Dear Editor (continued)

by the way -- I enjoyed being with him -- he is good fun -- but I am much more interested in his work than I am in his personalities or how he decides to run HASI -- whether he is right or wrong the organization is still surviving and looks like continuing to do so...

"'I must say I admire your tenacity of purpose in building up The ABERREE...I am sure all your readers would miss it very much if it failed to arrive each month. Never mind, there's a lot of fun to be had in catering for the 'Lunatic Fringe' ! It is on this fringe that the permanent pattern is being woven and passed back to the working structure of society. Galileo and Copernicus were both 'cranks' in their day and age. Christ was 'liquidated' and so was Galileo's pal Bruno -- they were dangerous 'game spoilers' of their period...

"I enjoyed the column by Marizus von Schrader. To me that article is nearer to the TRUTH -- which, of course, is an unobtainable absolute -- than anything I have yet read in The ABERREE. It is a pity he did not complete it by stating that imperfection was vitally necessary since without it there could be no existence for perfection. When you take away desire, need and demand, you would remove all impulse and justification for existence and action in the physical universe. The physical universe and the operational unit, the physical body, is essentially a trap, so the 'self-imposed enslavement' is the only justification for a life-run which must be followed by a death-run in self-imposed total freedom. Have a look at the industrial slave -- perishing from too many barriers. Have a look at the industrial plutocrat -- perishing from too much freedom. 'Woe unto ye rich -- ye have had your portion' -- they will give anything for a spot of slavery in the death-run where freedom is total -- you can't have your cake and eat it. Get rid o' them o i l shares brother! In due course, when automation is fully developed, and the machine has taken over all the grinding labour of the present 8 to 5 factory slaves, the plutocrat will be the fellow who 'has ajob' while the golf, tennis and billiards 'slaves' plod their weary ways thru tyrannical time! Actually it matters little whether you are rich or poor, sane or crazy -- the Life Static remains the same, unchanging a n d without APRIL . 1958 beginning or end...

"I had a chap the other day bitterly criticising t h e Church for its lack of concrete action towards averting war. Why should they? Too long a period of peace and plenty tends to dispense with the need for a Godly source of protection and supply. War and poverty are stress conditions, coupled with tyranny, upon which religious superstition survives. Personally, that is the only part of the game in general which I would spare no effort to obliterate, the WAR GABE. This wholly non-survival game largely supports the other two in religious beliefs and financial prostitution -- a dollar going out to earn a dollar is no less a prostitute than a woman out on the same errand !

"As far as I can see at the moment, the getting over with clarity and conviction of the FUNDAMENTALS of Creation and Action will bring the greatest degree of freedom relative to accepted barriers which is possible in this period. As a man becomes more highly educated, so does he become more bogged down. 'Cease from thine own wisdom' -- might be something in that! Just as in believing, there is no harm in playing the education game so long as a man knows he is being educated." -- Dr. Jam es Clark, Dalbeattie, Scotland.

"The frontpiece shows creativity from month to month which I enjoy. As for the rest of the 'rag' -- bah -- bah -- bah. No kidding, tho, you've certainly 'firmed' up the magazine. Clean, easy to read, and I like it.

"I hear that you had a 'little' snow out Enid way." -- Dr. Ted Josephson, Burbank, Calif. (ED.NOTE -- "Little " snow is right. Storms all around us, but we stayed immune -- almost.)

"I just finished reading the last Aberree... I like some of the articles very much and notice a slight change of 'concept' here and there, from the past,

"This 'concept' (general notion) condition isa very important part of human life as it is associated with health. I definitely notice that health improves as concepts change from 'wrong' to 'right'. Years ago when I believed as the rest of the world believes at present, I had my share of troublesome headcolds. But these disappeared a number of years ago. In one case, a cold left over The ABERREE night without the usual wearing-off effect. So a correct concept is a very important thing to have.

"Almost all 'that ails man' can be traced to the subconscious. But the subconscious is so subtle that many people mistake it for their conscious mind. And the majority of 'ideas' originate in this lower mind and are then accepted by the higher mind. For this reason many people can believe a thing even when they know it to be wrong.

"The main idea is to integrate the two minds toward reality. At present, the majority of persons have their two minds opposing, one another. They think they are doing one thing, but they are doing the other. Nations plan for peace, but prepare for war.

"Semantics seems to be involved, as a rule, in controversies. In reference to the Bible, this is especially true. For that reason, many humans who are interested in 'human relations' never realize that the New Testament is the criterion for that subject, a n d they run to all kinds of 'isms' , etc., to replace it. For anyone who is honestly striving for right answers, the New Testament is priceless.

"Much has been said about 'faith'. Semantics again. Faith is related to sanity. The word has several related meanings. 'In the faith' means in the right mind. To have faith is to have judgment. Strong faith means a strong mind which cannot be overpowered by emotional influences coming out of the subconscious. A person's judgment is related to his sanity. A sane person can be right without having any physical proof for his opinion. Or he can be right, in general, without having all the details.

"It should be understood that a person 'worships' what he likes (loves) the most. His main interest is his main worship. If a person loves the Truth above everything else, he then worships God. Because 'the word of God is Truth'. People who 'can't find God', and say so, are merely saying they can't find Truth. And, of course, a person who can't find the Truth, in our modern language is 'nuts'. But what we say means very little since it's what we do that shows the truth. And this also demonstrates the two-minded condition, again. The Bible calls it 'double-minded'. In our modern world, people are not worshiping the Truth (God).