Volume 5, Issue 1, page 7

negative side of love where you've "got
to have " love, you've really GOT to have
it or you can't survive. This gets to be
a compulsive, thing.

Love is a tremendous force and you can
go around forcing love on people and actually kill them with it. This is called
smother-love; mother-love, technically,
but smother-.love if it gets too compulsive. They've GOT to love their children.
Everyone tells children they've GOT to
love their parents. But it doesn't always
work out that way.

Actually, love and hate are not opposing force fields. They are things you can
move into and experience as separate
things. Because you play the game of love
does not mean you also have to hate in
order to hold the game together. You can
love certain things -- and then you can move
over and hate certain things.

These various factors exist in everyday life all around you, and there are
possibly times you have hated, and
possibly times you have loved. But if you
go around hating everybody, this is a
very popular game. Society is divided up
into Republicans and Democrats, and the
Republicans hate the Republicans and the
Democrats the Democrats, and then they
hate each other, and the party. This can
get to be a very compulsive thing, individually and collectively.

The same thing is true of races. The
racial situation is a tremendously organized means of dividing the game up. Hatred often gets to be a compulsive thing
there. But, what about the ideal state?
You should be free to hate or free to
love, with no strings. If you can hate
hate or murder just for the fun of it,
O.K., so long as you don't go around doing it compulsively. It is part of the
game and is a vibration pattern. If you
can be aware that you're creating these
things and that you can free yourself
from them, good !
In our game of life, we have come here,
selected bodies, parents, and moved into
them, grown the bodies up, and are indulging in various assorted cycles of existence known as winning and losing. This
also boils down to cause and effect -- that
which you are willing to cause and that
which you are willing to receive as effect. How much effect are you willing to
receive in order to cause something to
someone else, or to achieve an effect
yourself? What do you have to do to someone else to get them to do what you want
them to do to you.

This is a give-and-take game. It is
two-sided; we not only selected being
here, but we select our opponents -- our
dearly beloved opponents -- our friends and
our loved ones. Our so-called enemies are
the ones who give us the most excitement,
the most trouble, and we probably like
them better than we do our dearly beloved

What do people really want in life? I1
you examine the history books, you will
find only stories of conflict -- the areas
between battles and violent action are
practically non-existent. People actually
are interested in exchanging violent communication, causing violent effects. Why?
Because, as beings, they have forgotten
they can create things. They have said,
"I am losing and everybody hates me and
is against me, and I'm having a very bad
time." They have selected a position on
the Tone Scale, as we call it, in their
game. Maybe they're not losing much at
first -- they're just getting the felling --
but as they go on playing "everybody
hates me" and "I'm losing", they get a
bit further down the curve, and it eventually falls in on them and they lose the
body. As a spirit, they pick up another
body, and move right on around the track.
You've heard the term "rat race"? Unless,
you know there's a game going on, that you
are playing it, and you are moving on this
spiral, what do you think you're caught
in? How does a divine being, capable of
knowing everything, achieve this little
thing of getting caught on such a spiral?
Trillions of years ago -- at least a
couple million -- you decided for many
reasons (maybe just to show them, or get
even) that you wanted to experience this
kind of a game. So you got into it, and
as you receive this constant bombardment
of energy, these emotional and physical
impacts, there is a general slowing-downness of your action and of your thinkingness and of your awareness.

If you, as Totality, know how to dissolve these incoming energy patterns, and
get rid of them with techniques now available (which are not new, incidentally,
but have been used for trillions of years
in different universes), you can go back
to destroying these impacts, you can create love, you can create hate -- and you
can even learn how to accept love, maybe.

The minute you forget you can create
these emotions, or due to the impacts you
have collected, there is a decision point
where you feel you deserve these because
of the exchange in this game of impacts
with others. This is called blame, regret,
and guilt, and .is a kind of automatic
dwindling spiral where you feel you have
lost. But what have you lost? You have
lost only the ability to handle energy
patterns, to handle your own thinkingness.

How can we regain our "lost" power?
It has been said that "As a man thinketh,
so is he". So, the first step is to grant
yourself to be aware that you are Totality -- that there is this part of you that
knows and thinks and is aware -- which
moves within the game yet has never been
IN the game. The game is within you.

There actually need be no scarcity of
games, but as you lose your ability to
create new games, you select or accept