Volume 7, Issue 8, page 13

I On their way home from
selling Christmas ornaments in
the east, Lee and paul perella,
with their two children, Mark
and binda, stopped in Enid for
a get-acquainted gabfest. Altho Christmas gets no more attention than does Columbus Day
around The ABERREE rancho, we
have no prejudices against anyone astute enough to capitalize off someone else's racket,
so spent the evening trying to
solve the problems of the
world. We even invited John
and Bonnie Jones over to lend
their talents to the resolving,
but, we must sadly admit, the
Perellas mounted their i r o n
steed and rode off into the
sunset -- toward Prescott, Ariz.
-- with the world's-problems in
the same state of unsolvement
they'd been prior to the discussion During the evening,
Paul dragged one of his pet
projects out of mental mothballs, and proposed that a
proper title and classification be found for the intelligent strata of thinkers who
are neither Catholics, Jews,
nor Protestants