Volume 6, Issue 3, page 12

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DEAR LOUIS: I am a seeker, and
have been seeking all my life.
I an going on 70 years of age.
In my search, I have studied
various types of metaphysics
and the occult, and have found
great satisfaction in doing
so. However, is there no end
to the search for truth? -- N.B.
S., Juneau, Alaska.

DEAR FRIEND: Truth and light
know no beginning and no end,
for it is a process of evolution. It is rather like climbing a ladder; You reach one
plateau to find another challenging you. All this time you
evolve and grow -- ever so slowly -- and in the end you will
find what you are searching
for. This little story told me
by one of my teachers I think
fits this situation: It seems
that in the beginning, the Gods
had just finished creation and
didn't quite know where to put
"immortality". One God suggested putting it on top of the
highest mountain, but they decided man would look for it
there. Then it was suggested
they place it beneath the deepest water, but they decided
man would be down there, too.
Then, one God spoke up, "Let's
place it within man; he will
never think to look for it
there". We run about searching, but how many look within?