Volume 8, Issue 8, page 17

truly 'The Word of God'. One of the New Testament writers called
attention to the fact that 'The word of God stops
every mouth'. In other words, When unadulterated eternal truths
are presented, thehumanbrain is not cavableof
framing any criticism or contradiction.

"In connection with what I wroteabout marriage, I now want to
call attention to the fact that Jesus said that when
the Son of Man was revealed, humanitywould be spiritually dead
and solely given over to commercialism. He said
that society would be engaged in buying and selling and planting
and building and marrying and giving in marriage.

"To the cold human intellect, thequestion will at once spring
forth: What is wrong with marrying and giving in

"The answer is very simple. When marrying sinks to the level of a
business deal, it has no recognition whatever
in the Kingdom of Heaven. To those who are a Dart of this
business proposition, the verdict voiced by Jesus nearly
2,000 years ago is still in force: 'The barlots will enter the
Kingdom of Heaven before you.'

"God is Dow busily engaged in creating a new earth and a new
heaven. old things of imperfection are being forced
to make room for 'The wave of the future'. Those who are too
stubborn or too cowardly to intelligently and
courageously ride this wave will be cast by it as a bit of
worthless flotsam on the shifting sands of man-made laws
and creeds and stiff-necked customs."-- Raynond Reid, Trenton, N.

G E) 0

"Spirits ... seem to attach themselves to the living early in
life as a rule, but some arrive later. Usually they are
of the same sex as the victim, and whenthey arenot, the boys have
spells of wanting to play with sisterlsdolls.
Some readings show the spirit to be an isolated lowself which has
become parted from the normal middle self, or a
middle may not show as having its low self. This can cause
different sorts of trouble ...

"Dr. Brunler broke ground (in readings) with the Riometer. We
have made changes in theory and in practice, with
more changes apparently demanded as our testing goes forward. I
agree that it is not right, just, or logical for the
dead to obsess the living. But the same can be said when a germ
bites us or when we inherit defects. The human ani




mal is, evidently, nothing much beyond cannon fodder in Nature's
war to bring about some evolutionary end.
Reincarnation is the only hope of a better break if we get
slapped down this time. I have no answer to your question
of WHY we should have to have Guardian Angels, High Selves, or a
Superconscious part of 'mind'. Perhaps we do
not. Then again, perhaps we do. All our testing is aimed at
learning what we can about the matter. Part of the drive
is based on curiosity, and part on the selfish hope that if we
can find some Guardian Angel or High Self and learn to
work properly with it, we may be able to avoid the disasters of
life to a certain extent, and perhaps grow a little in
understanding and goodness.

"I would not have it that way, so am always surprised when I make
a P.A. (Psychometric Analysis) reading of
some political leader and find all the indications that he is
influenced by a spirit of sorts, usually smarter than the
living man--often a very determined force. Yes, I'l 1 admit that
the increasing evidence that we are ruled by men
suffering from partial or periodic obsession is startling and
disturbing in the extreme. On the other hand, those who
have no 'eating companion' spirits which show in the readings,
may read clockwise, constructive, and good despite
the fact that they are murdering devils. The case of the man who
engineered the killing of so many thousands of
helpless Jews in Germany is typical. He reads constructive and
good. But from all the evidence, he was convinced
that the murders he ordered were the height of goodness and he
was doing a grand service by exterminating Jews. The
same reading was found in a churchman of the past who was famed
for the number of 'heathens' he had tortured and
burned at the stake. We m ay see, one dark day, a dictator, or
his small and powerful group, decide that it would be a
'good ' act to use the atom bomb to destroy the world, themselves
included, all for the Durpose of getting rid of
hated rivals, or ideological enemies. I begin to suspect that the
spirits who obsess and often cause actions on the
parts of political leaders, may be themselves obsessed by the
idea that this or that murderous deed would be 'good' . I
fear that we are in the hands of a number of men who are not
their own masters and who might very well bring
disaster. That this


is unjust and illogical and contrary to our concepts of the
goodness of the All-Powerful
First Cause, seems to make little difference. We see no definite
signs so far of Divine
intervention ... The conviction of leaders seems to grow more and
more fixed that their side
is the only right side and that to give an inch of ground is
unthi&ableto the point where it
were better to blow up the world than to give in thru compromise
to the opposite side.
Fanatics seem to increase on all sides, and when the fanatic has
made up his mind, he will,
as did countless martyrs of the past, allow himself to be burned
alive rather than change his
fixed beliefs.

"You may be right in guessing that these fixed beliefs spring
from engrams or fixations,
even in guessing that it is the engram that causes the trouble
ratherthan a spirit or several
forcing the living man to react in dictated ways. However, the
little we know of the theory
of the engram or fixation seems to fall far short of explaining
the effects observed under
the heading of obsession, multiple Dersonality changes,
inspiration, and the like."--Max
Freedom Long, Vista, CaZif.

0 0 0

"Each of the recent editions I felt, 'They can't top this issue',
but each issue you have
proven my 'can't' to be error. The November issue is superb! ...
The auditorial good but not
up to usual. Guess I'm being sDoiled.

"Feel that Alberta O'Connell's 'Meditation'one of best on subject
I've yet read, and that
she's really writing from unique inspiration... To me the
highlight was 'Masters Need Escape
from Slaves' by Peter Thrasher (I thought we gave that subject u0
I whose writing style is
remarkably Similar to that of Art Coulter, whose article under
Synergetically Yours also very
good. Martha Baker has a good word-not very fresh, but we mustn't
forget. Louis, like
Auditorials, always great...

"In the Dear Editor column, nobody is back-talking nobody. How
come? Hasn't been any 'up
and at lem' for quite awhile. A bit of heated controversy good
for blood-to-brain
stimulation. Gee, we mustn't forget we are Aberrees. Such
civilized letters enough to drive a
body sane. " - - Randolph Ray, Hollywood, Calif.


"All is quiet here at lovely Love's Retreat since the