Volume 3, Issue 5, page 13

tary is fair game—and vo1rnfjnry at- tology unless
titudes will not change. them in ocess
"This process shoots havingness tute, see them
to the degree that the pre-clear re- you process." -- R
Bards his ridges as havingness, and do. no.
it's not acceptable to run the pro"'
cess on a pre-clear who doesn't have
I ve been
ood reality on being able to repair !mannonin who
avin~less. As the resistances col-.ew lapse , the pre-clear won't mind of cancer of the
cameanicating about than, and will saw her the do
hand out, sometimes, a series of months to live.
statements as to how he really feels ago and she
about samethirg—layers of resist- point where th
once coming offff. Just reply with, Some of the com
'Can you accept that as being y~ sPPeared, such
attitude?' asis on 'your' to srd a reduction
avoid reference to just changes of The doctors are
attitude—the one he's handing you nown ow is 'It', so far as he's con- "I'm bisy_now
cerned, right at the moment.) start the CADA T
"So, I have a series of ane case Als~Yss
—a proven, tested technique, this— Pose."
in which I straight-wired a pre- Calif.
clear who was familiar with the phe- "I have litt
nomen of acceptance until his atti- at all r
tude toward life was really showing, lag'. However,
then asked him if he could accept quite the
his attitude toward life as really among the i
his, or take responsibility for have- comes to the gr
ing accepted it from others, or ac- "Speaking of
cept his dissatisfaction with it as it has been my
his very own. All hell broke loose, acted as a
the roof fell in, havingpess went thought on the
out the window, and I think the ser- that reason, I
vice facsimile went with it. Not en- tery regarding
tirely, you understand, but it cer- a few thoughts
tainly became apparent to the pre- certain qualify mak
clear. You never saw such a dawning in regard to
light. This pre-clear thought he was say—in a sane
in fear -- for four years, that is -- qualified make
and suddenly realized it was anger- token one coro
antagonism... world, those
"As you can see by my use of money. The only
terms from all over the Ilia-Sci. the type of
time-track, I've succeeded, to some necessary—inter
degree, in synthesizing the whole well as external
mess into a coherent framework. And "Another thou
I don't disagree with Papa in any cial success: If
(major?) point of theory, so far as ante and assis
I can see. 'law of average'
"The main auditor qualification, forced and the
as I see it, to run this, is the always win in
ability to grant beingness to the Iike in a poker
pre-clear. The less you're trying to straight'? Ago
change him, the more it will work. I careful reg
also, personally, seen to have de- the game o life
veloped a good ability to get the ers such a
pre-clear working — to get him in "though said
session, you know. The mechanical if the majority
'rudiments' will do a half-way job many blocks
of this, but it basically isn't a travel downstre
mechanical situation. I'm going the what kind of a
other way iram Ban in ane respect: "Regarding
vygou don't train auditors and teach earth. It is se
Scientologists, you explain how a all of us, in
process works, you get than in see- us. Not peers
sian, you show them, and then you since mankind
tell than, and process them, and etc., when we
sooner or later they'll tell you. people we know
Then they have it. Basically, you cause we are rE
just can't see the ideas of Selene other, reflects
71tZ /Let anal
By Volney G. Mathison
Doctors write: "A grand book!" * * * "Expose!
the basis of anti-sexual syndromes." * * * "
advance Electropsychometry than any book you
And a lay reader writes:
1214 Weal 30th Seeei, Los Angeles 7, Calif
i o h p ategerdini l gr h t cw l wh qual mznal
ta f lm thing
agar p r Dua iskno Da
Iyou've experienced like stars in some particular gal
T or, poor substi- axy,, each star has a colnterpert in
hap ing in those other galaxies, even thougi they may
alph Swomson, Orlon- not be identical. Since this is the
case, one needs only bring to mind a
^ visiting an elderly ~tl anumber tre others replike wham he has
spital for the last never met. An illustration: If I
is supposedly dying know 12 hard-working people, I have
brain. When I first a representative of all hard-worldng
That gave her two
That was four months .pPe. Or 12 wealthy ntople etc.
as improved to the Another point of interest. IP a
ey let her go home. man is a member of an organization,
lications have die- he is, then, the smallest unit of
s loss of her voice that organization. The largest unit
in her a1 is. is the organization itself. The orn't saying aaything ganization could be called a very
Igor a person. The leaders of the orcollecting tapes to zation become the 'head' of that
ape lend-1.11g librar large person. The rest of the m saes fothis pun. bersa a somewhere in the body. Reaapesrd, ros Angeles, liz this we can disperse with
the smeller units on earth with its
^ :: if population of over two billion per1 any, concern sons. And thereby consider the larg ny 'communication ger people. Each nation is a large
my financial lag is person, divided up into smaller peote. I am, no doubt, le which are organizations, etc.
on 'laggers' when it this large person sas ahead (leaden stuff. stuff ere). But, as with the smallest umoney, incidentally, nit, an individual person, so it is
ack of it which has with the larger units. An individual
eat impetus toward is known to have ahead (mind) and
subjec And, for also a subconscious head (mind). Sub
ave solved the roys- means below. Conscious means aware.
hat topic. Here are Below awareness is subconscious.
along that line: If Therefore, the organizations which
ations are necessary influence the head of a nation are
money, one could the subconscious mind of that naor d, those who are tion. And, as with the individual,
money. By the same the trouble concerning that person
d say, in an insane can be traced to the subconscious.
o are qualified make person or nation, the principle is
'difference would be always the same. Needless to say,
ification which was the subconscious in either case is
nal qualification as violently opposed to being 'foul
ght regarding finn- "n item r rg the Bible. The
elements of resist- first Testament, which is the Old
ne were absent, the Testament, treated of the physical
would then be en- state. The New Testament refers to
'better man' would the mental state (including the
the long run. But, physical). ilhenn time reaches the New
game, 'is the deal Testament age, it evolves into a
dd gambler is always mental age -- cosmic, golden, or whatg that point. But in have-you. Physical wars are replaced
.,, man seldom consid- with mental wars. Bickerings became
can nn in all levels of life, rather
regarding money. But than bombs or fists. The issues at
travel upstream with stake could be called 'wars for the
inst them, and a few minds' of people. The pkrsical must
am with fen blocks, cane first, luca the act of scratchace does that make? ing a record. Whatever happened in
eople all over the the physical will happen in the men --
ldom realized that tel. This is just one of the laws
eality, know all of which is in effect.
lly, of course. But "In the past, and during these
divided into types, modern days, we raderstand the physow a small number of ical and regard the physical laws.
all the people, be- Our thieves and murderers are jailed
presentative of each as soon as possible. But since manr of one another. kind has not evolved into the mental
state of knowing, as yet, we, therefore let many of our worst criminals
run their way with complete freedom.

We even 'worship' them in many casex es. However the time will come when
mankind will be able to concentrate
on the deeper types of crime. The
panderers, flatterers, seducers,
wicked counselors, and sowers of
discord will be recognized as the
s and clarifies falsifiers that they are.
hill do more to "A point on evolution: A man
'have written." evolves from the state of boyhood,
a nation evolves in the same way.

Time is involved in evolution. More
time in regard to a nation than for
a- a person. There is physical evolution and also mental evolution. And
many strange factors are apart of
evolution in all cases. The nations
nia a on earth have evolved to their maturatinn mint ae fur ee the mwterinl