Volume 5, Issue 1, page 16

philip Friedman's suggestion
that a hypnotized space pilot
be sent to the moon. (ABERREE,
March, Page 10 )
"A hypnotized person is
either 'in light, medium, or
deep sleep -- the cataleptic
state, and no one can be put
to sleep indefinitely. I n
special cases, prolonged sleep
may be commanded for weeks, as
in extreme suffering where
medication cannot be administered. Here the patient is in
a special quiet zone, for any
strong impact may shock the
patient into wakefulness and
renewed commands will be necessary.
"The hypnotic subject, if
left alone even under the
strictest commands, could be
shocked to death by any extraordinary explosions or violent
impacts which penetrate thru
to the conscious mind. The
reason for this is that the
conscious mind cannot stand
too violent changes, nor too
much pain. That is why a person blacks out (faints ) when
under great duress. Now then,
if this conscious mind which
has been submerged thru hypnosis to prevent it facing extraordinary conditions, is
brought forcibly back to face
what it cannot face, the danger of death is imminent.
"The 'Radiant O n e ' h a s
promised to give us a complete
rundown on auras.- attention
Alice Agnes. I have not read
the book you so interestingly
introduce." -- Jacob Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.
"The last issue contained
three features I liked very
"The first was your editorial. I couldn't agree with you
more. This is exactly what we
have been emphasizing in Synergetics. The 'desire to be
clear' is itself amajor source
of impedances, and should be
closely examined. The Bild-aMan kit was designed specifically for this.
"A delightful surprise was
Alice's book review...
"The third was Dick Lundberg's article. I always learn
something from Dick. He is a
prodigious reader, and he has
a remarkable ability to assimilate, integrate, and digest.
"I was rather amused by Ken
Hart's promise to stand on his
head for a year! This may turn
out to be a statement ranking
with the famous last words o:'
history. Tell Ken I won't he'd
him to- it, tho.' -- Art Coulter,
Columbus, Ohio.
"This will apprise you, as
you may already know, that for
some months we have been making Book One Clears at the
Hubbard Guidance Center in
Washington, D. C. In fact, some
15 of the 15 students of the
last A. C. C. emerged clears.
"Eight years of steady application by myself have paid
off with certainty in Clear
"I well recall your own desires toward this goal and I
wish to assure you that there
are no vengeful or critical
reasons why you should not be
given assistance in attaining
this goal. The sole purpose of
this letter is to apprise you
of this fact.
"You are informed therefore
that you may, now or later,
obtain auditing at the HGC or
from any professional validated auditor at the tjsual professional rates. (ED. NOTE --
italics ours.) From three to
ten weeks will be required." --
L . Ron Hubbard, Washington,

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