Volume 7, Issue 8, page 10

of Light. Zora is able to act thru and on the
body only with the agreement and aid of the
Two. The wider and more harmonious this agreement is, the better for both Zora and The Two.

It is better for the Two because Zora has
such great wisdom and intelligence, and is
able to give the Two help in so many departments of life. The Two who is in close association with Zora is the Two who can do so much
and so well. Zora is very wise, and has so
much knowingness to draw from, that he can be
of inestimable value to the Two who will accept
and use his help. The degree of agreement between Zora and the Two is determined by the
Two, Zora is always willing, even eager, to
help, but help can come only to the degree
that his help is accepted by the Two.

Zora is the helper, guide, and friend.
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FTER several sessions with the board, we became aware that Nine was laying out a
glossary of terms, two of which I wish to
discuss now. I am not going to weary you
with the question and answer routine which
is used on the board. It is, at best, a
clumsy and inadequate method of communication.
& question would be asked and an answer given,
but sometimes much clarification and rephrasing was necessary to get at the heart of
the matter. Whole sessions would be spent on
one word or phrase.

One of our questions dealt with the phrase,
"body, soul, and spirit". Nine said it referred
to the triple nature of Man. Man is a two-fold
Intelligence in a body. He is not the body. He
just uses the body.
"Spirit," said Nine, "is the Intelligence
Or Entity from the place of Light, which we
shall call Zora." Hereafter in this writing,
when the word "Zora" is used, it is this spirit, or being, which is meant.

Nine said, "Soul is the first mind, t h e
Intelligence native to this three-dimensional
world." Our souls are the duty of Zora. We
will call this soul "the Two"; so in this writing, "the Two" means the soul as used here.
The body is the fleshy envelope which is built
at the behest of the Two to house him in. The
board called the body "the abode".

The Two and Zora are beings which are indestructible and separate. Nine says, "Nine
cannot emphasize too strongly the separateness
and individuaifty of Zora and the Two" .

Zora is a being from the Place of Light.
The Two is the native being, the indestructible soul of this material universe.

The laws which govern Zora and the Two are
Tho the mental torments of the second, or astral, plane can be extremely severe, perplexing, and confusing, actually the pains suffered
on earth are the most intense, the time span
of which is necessarily limited.

The redeeming factor here is that the rational mind is more ponderable than on the
astral plane, where it becomes quite crystalized if the soul has not advanced beyond materialistic fixations. Without help from souls
on higher planes, an astrally-trapped entity
finds it all but impossible to pass out of
that plane. The astral plane is alluded to as
"hell", but earth itself is the true hell. Its
inhabitants are captives in a prison of grossest matter and intensely tempti g flesh.

The earth state as of now is far from ideal.
Darkness, illusion, and ignorance saturate the
environment and atmosphere. For this reason,
strife, disorder, confusion, illusion, ignorance, and disease stalk the earth. The greatest
urgency is for earth-bound souls to become
aware of their true makeup and being, to get a
true orientation with spirit, the true life,
source, and being, The body must no longer be
confused with the true self-identity of Conscious-Spirit, individualized. Life must not be
attributed to the organism. The true SelfIdentity must be understood and recognized.
Death is of the flesh body only. Consciousness
different in some degree for each. Each has a is continuous and consecutive for each soulsomewhat different duty to perform. The joint identity. The identity appropriates a body
duty of both is to help the Two achieve to the vehicle of the nature and form of the plane
Place of Light. dwelt upon, but always a body of some kind and
The driving force, the key to the material form attends the individual-identity.
universe, is "survive" The desire of the Two Earth life in gross matter is termed illuis to survive as a body and thru the things of sion only to indicate that it is not pure, perthe body. The Two finds pleasure in the body fett, and eternal, but temporary phenomena.
and the sensations of the body. His aim is to Only on the ultimate plane is Life-Consciousbuild better bodies." ness true, balanced, and perfectly harmonious
Zora is motivated by the command "evolve ", without defect or error. All other planes are
His duty is to help the Two. Only thru an unreal and illusory to the degree that they
agreement with the Two may Zora operate in are engrossed in some density of matter. I1this material universe. Zore must help the Two lusion, then, is a state of "seeming", but
achieve to the Place of Light. When the Two very real in itself. It is to be understood and
has achieved to the Place of Light, then his recognized, but not denied.
duty is to help other Twos who have not as yet This is the path of overcoming and mastery,
made it. The pattern is always upward, thru the play of cause and effect, feeling and
Nine said, "Zora must help the Two. The key thinking, time and space, action and reaction.
of Life is evolution". This is the reason for On the planes of phenomena, evil is just as
our existence, real as good, To affirm the one and deny the
When a new body is born, it is with the Two other is a contradiction of facts and a stumin residence, Zora hovering in attendance. bling block in the progression of the soul.
Zora is not yet in contact with either the new Creative-Consciousness created all matter.
body or the Two, at whose behest and by whose Matter emerged from Creative-Consciousness and
plans the body was built. Zora, itself, cannot to it shall return, intelligized, spiritualbuild a body as it is a being from the Place ized, and divinified thru man.
10 The A B E R R E E DECEMBER, 1960