Volume 6, Issue 3, page 16

there somewhere' in the sky, a
personal being; a big bewhiskered guy, who, as Thomas Jefferson said, The Christian
God is a being of terrific
character -- cruel, vindictive,
capricious and unjust...', when
the Only, the True, the Real
'God', Infinite Intelligence,
Infinite Mind, Cosmic Energy,
is WITHIN us at ALL times,
longing to be recognized and
co-operated with!" -- C.A.Bi'gs,
71 years young, Lansing, Msch.
"The truth, Man. The Truth,
Did Alice Agnes have to twist
your arm to get you to write
that article 'In Defense of
the Trained Auditor'? How about
something as ' real' a couple
times a year for us plebes?" --
T.f.Josephson, Burbank, Calif.
"Glad you wrote that article on Dianetics...Hubbard lit
a match to a big fire and many
learned many things the hard
way and a few cold facts about
this hard way should clear the
"As I see it, Hubbard embarked on his way to process
himself. Others followed suit
and tried to process themselves. Hubbard's patterns did
not fit all and sundry. But
Hubbard became aware of something as indicated by t he
changes he made. Others became
aware in other ways than Hubbard, in some cases more than
Hubbard, in others less...
"I aplireciate Mr.Lundberg's
interest and hope it continues
but I think his letter deserves
an answer with a few clarifications.
"In the first instance we
have comments made regarding a
segment of an extensive presentation concerning life and
its possibilities. Naturally a
thora study of the entire work
and then an intelligent analyzation f o r the purpose of
greater enlightenment would be
the procedure of a scholar.
"Secondly, I made no statement that a candle was void of
electrical qualities. My comparison was the law of the
candle light was entirely different from the law of the
electric light; this should be
more apparent to an electrician
than others as he knows for
sure his basic education did
not consist of making candles.
"Thirdly, there is little
purpose in attempting to classify physical cells when the
scientists adnit the mystifying nature of life energy expressions. Far back n the 1920's, medical researchers proclaimed the discovery of a new
type of cell that when fully
grown needed no nourishment
from the blood stream. Laboratory effort is mostly in the
effect or materialistic field.
Causes are seldom a matter of
investigation. What caused the
self-sustaining cells was of
little concern to the discovering doctors, the reason not
being seeable, they returned
quickly in the search for more
things to look at.
"What is flesh and blood?
Can these be changed or transformed? 'Eat of my flesh and
drink of my blood' -- is this
some inane statement to be
mouthed and garbled by those
who believe much but think not
at all ? Or does it have a superbly scientific meaning that
only sensible effort and long
patience will reveal: Sincere
endeavor over many years produced what is written under my
name in The ABERREE. If anyone
will cut out and read in continuity, expend a mere fraction of the labor represented,
a light may shine for a true
comprehension of t h e above
"The Lost Christ Teaching
emphasizes in its beginning
that terms applying to known
laws or conditions of the world
were used for comparative purposes only. Anomalies a r e
largely suppositional so any
undue attention to them may be
confusing." -- Wayne 1''