Volume 7, Issue 8, page 11

THROUGH MIGHTY TEMPLE' DOORS, ical craze, Subud. "I have
by Volney G. Mathison. 134 ∂L3001z&, been opened to Subud", he con44., $4. Pub, by author, 1214 fesses, and compares the sysb'. 30th, Los Angeles, Calif. tem to plain and unadulterated
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a r e supposed to be all tems that were valuable are no by Billy Graham, or by any opthat's left of the "lost longer secret, but are in pratcontinent of Atlantis" tita) use thruout the civil- enjoyed by techniques . Jehovah s Witnesses Separating the men
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bowl", or even "one solitary alleged "secrets" of India and is a practical precaution, he
gold- filled'tooth", the author Egypt are money-making swin- declares, citing the story that
Pak Subuh (founder of t h e
of "Thru Mighty Temple Doors" dies. And that takes in a lot movement) would not "open" one
might recant his skepticism of systems, as most readers woman client without two strong
that a continent ever existed who have been trying to find
peopled by a "high-level civ- something worthwhile from the bodyguards, one on each side
ilization". myriad books, courses, and of hi .
of the aforementioned woul takenev nemorelevidencetto con- scMat isonllstartsshis expose "systems" and beliefs have onvince him there was anything of the ancients with Yoga, and ly a small space allotted to
of value in most of the "God its "8 million alleged variant each in the book, but there is
rackets", which he categori- techniques", and stomps rough- no such restraint when Mathically flails, going back to shod thru beliefs attributed son discusses Rosicrucianism .
man's misunderstanding of why to Buddha, the Tibetan lamas, To gain data, he assigned his
he "blacked out" when he held Hawaii's kahunas, the Mayans, secretary to join AMORC, and
his breath, and coming up to voodoo, Mohammed. Some may ob- when the secret monographs
hi s interpretation of what ject to h i s hyperbolic ap- were a bit too slow in coming
happens in a Subud latihan. proach, but one need only look to give him the information he
Volney Mathison, who admits at the economic levels of the thought necessary, he collectto a bit of snooping here and nations in which these beliefs ed a more complete file from
there as the ships on which he predominate to feel like para- one of his clients." In page
worked anchored at most of the phrasing the question the lit- after page, these s ecret
foreign ports, says his latest tie boy asked his economics teachings, rituals, initibook was inspired by his dis- teacher, with the threadbare pledge, etc. (which members
covery that books on Christian jacket, "If you' re so damned pledge never to reveal to othreligion in the Los Angeles smart, why ain't you rich?" ers), are synopsized and anallibrary were gathering dust, The "brambly wi 1-d erness yzed. Mathison says more, and
while books on Oriental relig- called psychology " also comes better, data is available"in a
ion and metaphysics have long in for a share of " bunkology " number of pocket books at
waiting lists. Much of this classification. Except for far less cost and with no seshift in the public's religious Freud's popularizing of the Crecy pledges necessary, and
habits, he says, is a desper- concept of the "subconscious" insists that some of the iniate search for something to Mathison has little regard for tiations; especially the one
replace Western theology and this German doctor's ideas on in which two candles and a
its "loving God", whose pulpit the id and sex, which he lays mirror are used, are completeambassadors are unable to jus- to his strict, aberrative Lu- ly hypnoidal in their effect.
tify the wars, murders, atti- theran background. As for psy- He continues his analysis by
dents, and needless tragedies choanalysis, he contends that pointing out that the number of
no "loving God" would condone more persons get better with- customers or members, paywere he half as omnipotent and out it, and many, after spend- ing more than $42 a year dues
as loving as it says in the ing their life savings, are in each would give the company
"holy catalog" . worse shape than w hen they (A M 0 RC 1 an annual income of
But what are they finding started, more t han $ 2,000,000, not
as they explore the "mighty But it is toward the more counting initiation monies and
secrets of the ancients " ? Ex- "modem" systems that Mathison sales of sanctum furnishings
cept for the fact these "mas- aim s his biggest guns. On and supplies. The business of
terc" gave us our arithmetic, these, he claims first-hand revealing 'the secrets entrusted
to a few' appears to be proour geometry, the wheel, and, experience, such as the classes "
above all, the prototypes of he attended in L.Ron Hubbard 's gressing at a furious pace ,
our modern alphabets, there is Dianetics training "school", Mathison concludes.
little good in all these an- where "286 distressed, unhappy But is there no hope availcient writings and beliefs. students... were a weird con- able for those wanting a "betEach was a product of time and tinuous bedlam of guk (Bi) eat- ter life"? No help? Certainly,
place -- such as hot tropical ers " Next came Scientology , Mathison insists. A pre-sleep
India with its squatting, work- with its "past lives'', its tape, "made thru the genuine
dodging mystics, the peyote- countless techniques, and fre- magic of psycho electronics",
eating Mayas of southern Meal.- quent -- and expensive -- THIS-is is the answer. But we make co, the rough and tough Vikings IT revelations. Several exam- point of not giving away the
with their kindred Gods and pies of what Scientology can denouement when we review a
systems. Truly, the sage who do, or does do, to its follow- book, so we'll not go into
reversed the story of " crea- ers are recited, but these are that. After all, only The ABtion " by saying "man created cloaked in anonymity. ERREE tells its readers what's
gods " was making more than a From Scientology, Mathison wrong with everything, without
casual observation, shifts (without even turning a offering to sell them something
And, Mathison adds, since page) to the latest metaphys- to take its place. -- Trah Mika.