful
as to health, I still can't get over the idea that Jesus
Christ is a Person --the Invisible Force behind Life ' 'Of myself
I can do nothing'-meaning there has to be an Invisible
Force or Power of God behind the workings of the body, or sexual
fluids and organs, for that matter. The flesh of itself can
do nothing. The sexual fluid must be driven, sent, or directed to
other narts of the body by this Invisible Force, or God--His
Son Jesus Christ directing, driving, and sending and transmu -
ing the sexual fluid. T II e Breath of Life is unseen --the
Power in which we move, live , and have our being is invisible.
That's what the Bible says. "--Mrs. Eva Woodford, Lost
Creek, W. Va.

The mind of the bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more
light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.

Oliver Wendell Holmes


By Dr. John H. Manas

A Scientific and Metaphysical Dissertation in InterPlanetary
Traveling. Do really Vanusians and Martians come to Earth
in their Flying Saucers? Can man ever go to the Moon and the
planets? Val-Thor, the Venusian"Ambassador" in
Washington. Space condition s and Cosmic rays and forces. 0 ivine
Trinity In the One Creel a r. Theogony and
Cosmogony. Creation of a Solar System. The Ruler of the Earth.

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ABERREE of October, 1961, as
requi re~ ly the Act of Aug. 24,
1912 as amended by the Acts of
Marc; 3 1933, July 2, 1946, and
June 11: 1960 (74 Stat. 208):

Published monthly. except for the combined July-August and J
anuary-rebruary issues, at Enid. Oklahoma.

1. The name of the publisher is Alice Agnes Hart and the edi

or and business manager Is A I - phia Hart, both of 2 07 No rth
Washington. Enid. Okla.

2. The owners are Alphla and Alice Agnes Hart, both of 207 N.
Washington, Enid, Okla.

3. Known bondholders, mortgagee s. and 0 ther security holders
own Ing or holding 1% or more of total amount of
bonds. mortgages, or other securities are NONE.

5. The average number of copI as o f each issue o f t h I s pub I
I - cation sold or distributed. thru the me! Is or
otherwise, to paid subscri b ers during the 12 months Preceding
the date shown above was: 1058.


Sworn to and subscribed before me I h I s 22nd day of September,
1961. Mildred Hardenbrook, Notary Public. (My
commission expires act. 10. 1961.)


The Garden of Eden. Hell.

T h e Resurrection. Christmas
and E aster Festivals. T h e
Purpose of Creation and of
Man. Initiations. Who Is God?
At I these a re explained in
the light of Truth in


By Rev. Dr. John H. Manas.

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