Volume 8, Issue 8, page 16

laws of Prosperity to others. In my opinion, a true metaphysician
has learned a few rules
pertaining to the relation of the individual to the realm of

"Psychology is the study of the relation of the individual to his
corporeal environment
and his associates, and his reaction to both. Dr. J. B. Rhine
deserves great credit for
breaching the wall betwe4n psychology and psychic science and to
make his research acceptable
to psychologists he had to build a new system of words
incorporating clairvoyance,
clairaudience,and clairsentience under his new term Extra Sensory
Perception, or E SP, and a
new name for this field of research which is Parapsychology, or
beyond psychology. "--Wing
Anderson, Montrose, Colo. 0 0 0

"November ABERREE was so interesting we read it thru without
stopping, then turned back
and read some of the better stories, such as the Word of God on
Page 3, the Babble about
saving souls by Martha Baker, and the remarkable letter of E. E.
Rogers, M.D., C. M . , who
knows by sad experience that so-called medical science is another
one of the base frauds that
live and thrive in our grand civilization.

"Then the letter of Norman Taylor, who finds only 'drivel and
misconception ' in Dr.
Kridler's unmitigated expose of The Book They BI amed on God - -
asserting that he accepts
the Bible as 'the inspired "Word of God"', and that 'these
manuscripts' from which the Word
of God was compiled 'were existent long before Constantine '.

"We'll wager the hole in a doughnut that he reaa the letter of
Anna Knight in your Oct.
issue in which she said, 'How Dr. Kridler can say there was no
Bible before Constantine is a
travesty indeed.'

"Maybe history is wrong, but history says there was no Bible
until the first edition
thereof was finished by Jerome in the 5th Century A.D. It was
made from ancient writings, not
one line of which had a known author, and all names presented in
the Bible as authors of the
various books are fictitious and fraudulent. It is these ancient
writings of unknown men that
became the Inspired Word of God after being compiled in the Holy
Bible. Helios Biblia, Sun
Book of Paganism, 'blessed by the Holy Mother Church'.

"This Helios Biblia (Sun Book) wascompiled from scrolls

of ancient astrologers, and
thereafter astrology was con-
demned by the Mother Church to
the bottom of the deepest hole
in the sea in order to bide the
source of the material in the
Helios Bible. Its Lord and Sa-
vior Jesus Christ, while play-
ing many parts in the New Tes-
tament like an actor on the
stage, appears in the guise of
the Piscean sign of the zodiac
when he is made to say, 'In my
Father's house are many man-
sions (houses of the zodiac)
(And) I (Piscean sign of
zodiac) go to prepare a place
for you (John 14:2).
"After reigning for 2,1 1 60
years, the Piscean Age, with
its big fish and its fisher-
men, is passing. In that age
the world witnessed the birth
of Christianity to succeed Pa-
ganity, and its Piscean Hero,
the Big Fish Jesus, symbolized
the Sun of God, representing
the central Point of the zodi-
ac, and was surrounded by flsh-
ermen (fishers of men). His
symbol was a flsh, his food was
fish and bread, and he fed , the From my vantage point on

multitude that followed him on top of the wall I now saw into

fish and bread. the small enclosure. In it a

"Whether theChristians like man sat in the sun reading a
it or not, their Piscean Hero book.
is passing. The earth is en- "Who is the man in the en-
tering the Aquarian Age and closure?" I asked.
will be under the influence of "He is the prisoner," an-
Aquarius for 2,160 years. A new swered theman carryingthegun.
order will succeed Christian- "What does a prisoner dol"
ity, and we now see its ap-

I inquired.
proaching shadow on the hori- "He stays within the en-
zon. The coming battle to the closure," answered the man.
death by and between Christ- "Why do you walk forth and
ianism and Communism will re- back on top of the wall?" I
sult in the birth of a new orT queried.
der, which will bear the marks "To see that the prisoner

of its parents, Christianism- does not escape," he answered,
Communism. But it is too early taking a fresh griv on his
yet to determine which one it fine, heavy gun.
will favor most." --fed Cason, The man in the enclosure

Box 366, Sebring, Fla. continued to read his book.

000 "Will you leave this wall

"I love Louis, think him and go adventuring with me?" I
immensely clever, gifted, and
amusing. He has helped me in invited.
the past and I hope will in the "I cannot, for I must watch
future. But on Subud he is the prisoner," he said.
plain idiotic. The lunatic The man in the enclosure
fringe that flocks to any new got up and began to walk about
thing has I ef t Subud. I attend- in the sun, turning the pages
ed the Subud Congress in Los of his book and reading. He did
Angeles and met there fine not seem to notice the man with

people, successful and kind the fine, heavy gun.

I climbed down from the (The janitor in the building said,
'These are the finest wall and continued on my jour

People that come to this build- ney. For many days thereafter,
ing'.) No one is making money
I marveled at the strange befrom Subud. Any from books havior of

goes back into Subud. People 9 Hdrr, Portland, Ore.
are giving and getting but the 0 0 0
getting is~ spiritual and not "A few months ago you were
financial. As to Subud being kind enough to Publish an ar-
Godless this is nuts. It is ticle for me that was headed
the true worship of God and 'No Loveless Unions in Heaven' .

for the first time I find my- Since there has not been one self
loving God spontaneously
single word of objection or and in A years I have not had
criticism, it is reasonable to a
tbrill or a kick. only a conclude that what I wrote was

T h e R B E R R E E DECEMBER, 1961

change in health and personality much, much for the better. Bye,
bye, Louis; until we meet
again. adios. 1~-- Mrs. N. X. Grahan, Ruidoso, N.Mex.


"The article by Peter Thrasher 1-102, 'Masters Need Escape from
Slaves', called to mind
the following parable which I wrote some time ago as part of a
collection of poems
andallegories for the en1 ightenment of anyone interested in this
form of enlightenment
(Scientologists includedl


One day while walking in the foreign land of Kon Fined, I
happened to see a strong and
well -built wall surrounding a small enclosure. On tou of the
wall was a man. He would walk a
few paces, turn about and retrace his steps over and over again.
On his shoulder he carried a
fine, heavy gun which he did not put down.

"Halt!" he commanded me as I reached the top of the wall. I did
at once.