Volume 7, Issue 8, page 3

The Sevell Planes of Consciousness
Earth Phase Is Most Trying, Writer Says;
Cites Need to Learn that Only the Body Dies
HE RANGE of human consciousness is
broad indeed. It can be completely
engrossed in the physical, or totally spiritually imbued. Between
these extremes are phases which are
neither one nor the other, but may
be "more left than right", or "more
right than left'', in varying degrees, including the finest point,
or shade, of deviation.

Earthy matter is the farthest removed from
pure spirit. Any form of phenomena or manifestation below pure spirit is, by the nature of
its imperfection, impermanent. Thus, all forms,
degrees, or dimensions of matter are limited
to time, space, and dimension, according to
vibratory rate and density.

The physical body is not a "being", "identity", or "soul", but strictly a flesh mechanism, instrument, or vehicle for the innate
"identity". This instrument is composed of the
earthy substances of water, air, and mineral
transformed into blood, bones, tissue, and