Volume 7, Issue 8, page 15

Thomas'? I would hardly use
the phrase, 'Its less-vengeful
Jesus', in referring to the
man who, while being nailed to
the cross, said, 'Father, forgive them, for they know not
what they do'." -- Margery Mansfield, Monterey, Mass.
(ED. NOTEóThe editor wrote
his heading from the impression gained from the author's
saying, of the new Gospel of
Thomas, "In it is no mention
of hell, torture, wrath of
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"Have just read with interest everything in your November
''I like what Alfred R. Pulyan says on p. 5 about Spirit.
I quote:
'''God-(Casually) And what
is the Seventh Dynamic?
"'Angeló"Spirit'', Lord.
"'GodóThat again? They talk
of nothing else. Don't they
know it doesn't exist? If they
knew their Latin and Greek,
they'd know that"spirit" and
"psyche" mean "wind ", no more.'
"Look what words can do.
The Christian world is filled
knowing that it 'doesn't exist'. It does not exist as an
entity, but does exist as a
function. The word means to
breathe, to blow.
"In his letter you published on p. 18, Russell F. Jones,
Ramona, Calif., refers to Kridler-Hotema, and says:
"'I might add that the Rosicrucians with a written record of over 3,000 years have a
record of the life of Jesus
among their writings.'
"And so have the Catholics
and so have the Christians,
but there is no reliable nor
tangible evidence to support
these written records.
"There is the story of God
and of Santa Claus, and many
other stories that are based
on fiction and imagination. A
written record of the alleged
life of any one, any object,
any thing, is not evidence as
to the existence of that one,
or that object, or that thing."
-- Ted Jones, Sebring, Fla.
''I certainly was happy about
having my near 'lone' viewpoint
against the Christ- and religion-busters printed. In regard
to the Scrolls, the ones I mention are not 'Dead Sea Scrolls'
of Essenes, etc., written by
people before Christ's birth-;.
Jesus, I agree, possibly being
the fulfillment of the predictions of these Scrolls frdm
regions farther inland not
frequented and so much publicized, long cut off from western world contact. I have several books on Dead Sea Scrolls
which show them to be Old Tes- sponse of Alfred A. Rush of
tament books on contemporary Defray Beach, Fla., who found
material, while the Aramaic fault with my article on reinscrolls on Gospel of Christ are carnation, I have this to say:
specifically of Jesus Christ I stated to some 'objectionas we know him... ists' that I do not believe in
"I was glad to hear Katzen the doctrine and did report
found out that there were po- what I heard, saw, and read.
tato seeds which are planted Permit me to quote Dr. Carl
to get potatoes, which like Gustav Jung: 'Man does not inasparagus, etc., are not mature herit r a c i a l memories but
first year but with tuber are rather the possibility of reable to continue growth to ma- viving experiences of past
turity second year. The farm- generations. Examples of these
ers plant potatoes only and predispositions are: belief in
not seeds for same reason that reincarnation, fear of the
farmers plant grape cuttings, dark and ghosts, etc.'
not grape seeds, etc. Things "Few scientists have degrow faster from a part of de- voted and dedicated their lives
veloped plant than from tiny to exploring the uncharted
seeds and seed need not grow areas of the mind and Dr. Jung
true to plant variety while is the foremost and the greatcuttings, grafts, buds (potato est. His life work as a whole
eyes included) grow true to stands as a lighthouse in the
potato, etc. . Something to turbulent s e a on which m a n
confuse the 'issue of seeds' sails in quest of his destiny."
more is the fact some medical -- B.E. Roessling, Ps.D., Green
men accept now is that human Cove Springs, Fla.
seed is an 'embryonic tumor'. 4 4 ß
Tell that to Katzen when he "In the November issue of
says 'Christ is seed' in his The ABERREE...Chalmers S. Murspecial sense (referring to ray should read up on the hisDr. Rutgers M.D., sexologist). tory of the Roman Catholic
Tomatoes grafted on to potato Church and he will learn about
plant produce'potomato', which 'slimy tactics'. I would sugis not a tuber, but bear in gest he read 'The Curse of Igplace of potato fruit... norance' by Arthur Findlay. He
"As to the style controversy will then learn that the Roman
on isms and elegies, why mimic Catholic Church was resnonsi'science', which to my mind is ble for most of the wars in
outmoded in this 'new cure the past thojjsand_years. The
every year'. We are in space Roman Catholic Church pitted
age, our scope is cosmic and one nation against another to
of all times, and not just to- further its false religious
day's cult of Dianetics, Sci- teachings.
entology, etc. Can't truth be "With reference to Paolo
eternal? Aren't eternal views Graeco's letter, I would like
more appealing? You don't have to make clear that my arguments
to ride on donkey and high- are based on biological facts.
powered motor car; supermen of However, these facts are still
all ages have outraced both, waiting for acceptance by bithru wild and civilized jun- ologists, biochemists, etc. It
files, which neither could mas- is a biological fact that the
ter. I see no point of the re- sexual fluid is needed by the
ligions' ban or curtain to body to decompose the feces by
holiness against holy curtain, which process the body is supAre we all losing democratic plied with life force.
spirit with the sputnik? Ah, I "George W. Lagos d i d n o t
now you are waiting for me to receive a pound of mimeographed
shut up because next I111 be letters from me. He would have
saying The ABERREE is a pro- been more truthful if he had
communist paper, eliminating claimed to have received five
religion like the Red society." ounces of circular letters. I
-- J. Lovewisdom., Otavalo, Ec- do not find George Lagos's name
uador. S.A. on my mailing list. George did
(ED. NOTEóTo call The AB- not make any donations so he
ERREE "communistic" just be- has no cause for complaint. I
cause of its religious views gave up an income that would
would be similar to calling a now be about $10,000 a year.
dog a horse because they both In addition my losses over the
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we start saying A=X=N, we've past mailinglist...As for scilet fear and prejudice wipe entific proof, there is an grout our ability to see.) title in the October issue of
4 4 4 TODAY'S HEALTH, published by
"Reading the disputable re- the A. M. A., that confirms my