Volume 5, Issue 1, page 8

While in Atlantis, since there always
was union, there was no discord. In the
new area, they had to be able to see what
discord would develop, and how to remedy
it once it had developed. This was the
job for the second subdivision.

To correct the unwise action of the
low selves, the leader used a powerful
drug, which the colonists chewed. It was
not the poppy, but it did have a hypnotic
effect. While under this hypnotic effect,
the leader, or now the Huna healer, gave
the low-selves instruction on how to
change conditions, and specifically advised them as to why conditions were to
be changed in this way. There was no attempt at force or control by the leader,
but each person was supposed to make his
own decision after this treatment of the

Before moving to Egypt, the people
knew mind completely -- its attributes, what
to expect from it, how to make it work to
the best advantage -- but now another lieutenant was put in charge of rebuilding
this body of knowledge for the use of
those who were now considering other
things and hence letting this complete
knowledge slip their awareness.

Another lieutenant was in charge of
esthetics, and its allies. Music was one
of the main arts. They played an odd-type
instrument, made of many strings, which
slightly resembled our harp. Each string
was able to produce a very delicate tone,
actually to produce subtones. Only the
lightest touch was used, and they were
fine and delicate. Never were they loud.

During the playing of the strings, a
color appeared for each string. These
colors could be seen by the audience, at
the same time they heard the sound. A
third element was a mental effect, separate from the color and sound.

The musician had to have complete union
of his three selves in order to play. He
worked diligently to learn to play this
instrument, since its effect on the people was so all-important to everyone. The
music also had to do with inspiring the
"Live" Explosive Minerals and Light, Cheese-like Building Stones Went
Into Ancient Cities Long Since Buried Under Sand and Sea

T HE FIRST colonizer in Egypt from the
continent of doomed Atlantis was
Alyei the First. Altho his job was
colonization primarily, he actually
had five jobs to do.

At the time of leaving Atlantis, people still were in a state of mental unity. However, it was realized that with
the change of location, conditions also
would change which would interrupt this
unity. But to minimize these changes was
one of Alyei's primary tasks.

First, it was necessary to settle people within areas suited to their mental
makeup, areas similar to those in which
they had existed on Atlantis. It was
known that there are bands around the
earth, called "magnetic lines". This name
is a sort of misnomer, since they are
much broader in their scope than mere
magnetism. These bands, which recur every
75 miles from pole to pole, can be likened to the layers of an onion which has
been cut open. These circles, or lines --
if one were in the air looking down upon
the earth -- would appear black. They are
something like a "V", about one mile deep
and continuing up into the stratosphere
where they have a breadth far beyond two
miles. They are most effective at the
centers of the lines. Each line has certain-type mental attributes within it,
in its atmosphere. Persons who are not
compatible with the atmosphere (mental)
within these areas soon must get out.

EDITOR'S NOTE -- If you are a whit skeptical at what this psychometrist and student
of Scientology discovers in her delvings
into the antecedents of homo sapiens, consider only what your Grandfather's peda o
would have done to Grandpa had he predicted
in class, that he'd eventually see some of
the things you today take for granted. Luckily for Grandpa, and you, Grandpa didn't.

Selection of a band, compatible to
the one they had left, was essential for
these transplanted Atlanteans if they
were to have the mental stimulation to
retain the unity which had been promoted
back in Atlantis.

These migrants had a new intention, so
Alyei appointed five lieutenants to help
carry out the subintentions of the main
purpose for which they came.

The first intention was related to decisions regarding colonization. In Atlan
tis, unity had been so complete between
the three selves that things ran on a
somewhat automatic basis; now, people had
to make decisions for themselves within
the boundaries of their new experiences.
This seemed to throw the lower self, or
what is now known as the subconscious
mind, out of alignment with the conscious
and real self. Here, there developed the
need for Huna to rebuild this union, and
since union had been interfered with,
bodies sometimes became sick. Hence the
healing branch of Huna was needed.
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