Volume 5, Issue 1, page 2

APRIL, 1958 Recusant voice of Thed taught in school and practice.
.1 Vol. V, No. 1 Infinites" for Earth, M. we quote from a recent copy
xim~~ Saturn. Pluto• Venus. and of ABILITY:
i_~; Zydokummrakehen. ' "The sole purpose of...the
NAAP is the clean-up of Psychotherapy in the U.S....Those
who sign and return the oath
are declared 'safe'. Those who
ignore it or refuse to sign it
before witnesses are listed by
the NAA' as 'Potential subversives'. Those who rail against
it are listed as subverst.ves'."
These names, ABILITY adds, are
then to be submitted to governmental contacts for official
action. One most interested in
this program, ABILITY declares,
is Vice President Nixon.

In other words, those refusing to join the upstart
"National Academy of American
Psychology" will be listed as
FROM AN OLD First, there cent gathering of the sheep dangerous to American ideals;
ADAGE: "IF was Dianetics -- (December Congress) in Wash- drastic action is implied, if
YOU CAN'T with its goal of ingtone, announcement was made not threatened outright.

BEAT 'EM. a better bridge of the formation of the "Na- Anyway, you can see where
JINE 'DI" that would lead tional Academy of American that puts us. We'll not ignore
man into a mater- Psychology". This has been it -- any more than we'd ignore
ial utopia, and cure the at- hinted at for years, but to any other threat to American
liberty. But we do refuse to
least 70 percent of his ail- those familiar with this ISIB- sign any meaningless "oath "
ments that are considered psy- DTA's modus operandi, many knew or pay Sm for some superchosomatic. Thousands read the that these tongue-in-cheek board of "experts" in washing_
book, with enthusiasm and hope. threats were more than mere tone to pass on our fitness to
Hundreds tried the techniques, window dressing to make a lee- consider or do anything about
or took the training and/or ture more spicy and interest- those who might come to us for
treatments -- with varying suc- ing. Psychology is asinine; mental help or advice.
cess. psychiatrists are morons and Which, according to NAAP,
But Dianetics died an of- mental misfits - - therefore, classifies us as "subversive"
ficial death when Scientology give them a taste of their own -- at least on the NAAP list.
was offered as a substitute a medicine. With a scalpel and And that sakes us even. On list.
pacouple years or so later. The ice pick, deal their loose or
"better bridge" became a "toll ganizations a prefrontal lo- per, that is. CO
bridge"; helping the ailing botomy -- which is, actually,
became an unimportant by-prod- the specified aim of the NAAP. PREACHERS AID According to
uct of "making the able more There is no quarrel with DEVIL IN PLOT St. Matthew, the
able". And the results have any attempt to sell the ideas AGAINST JESUS Devil offered
been disputable. Many feel of Dianetics and Scientology Christ all the
that the word "scientology" is to psychologists and psychia- kingdoms of the world, but was
a synonym for "invalidation" -- trists. Undoubtedly, these turned down.
invalidation of Dianetics, in- medical practitioners special- But was Satan discouraged?
validation of all who bought izing in mental ills could Frustrated? Defeated? Did he
the original goal of building profit from an exploration of not accomplish his foul pura better bridge and helping ideas and methods no t remem- pose by enlisting a few milthose psychosomatically ill , bered from their musty text- lion (more or less) religious
and invalidation of the body books. And it's quite possible leaders to accomplish his goal?
itself. The aim of Scientology that many of these P's and P's Christ wanted not the world.
(in addition to its alleged are so narrow-gauged that you "It is written. Thou shalt
making of the able more able) couldn't introduce them to a worship the Lord thy God, and
has been to get its adherents new idea with a crowbar. Him only shalt thou serve, He
three feet behind their heads But we do seriously ques- said. And went happily on His
and from this precarious po- tion the methods adopted for way thinking He had disposed
sition, play a roundelay of the NAAP to force enlistment. of the matter.
childhood games, such as "touch For a "science" originally of- Today, it's "all the world
a spot" for endless hours, fered to introduce freedom of for Jesus". If Christ had wan'give me your hand" (and pock- thought and action into the ted it that way, He could have
etbook ?) for other uncounted scene, the NAAP is, by its oun taken it 2,000 years ago,
periods, and yell "Hello, Ma- admission, the antithesis of without having it handed Him
ma" at the top of their voices freedom, liberty, and enlight- thru so many of Satan's interlike a hog-caller practicing enment. It is an attempt to mediaries.
for international competition. force its will and ways upon Of course, all we know of
Now, however, there are an accepted segment of pro- this "temptation of Jesus" is
rumblings that Phase Three is fessionalism that has not what we've read in the Bible,
developing -- that Scientology bowed down in obeisance to and what the preachers themitself is about to join the radical invalidation of almost selves insist happened just as
Dianetic graveyard. At the re- everything they have been St. Matthew said it did.

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