Volume 3, Issue 5, page 12

with such 'hidden children'. I remember seeing one once in Tel-Aviv
and my Impression then was of guilt
and hiding on the part of the mother. The father I didn't see. I once 11-I
brought one little girl of three
from a fairly chronic fear level 1.0
up to enthusiasm 3.5 by 'merely'
teaching her with a game I made up
on the spur of the moment that words
can mean more than one thin- arin
that more tria_one—word can be used
for the same—lhir~g. IIer r.Q. went up
too Ta -ently-T. She's been tested
to be in the 98 percentile (now at
the age of five)." -- Bernie Ross, New
York, N.Y.
"Was just up to the New York
Church of Scientology trying to furl
out what the catch was in their new
offer of a week's free auditing.

While I was there, a reverend was
packing up to leave, ordered out by
the Foundation, arni the new reverend
was unpacking. Just as I left, the
p gm reverend began pacldr A replacement had arrived for him Faster techniques will be needed more
than ever if this keeps
up. "Herewith may "The fog is getting thicker here "IUD is stri
in the east. How's it out there?" -- imagination. Any Jim Bartley, New York, N.Y. sons living or
purely ridiculous.
"It has taken me quite same time " IUD insists
to realize how strong value that our and a Christian,
civilization has upon METHOD. Up to partmentalizes
that realization I was forcing peep- two.
le to walk alone before they were "We have found ready by giving them only the prim- teresting little
ciples and making them design their n't eat ni , say
own techniques. While this is what occasionally
they must eventually do, it is a with some moocoes
presumption on my part because before an individua can design a ID. NOE: If
technique from a principle he has to tion in Paragraph
understand the principle. S00000, meats in pa. a
Simplified Tension Study was may an- more or less
seer to the problem. We too h
"You'll note from the forthcoming to~love~the~old s
newsletters that we are giving all
sorts of basic techniques so that claim that fuss'
people can process themselves or hoax of modern
work with others. Some of this stuff
the eaa program,
has already produced tremedous re- gsrn w was a goad
suits with the suer class stu- Wall Street war
dents. We're now using S.T.S. as a r etc., after~World
basic counseling framework -- which war mongers are
means that we have the whole range press, and have
of human functioning to work in. that there are no
"The article about us in the July
issue of FATE has really kicked us "Iou might cal
upstairs in the financial depart- tention to the
ment. While we still don't have AIL saning i by ~bil
of our bills paid off, I can say mauro 9 obi
that the pressure has sure been al- that the write
leviated. And as the results keep Y
coming in we'll be able to do the this is about
ki th
nd of expanding that I want to do. do'•"
"We've had such a tremendous response to this article about us that informative tmegaz
we're going to produce a course on Kel) uP
jilst the use of Faith alone...Ah, Lett. Nashv ille.
well! Life is sure woderftl—and 'last article
those floods of letters from the caused a cut in
FATE article sure did look good. Ina- those who can't
agane over 1,500 of them so far—and ions bed but
they are still coming in."—Jim Wei- can take more of
gos, Fairinope, Ala. article.
.' "I truly look
"If a few mote people would write erree ard read e
editorials and/or blow their stacks get enough s
about the radiation menace, perhaps parts. I know you
something would be done. I see that com mication
plans are now underway to dump waste have
~~beod en couple
products of atomic miles into the is food for the
ocean, thus poisoning the seafood Just don't let
which will be so desperately needed stopped by pa r."
when the over-population problem be- Greenville, S. Car
comes really acute...
"William J. Baxter, theecanomist, "What hap
hathbeenbla ting away at th bewhole rae? I didn't
the facts ard fig ess tobaback up his issue descr
19 The AB
Ic r qudisq p subAl?k3o > mo ai f t e goodTo tonf vttha t wh penned rea
Iles I didn't prow anything about.
Then it dawned on me.
"The Aberree, to me, is like a
very good story in serial form; one
part missing means catastroplhe." --
John A..NOTE Qumhers- , San Fernando, Cal,
(FD We do everything we
can to avoid missing issues—but it
still happens. Looks like we'll have
to start delivering it ourselves, or
start mailing them in steel boxes,
openeble only to subscribers who
have keys.)
"Kelley's 'Testament of Devotion'
remarks that we live our lives at
G two levels simultaneously, the level
of time, and the level of eternity.
"Since LEVELS involves an inhere
ent transmissional flow, andpres00w sures, you have a combination in
which the senses operate something
like sprinting press.
"Meister Fckdhart spoke of this as
'the thing which has no imp e'. Hub_ bard thing-ima it bye term
— 'engram, a sliding g around? back and
"In Augustine, the same cambinaintroduce FM? Um as above appeared in the statetly a fragment of ment that T I IdE consists of three
esemblance to per- parts: Past or memory, present or
even half dead is sight, future or expectation'.
"If we now take the A 11REE's
he is a SCIENPIST flow of materials as of a group of
although he cam- very lively and well-trained people,
ite freely between who have a considerable past of
tools used, an expectation from them
him to be an int for better bridge building which is
one who-does- not yet realized, a now and again
~pless, and only Aberree letter call for less of peruiets the night sonal letters and more of informstill experiment." t iv e material on what to expect
MILLEN BEL NAP next, THEN, the Aberree is an excelfits fits the descrip- lent pilot plant for the American
4, then the state- scene in general, or, if you wish, a
h 2 also must be thoroughgoing controlled conditions
;tanttally correct. experiment in the most general solf E readers learn ciological sense." -- David Lyle. Wanurpuss. ague, N. Jer.
a is the greatest "I've been fooling around with a
times—the nation, process that Ron tried and passed
and all the rest.., over in mid-1954. Coupled with the
deal of talk about new insights into havingness and
ngers, ofiteeou two-way communication, it seems to
War I, but now the the trick. Assuming that ridges
toin control of the are compounded of your motions the public ward or against the environment vs.
mange the environment's efforts against
war l t ' at- you, you just 'accept' our resist[ 'desce Pat- ance to the environment ~(i.e., need
r' by the Nobel to change it, it's bad, etc.) which
an Y mechanically allows the opposite
—ist~z. H.JJiller, side of the ridge to cane on in. If
tral/~~suggest you pick something you have a small
heir sunn; distaste for, and consciously become
only thing we can origin point for the attitude of
distaste (i.e., 'I did it', 'I am
liveliest and most doing it', or 'I accepted it from
.ne in the field. the environment') this is taken
work." -- Sam Rand- responsibility, but the main atti --
enn : tulle to arrive at seems to be a canf mine you printed scions, self -originated knowledge
communication with that you have this distaste in
lerate the relig- present time. The distaste will disonetheless, if ycu solve, providing you have re al v beit, here's another come the one who is having the distaste. Note the connotation of 'beorward to the Ab- ingress'. This is similar to the old
ery bit of it, and dichotomy deal, except that the enimrlus to re-read phasis is on owning, possessing,
hold open lines of creating, accepting, etc., Theret would otherwise sistance to the evironment. %en
ely cut, and that you can became cause for it, it will
ole field. tend to vanish automatically. Now,
the Alpha ray get this is dane on the permissive basis
-- Alberta Elliott, used in processing these days (to
start with) —'Find something about
your dislike for so-and-so that you
to my June Aber- can accept as being yours'. You can
lize why time was even run the ''terrible Trio' on
received the July these resistances. Of course,-dun any
"bed so many arti- attitude that is not fully veleta.