Volume 7, Issue 8, page 8

the picture -- the mind -- and the inner eye
to cover the whole of the universe. But
right now teach the mind when to stop,
and teach the eye what to see.

This next exercise is a little complicated to the mind because it likes to embellish. But it is necessary in training
the mind to self-awareness. That is why a
person should master the first exercises
in these lessons before trying this one.

So far, you have used "still life", so
to speak. Now we go to active objects.

Say, for instance, that you want to
build a three-spiral circle with the mind.
If you don't watch out the mind will
circle on and on. You must call a halt on
the mind. Three spirals is all you want,
so train your mind to stop at the completion of the third spiral. The idea
there is to make the mind realize it has
a master, and that master is you.

Letting the eyes to around and around
is wonderful exercise for strengthening
the muscles of the eyes but doesn't do
anything for the psychic mind.

Try picturing a buzzard (or butterfly
if the buzzard is too vulgar for your
taste) while keeping the eyes either
stilled or closed. "Buzzard?" you ask.
That's right. The lowly buzzard is one of
the most graceful fliers in the world. He
glides easily back and forth across the
sky. So still his wings, so steady his
flight. One strong flap of his wings and
he soars on and on across the heavens.
Light and lazy he flies, unchained and

Relax as he relaxes, fully and completely. When you have come to feel the
relaxed attitude of the buzzard, or butterfly, go to the animals. Watch them,
even the expression of their eyes. Don't
forget to look for the surrounding aura.
This is as much a part of any object,
whether animate or inanimate, as the ears
are part of it.

If you have someone with whom you are
studying, that is good. Concentrate on
them; visibly if possible, mentally if
the person isn't handy to study with. At
first you may be surprised at how little
of this person you have actually seen
thru your physical eyes.

If you have no one to study with, then
possibly you have a cat or dog. Or even
the neighbor's pet will do nicely, as
long as it is an uncaged, living entity,
because in the next group of lessons you
will learn the fundamentals of telepathy.
Telepathy is one of the most exciting of
all the psychic abilities. And that is
where you learn a lot about patience and

In the meantime, I hope you don't forget to practice the exercises you already
(Continued in the next issue)
MIMING very peculiar happens to objects
when placed inside a replica of the Pyramid. of Gizeh. Maggots die almost immediately. Blood meat is mummified. Razor
blades are sharpened.

In any pyramidal or conical form, there
is a strong suction of energy flow from the
base up to the apex, where the energy is focalized and shot out as a beam.

The Great Pyramid must have been so proportioned as to perfect these lines of force to
their optimum degree. Located as it is on a
rising mound, in the exact center of the land
mass of the earth, it well might, at once, embrace the infinite All and reduce it to the
absolutely Nothing. It is the greatest of all

This course is tie curse that Howard Carter
and his expedition may have experienced as
they entered Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922.

The mummifying sharpening process of the
pyramid is the ingathering dying course. It is
the casting of the die, die-ing all of the
positive and negative divisions that are out
in the area of the base, into the apex of zero
focal point. It is a dying flow, orbiting from
maximal to minimal. The Great Pyramid is trimcated, cut off, zeroized at the end of its

According to the accounts, the common cause
of the death of the members of the expedition
was paralysis. Dr. James C. Hollenbeck, a survivor, said that the moment he stepped into
the tomb, he sort of tripped and succumbed.

Since the energy flow in the nervous system
is normally a branching out, then the pyramidal
effect would pull these flows back in together.
A strong reversal of the current of the nervous
system would tend to cause it to wither and
mummify. By the outward-downward flows, the
nervous system is activated. By its upwardinward flows it is deactivated -- cut off.

The inscription on the lintel of the doorway to Tut's tomb, to the eff:ct that anyone
entering the tomb would be cursed, shows that
the builders knew how those that entered would
be coursed.

The building of the pyramids and the enthralling beauty in the objects found therein,
was not art for art's sake, but highly functional. Every line of every design helped a
perfected Pharaoh to die more perfectly, with
more permanence. Obviously, anyone who enters
here must die. So everyone who did any work
therein was put to death.

As the pyramidal flows reach the apex, the
circumference of the spirals get smaller and
smaller and the frequency quickens. So we say,
"Blessed art thou, 0 Lord our God, who quickens the dead."
The pyramids are in a desert area. There
the energy flows axe, to begin with, naturally
strongly pyramidal. There nothing comes to
There is nothing noble in being superior to life. There the ground is accursed. But the
some other man. The true nobility is in being terrific beams of life that are there shot out
superior to your former self. -- Hindu proverb of the apexes should be harnessed.
8 The A B E R R E E DECEMBER, 1960