Volume 6, Issue 3, page 6

cided to remove Himself from that of an Operator to that of an Interested Observer. He installed Laws of Operation, Nature, Natural Law
to take over His work. He gave man a mind of
unlimited potentials, and does not interfere
with his activities. To do so would mean placing limitations on the unlimited. Not even a
Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin were compelled by
Him despite the prayers for their destruction.

Again, if we admit of a God and admit that
of necessity He could Integrate, we also admit
that He could Disintegrate. So, our God is OMNIPOTENT, all powerful. And since God created
fran substance which He first created, He is
not part and parcel of everything in existence
and therefore not OMNIPRESENT -- in everything
present. Nor is He OMNISCIENT -- knowing all.
This, God, Himself, told us. By virtue of the
fact that He endowed man with a mind with unlimited potentialities, not even He knows the
directions man's mind may take.
lovers. In the Heaven World, there are no_
churches and no religion