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John Brown's 'Baby' Comes to Life Again


PREVIOUS to my retirement from Civil Service on a medical
disability (arthritis), I had been watching with much
interest the experiments of John C. Brown, of Middleboro , Mass.,
with a water-purifying disc he called "the B-
Cell". According to Brown, a former pharmacist, he had discovered
the"immortal cell", a living organism which he
had cap

d in a matrix catalyzer, and which , when placed in a quantity of
water, would remove all the impurities from
the water

including atomic bomb fallout, and tur~ it into a sweet,
highly-potable drink as pure as spring water.

Altho Brown knewthedangers of recommending his B-Cells be used
for human consumption. word got out that
thecatalyzer was good for man, as well as plants-and crowds made
pilgrimages to his Massachusetts home wanting
to be healed . Without examining the cells, or investigating
Brown's claims, the Food and Drug men stopped him,
labeling his cultures"dirty water".

It was soon after this that I met him, He was quite discouraged
at the time, but we had a good talk. Since I am
not a pharmacist, I did not understand much of what he said, but
I was extremely interested, and continued to visit
him. Together, we began some experiments in growing some
excellent xegetables. Also, I drank a lot of the"B-Cell
water", and was beginning to feel much better.

While I was at Mr. Brown's, many persons came to him, seeking his
advice on healing. This he consistently
refused to give, telling them he was not an M.D.

However, there was a writer who lived near John, and he wrote an
article about the B-Cell for FATE. As soon as
it was published, inquiries flooded in, and John sent some of his
B-Cell catalysts for use in gardens and autos. In
March, 1957, The ABERREE also ran an article on the B-Cell, and
this, too, brought in a deluge of inquiries.

John used to say to me that one day a man would come and take us
to California to work on the crops there. And
such a man did come. He was George Willett, of LeMoore, Calif.
His business was spraying from airplanes. He
worked with cotton. alfalfa, barley, and melons. This was done
thru irrigation ditches, which was ideal for our B-
Cell catalysts. We would put one in the beginning of each ditch,
and it would "charge" the water its entire length.

We had been out there for about six months, ture

but sold none of the discs as Mr. Willett felt we were not ready.
I know, because we returned quite a bit of money
from persons ordering the discs.

When we felt the catalysts were ready and
were about ready to offer them to the public,
Food and Drug men visited Mr. Willett and gave
him a choice of either abandoning hiswork with

Wheat Grass Is Added to Kill Poisons


"OME F THE reports coming in from ex-
per?ments with what we are calling
I& "wheat-grass manna" are almost un-
believable. For example, I took a

3uart of Boston faucet water. It is
purified" with chlorine and alum .
In tests, it shows up as dead, nega-
tive, and unfit for drinking. Into
this quart of water I poured one
tablespoonful of"wbeat-grass manna"
immediate tests showed it changed to
live. Dositive. and drinkable.

Not content, I went over to Cambridge where the water not only is
chlorinated and alumized, but has one part to
the million of fluorine. Naturally, it showed up dead, negative,
and poisonous. -I put in one tablespoonful of
the"wheat-grass manna" drink. It changed instantly to a live,
positive, and drinkable beverage. And it remained that

These experiments indicate that poor folk, who cannot afford to
buy spring water, who have no blenders, who
can't purchase special purpose foods, may, in their kitchens,
raise wheat grass and make all their water drinkable and

Researchers, thruout the years, have demonstrated that young
wheat grass, grown on good soil, contains, in
readily assimilable, balanced form, every live element necessary
for complete nutrition.

Benedict Lust, M.D., noted nutritionist, has always maintained
that a single vitamin - a single unit - surrounded
by the natural supporting minerals, proteins, enzymes, vitamins,
and trace elements, may do more effective work in
the human body than perhaps 500 units of some particular
crystalline vitamin, which, while made from natural
sources, have had taken from them, in the process of manufacture,
all or most of the supporting growths. Grass,
lauded in the Bible as "man's natural medicine". is the only food
known to scientists that will healthfully support an
animal from birth to a ripe old age.

Dr. G. H. Earp-Thomas, of the Earp Laboratories, of High Bridge,
N. J. , says of these etwheat-
grass manna" tests, that the results are so"startling they may
require a rewriting of present
nutritional rules".

And it I s so easy to prepare. Your local feed store or seed
market can furnish all the
wheat you need and at a most reasonable price. Any kind of wheat
will do, but hard winter
wheat is preferable. Of course, wheat raised in organic soil is
best, but not essential.

Even direct sunlight is not necessary, so the average kitchen is
an excellent laboratory.
Reflected sunlight is ample. but. of course, some sun will help.
The more sun, the more
chlorophyll in the wheat-grass.

The wheat should be soaked overnight and planted next morning.
Any kind of soil will do
but the best is that which is obtained in the woods - leaf-mold
from under the tall trees .
Worms. added to the soil. help aerate it and (TURN, PLEASE, TO
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