Volume 6, Issue 3, page 18

because they're selling a
sleazy product with false advertising. There's nothing bad
about sleazy products and
false advertising except they're wrong for what they're intended to do. If you travel
South when you want to go West ,
there's nothing evil about
South or travel alone or together, except South-traveling
to go West is a mistake...
"I notice your project for
controversing the magazine to
reflect more diversity of opinion and ideology is continuing
to succeed apace. What this
means is simply that since the
contributors disagree with each
other, they must pay attention
to do so, and will inevitably
be cross-influenced by their
allies and opponents alike, so
that the result will be developments of some sorts and not
a multiplication of dogmas unrelated to each other, as
would otherwise happen. I think
you're doing real fine." -- Fred
Bond, Houston, Texas.
"I have 'perused' your ABERRED for the last two years,
but what really appeals to me
is your 'masthead'. 'Don't take
it so damn' seriously' is the
best medicine for anybody, and
in particular for this sick
as knocked for a loop
several years ago . Was h i t
by a car driven by a drunken
sailor. Leg fractured in four
places, internal injuries, and
a bad brain concussion; required 8 months' hospitalization...It required all my cash.
No insurance. When I came to
about 10 days later and was
informed that I had been the
victim of an accident, I began
to feel sorry for myself and
then my God-given mind informed me that I was still living
and -- I didn't give a damn.
"The `sawbones' said that I
never would walk unless I used
crutches. Mr. Harry Edwards of
England decided otherwise so I
am walking at present without
any support or limp .
"Have studied Dianetics and
the outcome of it, Scientology ,
and frankly don't think over
much of the science. There is,
however, something good in it
IF you can put your finger on
"Have studied the occult
for over 30 years; have attended all kinds of seances. I do
believe in the philosophy of
spiritualism altho not in the
rest of the 'bunk'.
"My experiments show that
almost anything will work if
you keep your mind on it." B. E. Roessling, Ps. D., Green
Cove Springs, Pia.
"This Subud teaching has
just gotten here and seems to
have aroused much interest...
Hoping to be 'opened' - - what
an expression, when there are
so many better ones.
"Like your magazine so much
I am enclosing my check for $2.
Love your ' flat - footed , slam
bang' way of 'telling them'.
Keep it up .
"Glad my leaflets find approval and interest. It is always a joy to me when folks
write they like what is given
to me by the Great Ones...
"Glad for your correction
about the `kingdom of heaven'
is within - - I always supposed
(without lookingl it was correct , and may have used it --
don't remember but hope I didn't. Just looked it up in the
Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the
Christ, and the word Christ is
used in a similar statement."
-- Jessie F. Lytle, St. Petersburg, Fla.
"One thing is4 sure: Truth
should not be afraid of scrutiny. It should prove itself.
What then do 10,000 parsons
defend? The man who thinks for
himself will find the answers.
For the Society of Unbelievers
I would suggest the following
motto: 'Prove all things. Hold
fast to that which is good'.
"May I suggest you do not
overload the magazine of any
one issue with any one subject, i.e., e.g., Dianetics. I
found 'Self-Analysis in Dianetics' not worth the paper it
was written on ." -- John Dobbs,
S. Burnaby, B. C., Canada.
A Synergetic Workshop will
be held at Kingston, Okla., at
The Lodge, between June 21 and
June 26, according to a schedule just received from Margaret
Meade (3633 West Biddison
Fort Worth, Tex. First get-together is set for 7 p.m. on
Sunday, the 21st.

Margaret emphasizes that
this is not an "area workshop",
since attendance is expected
from California, Florida, and
other distant points. "We'll
call it 'interplanetary', so
watch for the Martians!" says

It has been suggested that
persons not interested in Synergetics, or self-improvement ,
or hob-nobbing with enthusiasts
who are, might profitably enjoy a few days on Lake Texoma,
rated as one of the largest
"farm ponds" between the Atlantic and the Pacific.
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