Volume 8, Issue 8, page 15


"It seems to me that an important question is: How 'disassociated
f r o m the past I should you get? It is one thing
to be emotionally disassociated from some specific trauTatic
events in the Past (as is done, or attempted, in
Dianetics, regressive hypnosis, Psychoanalysis, etc.) and quite
another to be completely and generally disassociated f
rom the past, as done by some Scientology, or other processes.
with subsequent loss, among other things, of
learned values and emotions.

" Would also like to take a critical look at 'realization' and
'visualizationt. As you know, this 'secret' has been
sold in thousands of expensive books and courses. It consists, of
course, in the concept that if we believe, or

strongly or often enough: something we wish to accomPlish, then
it will invariably happen. The fact seems to be
conveniently overlooked that the asylums are full of people that
arethoroly convinced they are some one or some
thing which they are not. Altho this may be an important
ingredient in achievement, it certainly is not the only
one, and probably not even the most important one. I am sure that
a little reflection will bring to mind several
acquaintances that have the unfortunate, and sometimes tragic,
conviction that they are soff~ething which they are

"For instance, I had an old uncle, recently deceased, that
enthusiastically burrowed for some 50 or 60 years into a
western mountain, and i n his own mind he was always within a few
feet of millions of dollars in gold, not to
mention other Precious minerals and gems. He had grandiose plans
as to just how he would spend

this fortune. During all these long years his poor wife supported
him and the family by taking in washings and
boarders. In attempts to finance larger scale mining, he
sometimes offered shares in his enterprise to large,mining
companies, but their , stupid engineers' could never see any
value tothe property. He lived and died innear-poverty.
Ironically, when his 'estate' was sold, the practical purchaser,
who had bought it for a pittance, immediately sold the
property to a nearby city, for the water supply on it, fOT a
quarter of a million dollars," _-Ma-rquis McDonald,
PortScott, Kas.

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"Good old Page 3.

"Thanks for adding Dr. E. E . Rogers's letter to your own
writings. *

"I gotta tell Rev. George Clark of New York: We won't have world
peace till man starts thinking in terms of we.
as well as I."--garl Doulse, Ponca City, Okla.

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"Your magazine is full of interesting things. For one thing, I
like the way so many people seem to know all
about God. They know what He thinks, !ants to do, wants us to do
. is doing, will do, and also how to get Him to
do what we want.

"All this reminds me of a comic I heard on the radio the other
night. He was interviewing an 'actress', asking her
what she thought of all sorts of People: Bernie B--, Gertie
Stein, and of course she thought they were terrific, the
best, and actually you k now well terrific. Finally they got
around to the real reason for the interview -- to give her a
chance to Plug her latest Movie, which was based on the Bible. It
was terrific, it was super-duper, super lop,
actually it was terrific, but she added, 'If you think this is
wonderful just wait till you see my next movie which
will be called "The Life Story of God".' This of course is from a
comic, but I have in my possession an item from
someone who got it from outer space or someplace out there. It
assures us we have nothing to fear in the days ahead
because God has now turned the running of the entire universe
over to His Son."--Mdry Hyde, Alexandria, Va.


"Thank you very much for publishing my letter. I believe it may
enlighten some individuals that they are not
necessarily 'stuck with'the failure of ordinary living and the

DECEMBER, 1961 T h e A B E R R E E

failure of allopathic medicine to produce real public health. If
we are able to enlighten a few that i s good 'auditing'.
Act6lly, it IS auditingchanging basic concepts and Postulates.
The more I think about it, the more I respect good
auditing, as of the period when you and I learned it. Good
auditing covers every aspect of better thinking and living.
Too bad there were so many poor auditors who had no concept and
no ability. The original truth,, however. can
never be lost to those of us who have proven its worth. Too bad
the organization went the way it did, but
organizations have a bad habit of losing the truth. " - N. 9.
Rogers, M. D., Vancouver, B. C., Canada.

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"I am renewing mostly because of the next-to-last paragraph in
the article by Jacob Isaac Apsel in the November
issue. His advice to dream health is worth a year's subscription.

"The less space you give to Dianetics the better I would like it.
Your criterion should be : 'Is this of help to the
reader?' If not, toss it in the wastebasket. Then you would
really have a magazine.

"Louis is excellent. Please give us at least a page of him every
issue." Solvi Johnson, Blaine, Wash.

OdYou really set a standard for The ABERREE with the November
1961 issue. I hope you can maintain it. Every
piece in it is tops: Words, Meditation, Masters, Healing Game,
and Ignorant Rabble.

"The letter from Dr. E.E. Rogers, M. D. , is a jewel of sound
sense and logic backed by experience. His book,
'The Philosophy and Science of Health.' I must order.

"Jacob Isaac Apsel thinks as I do. Communion with the Spirit
World is dangerous unless one keeps bis feet on
the ground and his mind on guard against error. We have both
learned many facts spook chasers should know.

"Art Coulter reveals facts about Ron, Dianetics, Scientology that
should be known. I could reveal a few facts
from the early days of Dianetics in Los Angeles and a dinner
where Ron was guest SIDeaker--but re

fused to try to answer fou; questions I put to him.

"A metaphysician is a person who attempts to explain spiritual
facts about which he knows nothing.' Countless
selfstyled metaphysicians, who couldn't write a valid check for
$10, claim to teach the