Volume 7, Issue 8, page 17

of God, until he becomes converted. Just remember, a child
is not your son until or unless he is born in your family. And this certainly does
not sound like you are His son.
Jesus is the only begotten Son
of God. But we are not sons of
God until we are born of the
Spirit of God. God is the Creator of everybody. But He is
not the Father of anybody until that person is born of the
Spirit of God. Just because we
are human beings does not mean
that we are children of God.
Don't forget that Adam disobeyed God and brought sin into
the human race; and death as
the result of sin. (Romans 5:
12). We are born in sin, and
therefore by nature the children of wrath. We are born with
sin, the old carnal nature, in
our heart. This is the very
root of sin, and is the means
of all committed sins. Regeneration is the forgiveness of
these committed sins. But the
old carnal nature is still
there. Sanctification is the
removal of this old carnal nature and makes the heart pure.
(John 17:17; 1:29; and Matthew
5:8). This is done by being
washed in the Precious and
Holy Blood of Jesus Christ, by
faith in that blood, and believing that God has raised
Him up from the dead, and Jesus
was ascended back to Heaven
and now sitteth at the right
hand of power there to make
intercession for His own. The
human seed is the body, not
the soul.
"4. The human body is the
temple of God, and the Church
of Christ.
"In this verse, you are
partly right. The human body
is the temple of God, but under
only one condition. (al that
that person be born again; (b)
and be filled with the Holy
Ghost. In the first place, the
human body is the house for
the soul to live in here on
earth. The body is not the
temple for the Holy Ghost until after that person becomes
a child of God, his body, which
is the house for his soul to
dwell in, becomes a temple for
the Holy Ghost to dwell in.
"When Jesus was born, God
prepared a body for him. His
body was not the same as our
bodies. Jesus was and is the
only begotten Son of God. God,
(Who is a Spirit) sent His Own
Son, in the Likeness of Sinful
Flesh, and for sin, to condemn
sin in the flesh, that the
righteousness of the law might
be fulfilled in us, who walk
not after the flesh, but after
the spirit. The thing is, God Daniel's 70th week and Jacob's
did prepare a body for Jesus. week of troubles. During this
But when the Holy Ghost came, time, there will be a world
He did not prepare a body for dictator sitting on the throne,
the Holy Ghost; and yet a body which is called in Revelations
was prepared f o r the Holy 13th chapter a beast. I t is
Ghost; for He came only to believed will be a Russian.
born again, blood washed be- The churches of this land will
lievers, which constitutes the all be under one head known as
church, which is the bride of a false prophet, which is beChrist. lieved to be Catholic. The time
"Now, i f t h e human body will get so bad nobody will be
could be the church of Jesus allowed to worship God. A mark
Christ, that would automati- will be placed in the hands
cally mean that everybody is and foreheads of the people
the church of Christ. But not that they might not buy nor
so. Jesus said, I will bray sell, unless they have that
the Father, and He will send mark. Everyone who will take
you another Comforter who the that mark will forfeit their
world cannot receive. Only be- way to Heaven. It will be unlievers can have t h e Holy pardonable. In that day, everyGhost, which is the new Com- body who names the name of God
forter. The World, which is the or Christ will be put to death,
sinner, cannot receive it . and plenty will die instead of
Why? Simply because Jesus said receiving that mark.

Give not that which is holy to "However, the body of
dogs, neither cast your pearls Christ, the True Church will
before swine; lest they should not be here at that time. All
trample them under their feet the Born again, Blood washed
and turn again and rend you. Christians will have been ta"Now, Jesus plainly said ken out just before that great
for us not to give that which tribulation starts. In 1 Thess.
is Holy to dogs. Dogs are with- 4:16, 17 we read, For the Lord
out. The sinner spoken of here Himself shall descend with a
is a type of a dog. Dogs have shout of the voice of the
no understanding; neither do archangel and the trump of God
sinners. Dogs are unclean, so and the dead in Christ shall
are sinners. Dogs are rejected arise first and we which are
both in price and into the alive to the coming of the Lord
house of God. Neither can a shall together with them be
sinner set a price -- and