Volume 6, Issue 3, page 2

JUNE, 1959 * * Vol. VI, No. 3
WITH FEAR IS Army were cut to
COSILY FARCE one squad, the
Navy to one rowboat, the Airforce to one kite ,
the Marines to one curse word,
and thePentagon to one stenographer -- and the savings used
to educate MEN rather than
yank students from their classes and train them in the fine
art of rank-worship, America
wouldn't have to shake in fear
every time some bloated foreign dictator waves a red flag.

It probably was only an accident that Hitler had one of
the best trained military machines of all times when he
started World War II , or that
Japan had been collecting American scrap iron for years
before the debacle that began
at Pearl Harbor -- yet who dictated the terms of peace?
It often was said among the
fighting forces that we won the
war "in spite of our Army and
Navy", because militarymoguls,
steeped in tradition, "little
black books", and training
manuals, knew next to nothing
of facing a war that wasn't
fought "according to accepted
rules". Luckily, American production was able to step into
the breach created by our lack
of leadership an d statesmen,
and get war-winning supplies
to where they were needed --
maybe not "fustest" but certainly " mostest ".

Military leaders, noisily
white-washing their own ineptitude, are wearing their boomboom superlatives thin trying
to convince us that unless we
keep spending billions for
more "little black books" in
preparation, we face annihilation down to the last Cadillac
in the Pentagon parking lot
from a big, hungry, ambitious
bear, who doesn't mind being
maimed if he can only have his
Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Plug, and Zydokumzruskehen
WARNING! READ In this isLIFE VIEWS AT sue, we offer
YOUR OM RISK two extremes of
the who/what is
man? and who/what is God? controversy. One tells you there
is a God as personal as your
Uncle Dudley ; the other says,
in effect, that "All is God".

For awhile, we considered a
third manuscript , declaring
"There is no God", but it was
crowded out for lack of space.
Oddly, it took more words to
explain why the idea of a God
of any kind is untenable than
it did for two writers to depict Him as a person AND to
give everything the benefit of
Godhood -- and we were unable to
spare the additional five or
more pages it would have taken
for the full trilogy of a God/
all God/no God.

Ordinarily , we try not to
comment on by-lined articles --
agreeing or disagreeing with
the authors. Appearance in The
ABERREE doesn't necessarily
mean an indorsement by the editor. We print many an article
and letter with which we are
not in sympathy.

In this matter of who/what
is God, and what happens to
you after death, what confers
upon any one person, or sect,
the "answers" that have stumped
the "experts " down thru the
centuries? It's a certainty we
can't buy every formulated key
to the "secret of secrets ", no
matter how "learned" or how
well supported by "evidence ".
Few know with any degree of
certainty what they'll be doing next year, or even tomorrow -- but they'll dispute with
you no end if you disagree in
the most minute detail on what
will happen to "You" after you
no longer are using a body.

However, we hope you read
both of the articles in this
issue carefully. Also, we hope
you do not let prejudice dictate your evaluation of either,

because the Moment you do , you
block off the possibility of '
picking up data that may be
valuable to you -- if not today ,
at some future date when.you
are ready for it. You advance
along a path by putting each
foot forward carefully. If you
dive headlong into an "lc'',
"ism", or "ology " that pleases
you at the moment, you may find
yourself like the swimmer who
dives into a shallow pool
without checking the water's
depth. At the same time, if
you pave your path with scoffings and denials, you may discover any hope of advance cut
off by your own retreats.

To us, both the atheistic
premise of "there is not and
never was a God" and the picture of a personal God boasting of past feats, equally violate many of our most cherished concepts, developed over
the years. Yet we know the authors to be sincere students,
honest in their convictions.
Is it odd that these "seekers"
should come up with such diametric views, or is the statement of one that he once was an
atheist the key? Are they, like
the seasons, going from Spring
to Summer to Fall to Winter --
and which is which? Or is it
The God-in-the-form-of-man,
spectatoring from the periphery of H is created Heaven
World, to us borders on phantasy -- but we will not indict
it as such. Is it any more preposterous than the church concept of billions of sleeping
souls awaiting Gabriel 's horn
on Judgment Day, when all will
be awakened to partake of
whatever punishment or reward
is waiting for them? Or what of
Scientology's brain washing on
Mars for Thetans between lives?
Or the myriad other theories
and philosophies which have
reigned in the past, or still
exist here and there, to torture man's concept of Eternity?
When it comes to telling
man what's going to happen to
his consciousness after abandonment of the body, it seems
a pity that the "experts" feel
it necessary to first take a
post-graduate course in sadism.

Maybe it 's too bad that in
the process of Creation, man
wasn't born with a built-in
road map of Eternity. If there
was some way of directing the
energy wasted worrying about
what "can " happen or what "is
going to happen unless -- ", toward the process of what I S
happening, maybe we could enjoy the beauty surrounding us,
and leave the "pearly gates"
and "streets of gold " to those
stuck with them. If anybody is.