Volume 5, Issue 1, page 11

gow, Scotland. Maybe, when the
roads clear, Norman will bring
his bride and her piano and
accordion to.Enid for a personal introduction. We hone...
1 Additions to the Lending
Library the last month came
from Fe;IbL LaMarr a of Wakefield, R.I., U, Souston, Texas, He en Shaffer,
Yonkers, N.Y., an a cow e e
set of the 50 Summary Course
booklets from Murphy of
El Monte, Calif—. U. As yet. we
haven't decided what is the
best way of handling this gift
-- certainly they won't go out
as a single book -- but we leave
it to Ye Pub. to come up with
some capable solution. -1 Ralph
Swanson, of Orlando, Fla., is
toying with the idea of some
type of newsletter -- at least a
couple pages -- for the Florida
area, Which should be good
news for this neglected peninsula that once was slated to
be the "third leg of Scientology" back when The GHOST was
waving its somewhat salty banner. With Ralph's knowledge of
Scientology and his ability as
a draftsman, the result should
be interesting, to say the
least... 1 And while we're on
the subject of newsletters, we
wonder how much better George
Nickerson's "Was -- IS -- Will Be"
is going to get, before he
starts leveling off in his aim
of competing with The ABBRRFE
in quality. It might interest
you to know, George, that if
you'll look over your shoulder ,
you'll see us struggling along
back there somewhere. But we'll try not to get too far in
the rear...
1 Federal agencies aren't
the only Washington units that
have a queer sense of arithmetic, so it must be the weather. • A few days ago, we heard
from one of the retread students who took the 19th A.C.C.
Course (remember when there
were going to be only two, then
three, ever given?). He reports there were 36 students
in the 19th A.C.C., and out of
this, "15 made clear, 7 did
not make many gains, 15 are on
their way, and one went home".
On our adding machine, which
has no held-down 7. either
(See Book 1 definition), that
adds up to 38. But it's a bit
like our income. Suppose we
take in $3,600 a year; of this.
$1.500 goes for expenses, $700
to live on, $1,500 for U.S.
and state taxes. The remaining
$100 we can spend just as we
please, they tell us. For this,
we should bow down and make 50
salaams in the direction of
the nearest military base -- but
we'd better do it quick before
it expands right under us and
tered, and that his recalls
are usually concepts but can
be made eidetic if he desires.
Data he has "forgotten" also
can be recalled, if he desires,
but this takes longer -- a few
seconds to a minute. I tested
him on this by asking him to
scan rapidly a page of a book;
then I took the book back and
asked him to tell me what he
had read. He made two minor
mistakes. He attributed these
to the readjustments going on
and says he expects to do better in three to six months,
S-1 also has control over
his internal processes "within
physiological limits: He does
not have "awareness at the
cellular level"; his internal
awareness is considerably increased, but it is an awareness of processes, not structures as such, beyond the internal awareness of tissues
and organs we all have in some
degree. He states that a lot
of small , unnoticed body tensions he previously had have
disappeared. His biggest single
gain, he says, is that he now
has total self-honesty.

Remarkable as this sounds,
to me it is no more remarkable
than the gains which some other Synergeticists—not yet fully
clear -- have been making. There
are at least four other Synergeticists who are approaching
the fully-cleared state -- some
are so close it makes you just
ache to see them push thru.
The important thing is not
that S-1 has achieved "clear"
or "stable" -- if indeed he has.
The important thing is that it
shows we now have the tools we
need for any person of average
intelligence to achieve clear.

Plans are now being made
for the Third Synergetic Workshop -- or, rather, the third
national workshop. We do not
yet know where it will be held
or when (and to anticipate
questions, I do not know whether S-1 will be there or not,
but he says he will if he can).
If anyone is interested, write
Lew Mortensen, E. Petersburg,

Oklahoma was stolen from
the Plains Indians and given
to the Five Civilized Tribes;
stolen from the Five Civilized
Tribes and given to the white
settlers, and now the Army is
trying to steal it back and use
it for a missile range. Everything travels in cycles. "From
teepees to towers" - -and back
to teepees, maybe?
Religious controversy has
destroyed more homes than alcohol. So, why not a law to
inhibit religious controversy?
COLUMBUS, O hi o -- March 1 --
On January 29, I received a
report that a man had stabilized in the synergic mode.
Since then I have been investigating and studying this
man with his co-operation. I
neither indorse nor dispute
this report, but will simply
transmit data. If the report
is true, this man is the first
true clear in history.

Something remarkable h a s
happened to this man. I have
known him personally for several years, and can attest
that his synergetic growth has
been remarkable. From a shy,
anxious person, very unsure of
himself, he has become a tremendous human being. I have
seldom met a mind so alert, so
quick to grasp essentials, so
accurate and swift in judgment. Communicating with this
man is quite literally a
breath-taking experience.

This man states that he has
cleared, permanently, all his
reactions and protodynes. In
my studies to date, I have
been unable to detect any; but
this does not mean they may
not be there. As a synergetic
coach, I can usually detect
reactions and/or protodynes in
another within 15 minutes or
less. This is not really a remarkable feat, of course; I am
sure other coaches or auditors
or even psychiatrists could do
as well or better.

For convenience, we refer
to this man as S-1. S-1 states
that all his functions have
speeded up to what he calls
their natural pace, now that
his impedances have been eliminated. He says his overall
effectiveness has about tripled the last six months, and
the improvement is continuing.
He describes his present state
as one of "growing up", in a
tremendous number of little
ways, in which he previously
had been holding himself back.
He says he instantly can recall anything he has regiswe get jailed for being on
military property. This may
sound like a pretty mixed-up
paragraph, but you'll have to
admit, we're dealing with a
few mixed up situations, too...