Volume 6, Issue 3, page 11

from red hands, lectures, readings, for one
week to watch a round-up in the high pastufes
-- places like Table Mountain, Red Rooster Mountain, Antelope Peak, Painted Cave Canyon -- from
which it is fervently hoped that the "Great
Q American novel of the West " may evolve. It has
r#, to be better than anything Zane Grey did,
which is something at which to shoot.
~f Pretty soon, your reporter and Mrs. Burks
will be heading back to Pennsylvania -- not beand s i n the Desert causgfie it 'ves ratticuteesnakvarieteiestimew,i which
thinitspitti di isng, thesre
beintance, but because the heat will soon climb to
The "red hands of the healer " came to the 115 degrees here and the Burkses can 't climb
Giant Cactus Forest to heal -- but their owner that fast or stand it that hot. Besides, there
remained to talk himself blue in the face. Not is even more work to do in Paradise, Penn.,
that there still isn't a lot of healing to do' where we'll be when this is published.
for during the past two months everyone has We came to the desert, to the Giant Cactus
"come down " with something -- everything from Forest, to the Valley of the Sun, in October.
Asian flu to virus pneumonia. If it were not We expected to return long ago, but there is
for the "healin dome " which supports the something in the desert that -- well, already
healing center, it may be that many would have we've called it a "healing dome " and come a
taken the long way home. This reporter lost month or two or three we'll be back in Arihis voice early in the coughing game, and al- zoia, working again with hands, readings, lecmost didn't get it back. There is some clues- tures -- and maybe, before the next return , antion still , and here is the reason: It is other high round-up of Santa Gertrudis cattle.
known , far and wide , that "The man with the 410
red hands" has flash answers; also that for a WAYNE TRUBSHAW (CONTINUED F RON
small charge he will record answers on tape. PAGE 9)
Also that he will do life readings, psychologi- stumbling block to me; for you are not thinkcal readings, and just answer questions for ing of the things (the way the Higher Law acts)
people who can't seem to answer their own. of God, but of men." Christ said in effect,
"The man " can't answer his own questions, but " You are letting the law actions of the mind
he can answer for other people. (men) form opinions for you." These are a barRight or wrong -- and who shall say that this rier (stumbling block) to the action of the
incarnation or that, read into the record by Christ Life Law -- cut this mental activity out
this reporter, is right or wrong? -- people have and let the Christ Law rule.
been pleased with the readings, given in "Do- Matt. 16:25: "For whoever wishes to save
byns Annex " in Tucson -- the home of Zipporah his life shall lose it; and whoever loses his
Dobyns, this reporter's hostess. Some of the life for my sake shall find it." Aramaic is a
questions have been ripsnorters, and the an- language of few words; many times it takes six
somers no less intriguing, or more words in English, where only two are
How long will Ihruschev live? Who cosies used in this tongue used by Christ. To us,
after him? What city will the first missile many of the Aramaic idioms are most misleadstrike? What kind of a missile? Will there be ing. If a person inherited lands or money, or
a safe place anywhere? What year brings war? if one recovered from some serious illness, "He
Will there be war? came to life", or "He arose from the dead".

Astrologists have gone to work on some of If we use the Aramaic manner of expression,
the answers, and found astrology agreeing with we would say that Edison "lost his life" when
this reporter -- within reason. Yet war is not he shut out his knowledge or principles of
inevitable, the missiles may be headed off , lesser laws of light. We would say he found or
and Krushie may pass out of the picture sooner gained his life when he brought in the law of
than anybody dares now hope. People simply do electricity. Shorten this down and we have:
not have to follow prophecies about themselves. "Because he lost his life, he found his life."
Besides using the red hands from 6:00 in the Edison died to the old and arose from the
morning to 10:30 at night -- with due breaks for dead in the new. He made a resurrection in the
food, naps, sleep, and coffee -- there are read- new. He "stood up in the midst " of the new. If
ings. There are also lectures, held every Fri- a an starts with a piece of land and keeps
day night at the Cactus Forest Health Center. adding unto this land from all sides -- until he
Lectures have been about the Book of Revela- becomes wealthy and powerful -- we could say "he
tion, the Little People, space travel, inter- stood up in the midst" or "he stood up". He
planetary communication, the desert, secrets started from the center and arose up to power.
of the mountains , symbiosis, N-stress . People The center is "the place of beginning". Rising
have come from as far away as England to lis- up means an increase on the beginning. In the
ten. One hastens to add that they didn't come center are the basic principles of a law. Inall that way just to listen, but it sounds crease the understanding of these principles
more important if one writes it that way! A and add other relative principles and you
squadron leader of the British Air Force, who ^rise up" or "stand up" in the midst of the
has asked this reporter to visit him in Eng- congregation.
land, asked more questions about the Revela- Christ was telling the disciples that HE
tion of Saint John the Divine than just about was going to resurrect in the NEW. He was exanyone else. plaining the PASS-OVER -- the CRUCIFIXION -- RESDuring his "spare time ", this writer did a URRECTION -- CHANGE -- to the new state of power.
treatment for FAITH IS A SONG, by Jessica (To be continued next issue)
Dragonette, who visited us briefly at the Cactus Forest at Rancho Soledad . FAITH IS A BONG The doctor bore so much regret
is Jessica's autobiography, with special at- At losing his fee-paying pet
tuition to her early years in radio. That, on the "cause of death" line, he,
Next on the docket, your reporter escaped Absently wrote, "John Smart, M. D."
JUNE, 1959 The ABERREE 11